The French president Emmanuel Macron tries with all his efforts to create new page with the French people,as France works to add new policies to quell protests,

The French government plans to cut taxes and eliminate economic disparities between urban and rural areas. The moves are in response to opinions expressed by the public in a national debate.

The "Great National Debate" involved more than 10,000 meetings in community halls around the country.

During visits to local communities, President Emmanuel Macron listened as mayors and citizens aired their grievances.

The national debate was organized in response to the "yellow vest" protests that began last November, when people took to the streets to oppose a government plan to raise the fuel tax.

The government canceled the planned tax hike, but demonstrators continue to take to the streets every Saturday. The number of participants stands at about 20,000.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe gave a speech in Paris on Monday. He said that during the debate people expressed frustration over high taxes and over the economic gap between urban and rural regions.

Philippe said that France must implement tax cuts quickly.

Attention is now focused on whether Macron's new economic policies will bring an end to the yellow vest protests.

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