Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim Ezzo …and

Prof. Dr. Safia Adam


Egyptian desert and Sinai  development using Moringa tree .

Moringa tree promising Economy tree in Egypt(life tree-miracle tree-quite tree)

      In order to development of  Sinai, Agriculture as well as industry should be taken in  consideration. Researches proved that Moringa tree could be a gift from God by which we can begin cultivation in Sinai. Egyptian Economy can depend on Moringa products as follows:


1- Oil industry ,i,e. Moringa seeds contains not less than 30-40 of its weight a very high quality oil which could be a nucleus for many industries, i,e. seed squeezing factors ,creams and shampoos production , Moringa oil is safe for human use and its  product could be used without any harmful effects for moreover , the residual of seed squeezing could be used for animal feeding since it contains higher nutrient elements than other animal food products .


Moringa leaves can be a good raw material for many industries ,i.e. medical capsules industry which is essential for human health and activities . Also, industry of ground Moringa leaves packing to achieve a high quality drink  of high nutritional and medicinal value for  many diseases .

        Moringa leaves are collected after 90 days of cultivation and then 45 -50 days intervals could be ground and used for animals feeding by which meat and milk production  is greatly increased , a way through which a problem of meat production could be solved and milk production is increased up to 45-65 percentage . One of the most important Moringa products is Ziga drink  which is used by sportsmen . A drink of high quality and high price (about 12 Yoro ) is taken from moringa leaves without additive materials . Moringa tea and Moringa Coffee are among the important industries which depend on Moringa plant due to its high content of nutrients essential for human health. Moringa leaves could be also, for cooking purposes as  Spinach and is  used as a green salad constituent .

As for Moringa pods , it could be cooked similar to green Phasolus, due to its high nutritional value. Moringa flowers could be a good source for honey production, which is of high nutritional value compared to other bee feeding flowers .

       Finally , it could be concluded that Moringa tree is a gift  from God , due to its high benefits for many uses and purposes ,moreover , it has a beautiful appearance ,and bright flowers . Cultivation and increase of Moringa uses is a must, to get use of this miracle tree . Egyptians have to pay attention to Moringa plant to be cultivated everywhere, use its products for improving human health ,animals meat and milk  production ,water purification. All we appreciate the support of Egyptians towards raising Egyptian economy ,health and ecology safety.


Thanks to every Egyptians looking forward to increasing Moringa  knowledge to attain the maximum use of such tree . Finally, I say to everyone that if we are interested in this tree on the level of agricultural production and industrial and commercial, medical and preventive and publish everywhere and encourage all people to spread the planting will be supportive of the Egyptian economy.  The Arab would be the will of God is greater than oil profits because the oil would run out in one day, but Moringa tree continues.  Thanks God in the tender because it is a gift from God to peoples of the world and call on the Almighty God to publish in all parts of the repeated free and our address at the National Center for Research – horticultural Crops Tech. department and we hope that is based on agriculture, cultivation and dissemination of this tree, which is called miracle tree in America and in Japan, the tree of life, and we call it in Egypt good tree.


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