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In a festive and friendly atmosphere, the British Castle Journalism and Media Group headed by Dr.Abeer Almadawy, owner and Chairman of the Group, celebrated the day of love for Chinese and Egyptian culture, in the presence of the Chinese Cultural Ambassador Dr. Sakhr Shi and a group of media, cultural and scientific figures.

Heading the TV media audience was Wael El-Ashry and Dr. Ahmed Hamada, Head of Channel Seven.

The famous TV media concert was presented by Dr. Wael El-Ashry, welcome to Dr. Sakhr Shi and the attendees, stressing in the opening speech that Egypt will remain the cradle of civilizations and a friend of all.

A word followed

Dr.Abeer Almadawy

She expressed her happiness for the attendance of Dr. Sakhr Shi, the patron of Chinese culture in Egypt, this ceremony, noting that the group held the ceremony on this day because it has a special impression as it keeps pace with the days of celebrating the police festivals, so its sovereignty sent a salute to the brave police officers who put their lives in redemption for this country, and highlighted its sovereignty The important role played by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to place Egypt locally and internationally in the position it deserves.

Her Excellency also urged everyone to stand by the shoulder of President shoulder by shoulder and correct the media image that is broadcast in the minds of the world about Egypt and the role of Egyptian

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

for the greatness of the President's pivotal and influential roles in the Egyptian and Arab region. Her Excellency also indicated that the Castle Journal at the international level is not published Except the real and valuable news about Egypt and the president’s role, and also through these friendships,

Castle Journal tries to adopt the creative Egyptian energies from the age of 12 to 17 years to develop them, and this is so that we have a creative, generous generation that benefits his country and the world with these energies, as it provided some examples For scientific information from the sons of Egypt,

Dr. Sakhr Shi, and this is in the framework of a cooperation protocol previously signed by the Castle Journal Group with the rule of the former Chinese Cultural Adviser 2016 Dr. Chen. Dr. Shi completed the implementation of the agreement with a promise from his Excellency to help fulfill the hopes of the Castle Journal Group in providing information that would benefit His country and the world.

In his speech, the Chinese cultural advisor, Dr. Sakhr Shi, expressed his happiness at attending this ceremony, stressing that Egypt and China have had friendship since ancient times, and also praised his sovereignty for the role played

by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

to advance the country and described his sovereignty, President Sisi, as he has a very advanced thought and Egyptians should stand Beside the president with this thought in order for Egypt to advance.

His Excellency also praised the role of the Castle Journal Group

Dr.Abeer Almadawy

Domestic and international, and China welcomes all Egyptian energies and opens its doors to all

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