Everton player Richarlison said that he had received 10,000 messages on the "WhatsApp" application within just five minutes, after Brazilian player Neymar accidentally revealed his number during an online game broadcast live.

The error occurred when the 28-year-old Paris Saint-Germain player appeared in a live broadcast carrying his phone, and Richalison appeared on the list of people he called.

Neymar admitted his mistake to Rachelison, and said with a laugh, "I swear to you that it was not intentional," according to what the Sun newspaper reported.

For his part, Richalison warned against contacting him, saying that he would ban anyone who does that, but this warning did not work, and messages continued to heap on him during the game on the "Twitch" broadcast website, on Sunday.

And Richardson expressed his annoyance at the matter and said sarcastically to Neymar, "In five minutes, I received 10,000 messages. Thank you Neymar."

As for Neymar, he responded to this dilemma by saying, "Now, you have to change your phone number." The reason is that the fans will continue to contact the player with mythical number, no matter what he asks them not to do so.

Last Saturday, Richalison, 23, sparked controversy after receiving a red card for "rough" intervention against Liverpool midfielder Thiago.

The player apologized, at a later time, saying that he had not intended or intended to injure the former player in Bayern Munich.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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