By Nashwa Shafei

In a life coaching session, we were chatting about places we should visit before we hit the bucket. Although Taj Mahal in India, Stonehenge in U.K, Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA and Venice in Italy were among the list but The Pyramids was on top of the list.

Egypt came on top of the list as it got the culture, ancient monument, fantastic sceneries and landscape as well as the famous Nile Cruise. Few members expressed their worries though about safety and security in Egypt.

To be honest there is no simple answer to that question, if you’re wondering, whether it’s safe to travel to Egypt in 2019, the answer is yes and no. Egypt is quite a risky country, however, there are areas there are safe and there are, of course, places that aren’t safe.

If you’re planning to go to Cairo, it should be more or less fine. UK Government used to advise everyone against all but essential travel to Cairo. However, that has been lifted a while ago and now Cairo is safe. I had a couple of friends who visited Cairo in the last 6 months and none has any problems.

However, it is advisable and safer to book a package if you are travelling to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. Although generally travelling to the North Coast by The Mediterranean, or the Red Sea Resorts are safe now, but everyone is aware of the 2017 incident in the hotel in Hurghada. The news was quite disturbing and terrifying as the killer swam to this beach from a public beach in Hurghada and carried a knife in his outfit!

However, no further incidents were reported, and all years before that Hurghada was absolutely safe and sound. Furthermore, there arn’t any significant accidents, so Hurghada should be safe for travelling in 2019.

A holiday in The Nile Cruise, Luxor and Aswan is a trophy and a top memory. It will be a chance to immerse yourself in a veritable open-air museum, with temples, tombs and monuments dotting the region. The city itself is buzzing with activity, allowing a Luxor holiday to fuse both old and new with magical results. Tour the Valley of Queens on the West bank, visit the tomb of Tutankhamun and soak up the magic on a memorable sunset cruise along the mighty Nile. When evening rolls around, catch the sound and light show at Karnak and have your camera ready to capture the Luxor temple all lit up, before indulging in a delicious meal by the waterfront.

All in all, it is SAFE … So Come to Egypt and reconnect with your long lost spirituality

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