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Wednesday, 07 August 2019 04:34

Age and wisdom. Seeing beyond the curtain

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Having been born in February 1955, I'm around six months from the landmark age of sixty-five. Strangely, this doesn't fill me with the fear which I felt at the approach of becoming thirty. 

I really have no idea why this should be the case, but possibly it's because I realise there's nothing I can do about it. Also, at the same time of thirty being on the horizon, I felt under pressure to become a responsible adult. 
I had been married for three years and had an eight year old stepson to raise, and responsibility had never been much of a priority to me, to say the least. 
This, I think made me feel I had to grow up and stop being myself. 
I know it sounds strange, but I hadn't ever expected to have this kind of responsibility. 
Moving rapidly forward and skipping the abortive move to the USA. The tragedy and ongoing pain of losing my stepson at the age of eighteen and the subsequent disintegration of my marriage plus the death of my parents, here I am living on my own in small town in the Glasgow area, peering at the prospect of being what used to be pension age. 
When we are young, we see anyone ten years our senior, as very old. I also couldn't imagine how "old" people thought. 
Obviously, I have since discovered that we "old" people think in exactly the same way as I did when I was in my twenties. I have discovered that the young person I was is still there and as irresponsible as ever. 
What does change however, is our breadth of knowledge. And our doubts about the veracity of all sources of this knowledge. In the age of the internet, facts can be made to fit many different views and twisted to make reality seem unreal. 
This suits political activists and politicians alike. This ability to deny true reality and make their supporters believe this warped version of the truth, makes politics on all sides very dangerous and open to all kinds of manipulation. 
But back to the advantages of age. I feel much more confidence as I get older and feel in some ways as if I'm becoming mentally, and in some ways physically younger. 
This of course makes no sense, but this is how I feel, despite my neuropathy getting worse. This can only mean the brain is somehow compensating and expanding to overcome fear of getting older and more vulnerable. 
What do we really know about the function of the brain? 
The scientists and medical experts don't seem to understand that if we allow ourselves to be open to all possibilities, we will reap the benefits of the Universe. Where do huge leaps of knowledge come from? 
There is no sensible explanation of how this occurs. In my opinion, this knowledge can only come from keeping the mind open, and not closed to allowing the brain to be used to greater potential. 
I mean, what makes some people think they know everything and cannot conceive the notion of their being wrong or lacking in knowledge? 
This has to be due to arrogance and false self belief. 
Which is why a closed mind is such a dangerous weapon. 
We see wars, and disasters caused by people like this, who have no ability to see past their own knowledge.
 This isn't just short-sightedness. This is non-sightedness. This is knowledge blindness. 
I have seen on occasions, the other side of the curtain. The side beyond knowledge blindness. 
Proof of where the brain can take us if we allow ourselves to be open to what other people cannot even consider. 
But most people are scared of anything they cannot understand and that stops them from making the most of what they have. 
Why would someone like Einstein be a genius not only in his own field of science, but in his entire outlook on life?He was young for his entire life, because he was open to all forms of knowledge. His mind wasn't blocked by rigid thoughts of convention. He saw all the possibilities. 
All great people have this ability to see beyond the curtain. They are usually somewhat anti authoritarian and kick against the traces of organised politics and religion. 
Independent of thought and deed, and not followers of the herd, they go their own way despite being ridiculed by their peers and teachers. 
I often hear people say that they are open minded, but they don't understand what being truly open minded actually means. This means not condemning anyone for life choices made.
 It also means treating all people as equals and not picking and choosing which you want to be your equal. A person begging on the street is a person nonetheless. 
Talk to all people in the way which you yourself would want to be spoken, do not assume someone with a mental illness is less than human. 
I'm not saying that we can all be a genius like Einstein or Stephen Hawking, but in order to make the most of ourselves, we have to be open to all knowledge and experience. 
Staying young at heart is essential to making the most of our brain. We have to allow our carefree youth to stay active and at the forefront of our thinking, otherwise we are doomed to the trap of knowledge blindness. 
Dare to see beyond the curtain. 


Tuesday, 11 June 2019 21:10

Division and deflection

Written by: Michael Blair 


Suddenly, everything becomes clear!

