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    In an unusual and swift move by the Sudanese government, the Sudan Tribune "News" website announced that the Sudanese Council of Ministers has passed laws relating to land and maritime borders with Egypt, South Sudan and Ethiopia. The statement focused on the disputed borders with Egypt specifically where The government statement from Sudan says:

The Sudanese cabinet on Thursday approved draft laws relating to land and sea borders in the country, which is suffering border disputes with neighboring countries, especially with Egypt over the Halaib border.

Experts blame the Sudanese government for the failure of a body called "Maritime Interest" as a sovereign authority to sponsor the interests of the Sudan in the regional and high-level Bahrain and the economic zone and maritime borders.

The Council of Ministers approved the salary on Thursday under the chairmanship of First Vice President, Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh, the draft National Commission for the border for the year 2017, presented by the Minister of the Presidency Fazl Abdullah.

According to the speaker of the Council of Ministers, Omar Mohammed Saleh, the importance of the law lies in the fact that it "establishes the Commission and its permanent technical committee, which studies and makes recommendations regarding the characterization, planning and confirmation of borders."

Since 1958, Sudan and Egypt have been in control of the Halaib Triangle, located in the far north-eastern region of the Sudan on the Red Sea coast, where Egypt imposed its military control of the region in 1995.

Sudan also disputes the state of southern Sudan around the Abyei area "south", as well as Ethiopian encroachment on the territory of "Al-Fashqa" in the state of Gadarif "east".

In the same context, the Council of Ministers approved the draft of the Maritime Areas and the Continental Shelf Act of 2017, presented by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Defense, Ali Salem.

Under the draft law, the Territorial Sea and Continental Shelf Act of 1970 is repealed.

The draft contained new terms such as "marine areas, straight baselines, exclusive economic zone and adjacent area and State rights".

The draft law dealt with the provisions on the high seas, combating human trafficking and piracy and combating trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The Minister of State of the Ministry of Justice, Tahani Tour Aldba, met with the delegation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which is currently visiting Khartoum with the aim of exchanging experiences related to maritime laws and legislation and harmonizing them with international agreements.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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