In an incident demonstrating the lack of tolerance of the precautionary measures associated with the outbreak of the new Corona virus, Australian police arrested a dentist for violating isolation procedures, which may have contributed to the spread of the epidemic.

Ukrainian doctor Natalia Nirn, 30, was supposed to be subjected to home self-quarantine, after an internal flight in Australia from east to west in mid-June, local newspaper The West Australian reported.

Natalia returned to Perth, Western Australia, on June 16, where she was supposed to be quarantined for several days, but when police officers visited her home in a suburb of the city between June 17 and June 18, she was not there.

The police later discovered that she had treated many of her patients between June 21 and 29 at her dental clinic, which put her life and lives at risk.

The doctor, who has admitted guilt, faces 12 months in prison or a maximum fine of $ 50,000, due to her non-compliance with domestic isolation procedures.

The court charged Natalia with two charges, the first being non-compliance with the Emergency Management Law, and the second not to respect the court system in Perth, where she did not attend the session assigned to her.

And Friday the doctor attended the second session of her trial after her absence from the first, and refused to appoint a lawyer to defend her, which prompted Judge Sandra de Mayo to send her a warning.

While the judge described the charges against Nirin as "significant", the police prosecutor confirmed that Natalia had committed "major violations" and said he would seek a prison sentence.

The court released Nairn on bail, only to return to the court on August 7 to attend the verdict.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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