The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) celebrated the achievement of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, at the opening of the English Premier League, which strengthened his position as king of the opening matches.

Salah became the only player in the history of Liverpool in the English Premier League, to score in the opening match of the League with his team, 4 times in a row.

"The Egyptian king is the first player from Liverpool to ever score on the opening day of the Premier League for four seasons in a row," the FIFA account wrote on Twitter.

He added, "Salah is only the ninth player to score a hat-trick on the opening day of the Premier League season."

Salah scored a hat-trick against Leeds United, on Saturday, to lead Liverpool to a difficult 4-3 victory at the opening of the new Premier League season.

Salah scored for Liverpool in his opening match in the league for the fourth time, an unprecedented number in the history of the "Reds".

Here are the goals Salah scored in his opening matches with Liverpool, in the four seasons he wore the team's shirt:

2017-2018: He scored a goal against Watford in the opening league, the match ended 3-3.

2018-2019: He scored a goal against West Ham in the opening season, the match ended 4-0 in favor of Liverpool.

2019-2020: Score a goal against Norwich City in the opening of the league, the match ended 4-1 in favor of Liverpool.

2020-2021: Scored 3 goals against Leeds United in the opening of the league, the match ended 4-3 in favor of Liverpool.

Source: Agencies

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