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As Egypt cares and watches the events in Sudan and works to enhance the stability and end the conflict there, President Abdul Fattah AlSisi met with the head of Sudan's National Security and Intelligence Service, Abu Bakr Demblab.

The spokesman of the Egyptian presidency Ambassador Basam Rady said that;

The head of Sudan's National Security and Intelligence Service delivered a letter to President Alsisi from the head of Sudan's Transitional Military Council, Lieutenant General Abdul  Fattah al-Burhan. The letter included updates on the latest developments in Sudan and looked forward to Egypt's continued role to support stability in Sudan to overcome this phase.

This is given the close bonds between the two countries and Egypt's pivotal role in the continent, leading joint African action as the AU chair.

President El Sisi conveyed his greeting to the head of Sudan's Transitional Military Council and expressed his appreciation for the Council's efforts to address the current situation in the country.

The President confirmed Egypt's full and unconditional readiness to provide all support to Sudan in order to realise the milestones in the interest of the Sudanese people, and in a way that guarantees supporting their will and choices in drawing the future of their country and preserving state institutions.



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reported by : Abeer Almadawy 

Sunday,21 of April,2019

President Abdul  Fattah AlSisi  recieved  at Sunday the  U.S. Democratic Senator Ronald Wyden with the attendance of the Egyptian FM Sameh Shokry and the head of the Egyptian intelligence General Abbas Kamel...

The spoke man of the presidency ambassador Basam Raday declared that ,

President AlSisi  met today the US democratic senator Ronald Wyden in the Egyptian palace of Alithadiya , During the meeting H.E president ALSISI Expressed on the strongest -old strategic relations between Egypt and the U.S. As he emphasized on Egypt’s commitment to strengthening all aspects of these relations within a framework of mutual respect and common interests, particularly in light of the turbulent regional situation and its challenges, primarily instability and the growing threat of terrorism that has affected a number of countries in the region.

President AlSisi also  confirmed his keenness on constantly engaging with Congress leaders as part of the two countries’ coordination and consultations on various issues of mutual interest. The President reviewed Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism and the extremist ideology and measures underway for the implementation of the comprehensive economic reform and sustainable development. This is in addition to efforts to reach political solutions to the ongoing crises in the region.

From his side , US democratic senator Ronald Wyden valued the level of the two counties cooperation, confirming that Egypt is a cornerstone for security and stability and for reinforcing peace in the Middle East. He also asserted that Egypt is a key partner of the U.S. in the region and lauded Egypt’s successful and effective role in combating terrorism, rectifying the religious discourse and establishing the values of tolerance.

The meeting focused on the current regional developments and crises in the Middle East, notably in Libya and Syria. There was an alignment in views with regard to the need to promptly reach political solutions to these crises that shall maintain the unity of the states and preserve their national institutions and their peoples’ resources. President El Sisi warned against the threats besetting the concept of nation state in the region and asserted that political solutions to these crises shall take place in tandem with efforts to combat terrorist organizations in the region.

The talks also touched on the latest in the Palestinian issue. President El Sisi reiterated Egypt’s unwavering position in this regard concerning the need to reach a just and comprehensive solution that preserves the rights of the Palestinian people and establishes an independent Palestinian state in line with international references.
Source: the Egyptian presidency spokesman 

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Written by: Ahmed Rami

Mr. president Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi received today Mr. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States of America, in the presence of Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri and Mr. Abbas Kamel, Head of General Intelligence.

Ambassador Bassam Radhi, Spokesperson for the Presidency stated that President Al sisi  welcomed the US Secretary of State. He conveyed his greetings to President Donald Trump and stressed Egypt's keenness to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries and deepen their strategic partnership, Stability in the Middle East, as well as the aspiration to maximize coordination and consultation with the United States on various political and security issues of common concern.

On the other hand, Pompeo conveyed the greetings of the American President Donald Trump to the Egyptian President, Abdul Fattah AlSisi , on the simultaneous inauguration of Al Fattah Al Alim Mosque and the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ, which reflects Egyptian efforts to consolidate the principles of brotherhood and coexistence. In Egypt, which was reflected in the remarkable development of the progress that  witnessed by the country.

The US Secretary of State also stressed his country's interest in strengthening strategic relations with Egypt, as well as intensifying coordination and joint consultation on Middle East issues, in light of the political weight and leadership of Egypt in its regional environment.

