The Nigerian authorities have released a former national defense adviser, Sambo Dasuke, who has been in prison since 2015 for theft of $ 2 billion, in response to a court ruling to release him.

Sambo Dasuke spent 4 years behind bars, despite several court rulings ordering the Internal Intelligence Agency, "DSS", to release him on bail.

Dasuke is accused of seizing funds intended for the war against the extremist "Boko Haram" group, and there are allegations that this money was used to finance the 2015 presidential campaign re-election of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

"He was released on Tuesday evening, and he has joined his family since then in Abuja," a senior officer of the DSS said, according to Agence France-Presse.

He added: "Remember that Dasuke obtained bail from the court," noting that he "cannot travel outside the country to receive treatment without court permission, because his case has not yet been decided."

Opponents have been criticized by the Nigerian Intelligence Agency for ignoring court orders to release some of the prominent prisoners.

On Tuesday, the DSS released Omouili ​​Souri, a prominent journalist and opposition activist, who had been detained since August, despite the court's request for his release.

A Syrian, publisher of the "Sahara Reporters" website, is still facing trial for treason and other crimes, but his release on bail came on the order of the public prosecutor.

Source Sky News

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