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Despite the authorities ’warnings, hundreds of people took to the streets of the capital, London, in anti-racist demonstrations, and others opposed to those and supporters of preserving statues of historical figures. Several hundred people, including supporters of the Black Life Movement Important and Anti-Fascist Movement on the one hand,
The Paris Court of Appeals ordered the resumption of investigations into the 2009 rape charge against the current Minister of Public Accounts Gerald Darmenin. The case was suspended because there was no evidence in 2018, AFP reported on Thursday, citing identical sources. In 2018, the French judiciary reopened an
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski said that he wanted to be infected with the coronavirus to demonstrate to his citizens the experience that this was "not a plague." And the Ukrainian President expressed this desire in a press statement by saying: "I wanted to pass this stage myself, to make
The British health authorities announced today, Sunday, the lowest daily death toll from the Corona virus since last March 23. The British Ministry of Health confirmed the registration of 77 new deaths due to infection within 24 hours, until five o'clock in the evening yesterday, Saturday, which represents an
Pope Francis warned the Italians of the urgency in celebrating the victory over the Corona Virus pandemic, and wanted to give up the concern in dealing with it prematurely, despite declining infection rates in the country. The Pope gave his weekly sermon today, Sunday, in the presence of hundreds
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