By / Ayman Bahr

The Governor of the Red Sea, Major General Amr Hanafi, issued a decision today, Saturday, to close all beaches in the governorate, as part of a package of preventive and precautionary measures and measures to confront the new Corona virus, especially after the crowd witnessed by a number of the beaches of the governorate in more than one city, before the hours of banning the movement of citizens, where any gatherings are considered Violation of the state plan to limit the spread of infection.

The Governor directed all the competent authorities to implement the decision from today, Saturday, until the issuance of another notice, appealing to the people of the province again to adhere to the homes during that period and not to go out except in cases of extreme necessity to facilitate the state’s task in dealing with any possible repercussions of the emerging Corona virus and limit its spread, indicating that each These measures aim to preserve the health and safety of citizens.

The Governor of the Red Sea indicated that the campaigns continue daily in the various cities and villages of the governorate from north to south, and he undertakes sudden field visits in different cities at different times to ensure implementation of the decisions of the Prime Minister on preventive and preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus, pointing out that legal measures will be taken decisively. Towards violators, especially those who raise prices from merchants, who will be transferred to the Public Prosecution

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