The Spokesman pointed out that the meeting touched upon the file of combating terrorism and extremist ideology. In this context, the Egyptian president stressed the determination of the Egyptian government and people to continue their efforts to confront and defeat this scourge and undermine its security and intellectual danger. The United States on all sides to support those efforts.

For his part, the US Secretary of State praised the success of Egypt's resolute and decisive efforts in this regard during the past period, expressing his country's support for these efforts, stressing that Egypt is a central partner in addressing the challenge of cross-border terrorism.

Ambassador Bassam Radhi added that the meeting also discussed a number of regional issues, especially the developments in Libya, Syria and Yemen, and the efforts to reach a political settlement to these crises, thus preserving their territorial integrity and the integrity of their national institutions. Areas of influence for external forces, as well as provide a security basis to combat terrorist organizations and the siege of elements to prevent their transfer to other countries in the region.

The two sides also reviewed the latest developments in the Palestinian issue and means of reviving the peace process. The Egyptian president affirmed Egypt's firm stance in this regard to reach a just and comprehensive solution that guarantees the rights of the Palestinian people and the establishment of an independent state according to the international references, expressing Egypt's keenness to cooperate with the United States. Palestinian-Israeli negotiations process.


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On the response of the interview of president Abdul Fattah Alsisi with CBS TV, that was leaked recently,Dr. Essam Khalil, head of the Free Egyptians Party,commented ;"

We believe in the freedom of media as the essence of the freedom of opinion, but we deeply regret the failure of the American CBS channel for its serious professional errors during the mention and/or broadcast of the interview with Mr. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi with the program 60 minutes broadcasted today,

Khalil said that by analyzing the content & the performance of the channel in its promo presentation and broadcast of the interview, we can say that there is a smell of lies and falsehoods to this channel

First: The date of the interview with Mr. President was last September, more than 3 months ago, a precedent that has not previously been in the postponement of dialogue with a high figure as President of the Republic of Egypt,

Second: The channel did not abide by the professional standards of television interviews where the sources hosted by the channel expressed one view and are known to belong to extremist and terrorist groups and then lacked the interview of the diversity of sources, which is marked by the interview of the host

Third: During the promo period, which was a quarter of an hour, all the questions addressed to the President was linked to one subject, although the guest head of state represents the largest countries in the Middle East, which entailed a variety covering several axes, which did not happen

Fourth: The adoption of the announcer on the report of the Human Watch organization as a guide and the source of his question about Rab3a , Is a clear lack of professionalism and fraud to the viewer's, as the Human watch itself apologized for the inaccuracy of information and falsification of an eyewitness in her report

Fifthly: The announcer described the extremist groups as political opponents of the president. This is a pure lie, because the terrorist group and its supporters are opponents of the Egyptian people who have spoken out loudly and still suffer from their terrorist acts until two days ago, when an Egyptian officer was killed while trying to protect an Egyptian church

Sixth, the program relied on the use of rhetoric and accusations against the Egyptian state by including his questions that congressional deputies say to the US to say that his accusation is serious. There is no evidence of torture or murder in Egyptian prisons. Or Thousands are arrested which is also claimed to be a non-professional announcer as all this data lack hard materialized evidence 

Seventh,The channel intended to give the sources it hosted importance by cutting off the dialogue of the president and to show those sources in the interview, which interferes with equal opportunities in the dialogue and turned the interview to what is similar to a normal television investigation

Eighth,The channel used screenings in a way that distracts the followers' minds and is a deliberate attempt that proves total unprofessionalism from the Channel.

Ninth,The channel used the nearby Camera Close-On with low light in an attempt to catch any expression of the features of the president's face for use by the channel in an attempt to embarrass the president, but failed in that as failed throughout the interview as it failed for the past two days in her desperate ways to market against the Egyptian President & Citizens.

Tenth,The deliberate reduction of the voice of President Sisi and deliberate misrepresentation of his speech by translating inaccurate was the last failed attempts to harm the President, but also an attempt to get back on track and where it failed last. Dr. Khalil concluded his remarks by stating that President al-Sisi, is proving that he is an Egyptian citizen with the rank of president who knows the value of his country and how he expresses his people firmly and efficiently in all occasions in all times Khalil added that the president and Egyptian People have won and increased the loss of the channel and its famous program....


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Reported by|Tony wild

    Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi  visits  Austria for 4 days ,considering the first from its sort for an egyptian president to visit Austria since 11 years.

