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A new scientific study claims that “tears of birds and reptiles have a similar chemical composition to that of humans; a finding that may help scientists develop eyes treatment.” On account of a new study, which found that birds and reptiles have the same chemical composition of humans, better
The authorities in Mauritius announced that the condition of the Japanese cargo ship, which crashed into a coral reef last month, deteriorated early Saturday morning and broke apart, threatening a marine environmental disaster. The National Crisis Committee in Mauritius confirmed today, Sunday, that the condition of the "MV Wakachio"
On Monday, Mount Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra, Indonesia, erupted, and this is the third eruption since last Saturday, when it released an ash plume that reached 4,460 meters high. The eruption of the volcano again sent a cloud of ash and smoke 7,500 meters into the air, and
The US National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane "Isaias" struck North Carolina with a storm of the first degree, as the wind speed reached 85 miles per hour (140 km). The hurricane hit the southern part of the state near the "Ocean Isle Beach", and meteorologists warned of heavy
Fires in the Amazon rainforest have increased to alarming levels, at a time when environmental experts warned that this August will be difficult for the "lung world" forests, and may repeat the disaster last year. Official data in Brazil showed, on Saturday, that the number of fires raging in
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