Pharaoh's Baths are a natural sauna in Ras Sidr,

It is located 40 km from the city of Ras Sidr

It consists of a group of 15 springs, from which hot water flows from a cave in the mountains near the shore in the form of a pool of 3000 cubic meters per day. It stretches on the beach 100 meters long and is adjacent to the sea water.

And the temperature flowing from the eye up to 92 degrees Celsius, the hottest hot water between the eyes and springs and hot wells in Egypt, the number of 1450 eyes and springs and wells.

The analysis of the water flowing from these eyes chemically and bacteriology and proved the results of the validity and effectiveness of the effectiveness of the treatment in many diseases such as rheumatoid, rheumatism of all kinds,

diseases of the digestive system, kidney disease, lung sensitivity, liver disease, skin diseases, in addition to the benefits used for the purposes Cosmetic. Chemical analysis also showed that water contains higher concentrations of sulfur than

its mineral counterparts in the world.

The top of Pharaoh's eyes is a rock-cut cave carved by the mountain, used by visitors and tourists as a natural sauna bath due to the emission of heat from hot sulfur water from the bottom of the cave to above

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