The importance of the visit came as Egypt deeps its relationship with austria and also it will participate at the summit level in the Euro- Africa.

According to a report prepared by the State Information Service, Egypt's external move in recent years - including its current visit to Austria - is governed by a set of objectives, foremost of which is working for all that strengthens the Egyptian national security in all its components in its broad sense, and achieves the Egyptian national political, economic, As well as all that contributes to achieving security and stability in the Middle East and the Arab world, in addition to the role of Egypt in its African continent and internationally.

Based on the current situation in Egypt, the priorities of the national action are to provide international support for Egypt's efforts in achieving comprehensive security, improving citizens' lives and reforming economic performance, including attracting foreign investments, attracting advanced technology and international partners in these areas and increasing tourism and exports. At the same time, achieving stability and confronting crises in the Middle East and the Mediterranean is one of the objectives of Egypt's foreign policy.

On the other hand, Egypt's role and responsibility in the African continent requires it to communicate with all international forces and international groups to provide political and economic support for the development of Africa. In this context, the President traveled to Germany twice to participate in the German- And others ..

In addition, Egypt will assume the presidency of the African Union at the beginning of 2019. This will increase its role and responsibility in this regard.

The visit of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Austria, the first visit by an Egyptian president to Austria since 11 years, is a four-day visit. He is the only president among the leaders and representatives of 50 countries. Which called on his sovereignty to call for a bilateral visit ahead of the start of the multilateral summit between Europe and Africa.

The bilateral visit will include a meeting with Austrian President Alexander van der Plen, and then the president will meet Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz at the Chancellor's residence where the two leaders will witness the signing of a number of memorandums and cooperation agreements between Egypt and Austria.

He will also meet with the Austrian parliament speaker to discuss the strengthening of relations between the two peoples.

At the end of the visit, the president will meet with the officials of about 13 of the largest Austrian companies in the presence of a number of Egyptian businessmen in a meeting organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting will also discuss ways of increasing Austrian investments in Egypt and supporting trade exchange and technical, technological and scientific cooperation with Austria. The president will also present Egypt's achievements in economic development and development, in addition to discussing the Middle East issues, especially the Palestinian issue, security in the Mediterranean, Illegal relations and cooperation with Europe as a result of Austria's current presidency of the European Union at its current session until the end of 2018.

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Sharm Elsheikh - Mena

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has decided to set up an investment risk guarantee fund in Africa to encourage Egyptian investors to channel their investments to Africa and participate in the development of the continent and take advantage of the enormous opportunities available to it.

Al-Sisi called for speeding up the Cairo-Cape Town route to integrate the continent's countries and expand trade between its countries. He called for stimulating and facilitating the work of African companies in Egypt to stimulate joint investments and benefit from the continuous development of the Egyptian economy.

Speaking at the end of the Africa 2018 Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh on Sunday, 9 December 2018, Sisi said that the Forum's activities were an opportunity to affirm Egypt's interest in supporting the African continent's interests, enhancing its development path and an opportunity to exchange views and ideas on ways to promote comprehensive development. On our continent, with a view to finding the best means to improve our present situation and to build our future as we wish and aspire to.

The Egyptian President stressed that achieving security and stability, development and modernization are the most important means of confronting the political, economic and social challenges in our continent. This is evident in the discussions held during the forum, which focused on discussing strategies to attract investments to the continent, For entrepreneurs on the continent level, and strengthening cross-border economic cooperation.

Al-sisi stressed that Egypt will always be supportive of efforts to strengthen African cooperation in particular and international cooperation in general, as reflected in Egypt's open and fair policies to maximize the benefits of these efforts in achieving sustainable economic development, including enhancing the role of the private sector in development and investment at the level of All African countries.

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Egypt received today at evening the Saudi Crown Prince  Mohammed bin Salman at the head of a high-level delegation and in the forefront of his reception President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and several ministers.

Egypt is the third station for Crown Prince's visits in the region, which included Bahrain and the UAE, before the Crown Prince ahead to the G20 summit in Argentina where he will participate from December 30 to January 1.

H.E. President Al-Sisi held a joint session with the Crown Prince in which they discussed the latest developments in the region and the distinguished Egyptian-Saudi relations. These relations have witnessed great expansion and historical depth linking the two nations over the years.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose investments in Egypt amount to 27 billion dollars, depends on Egypt in the form of the major country interests such as the political, strategic and economic capabilities that enhance international cooperation.

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