Have you ever just suddenly realised that everything you ever believed is completely wrong?
A revelation that makes you feel utterly liberated and can see the world through newly cleaned spectacles? 
I think this has happened to me this morning.
 Tweeting about punishment and justice. A tweet from a police officer. A tweet about George Soros. A tweet on deserved legal punishment and one on why legal revenge is wrong.
 One on the attitude of people who knowingly or unknowingly look down on anyone who is unfortunate enough to be tangled up in the benefit system. 
The people who are in this position have been demonised along the lines of drink drivers and smokers. 
This isn't something which has grown organically. These attitudes have been infiltrated into the public subconscious over a long period of time. 
Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to the manipulation of public attitudes. 
I have been saying for some time that society is being undermined and we are having to accept as normal, things that not so many years ago didn't even exist. 
We have all seen our old views derided and called reactionary, and thought, hmmmm, maybe we are out of touch? But when we look more closely, we have to question the need for the changes to our own personal beliefs. 
Have you ever wondered why we, I mean society or government, have allowed funding for something as crucial as police services to drop off a cliff? 
I mean, in any civilised society the police are intrinsic to public order and must have the confidence of the public, to be effective. 
There appears to be no limit to the spending of government on really useless vanity projects, but always a limit for policing. Surely in dangerous times, we need a well funded and properly staffed police service? 
But no, there's always another excuse for not having the money. 
This has been getting worse since the mid 90's. One would almost think that this was a deliberate attempt to weaken the defence of the public. 
We have also seen the police turned into something of a joke. Trying to make the fluffy and friendly and unthreatening. The respect people used to have for the police has evaporated. 
Once the police have been turned into a parody of themselves, the game is over. 
Let's step back and look at recent events in Scotland. Where I believe a social experiment has been in place for the last ten years at least. 
The Natalie McGarry case has raised questions on crime and punishment. She embezzled tens of thousands of pounds from charities of which she was treasurer, and apparently after she became an MP. She was charged with embezzlement and after a prolonged legal process, mainly due to her changing legal teams several times and eventually deciding to represent herself and pled guilty, she was imprisoned for 18 months. 
This has obviously divided public opinion massively. In an already divided Scotland, between the people who voted to stay in the UK and those who voted for independence, this begun to split the Unionist camp.
 Some see it as a cause of celebration because Ms McGarry was a very unpleasant person during her campaign to become a Member of Parliament, who deserves her sentence, and others see her as someone to be pitied, and should not have been sentenced to jail, but should have been given a community order. 
This is only one case. In normal circumstances, this would have been a five minute sensation and quickly forgotten, but it has been elevated far beyond its real importance. The question is, why? 
The answer is because in order to have real social chaos, the divided must be divided again. It has already started in the SNP support. 
This has been achieved by the Alex Salmond sexual harassment case. He has more than ten charges against him, ranging from sexual harassment to attempted rape. 
As a former leader of the SNP and a ex First Minister, this has created huge publicity and split between Salmond's core support and the Cult of Mother Sturgeon. 
So, here we have a small country being divided and divided again with none of it being done for the benefit of the population. Plus the use of immigration as another destabilising factor, just in case the created division needs to be backed up with racism and islamaphobia. 
The police forces in Scotland, which was turned into Police Scotland, by political motivation, is being starved of cash by the SNP administration, while vast amounts of money has vanished from the Scottish government, and apparently no one has a clue where it has gone missing. 
I'm not saying that anything illegal has taken place, but unless the bulk of the money, which came from the UK treasury, reappears, one cannot rule out some kind of skullduggery having taken place.
 But meanwhile police vehicles are literally falling apart due to having been in service for up to ten years. This is worse than unacceptable and a national scandal. I believe this is being done quite deliberately to lower police morale and effectiveness. The officers I have talked to are at their wits end and are taking more and more time off with stress related illness. 
So we have a demoralised police service throughout the UK. Used as political pawns and not fit, literally, for purpose. 
Another example of no coincidence. 
The UK is being divided by people who want to see the norm replaced with chaos and uncertainty. The current political mess due to the Brexit farce is another non coincidence. Replacing a feeling of certainty with unease and worry about the future. 
Nothing is off the agenda when it comes to destabilising a country and its people. Whether it's a frightening weather forecast or a manipulation of financial markets, the fear factor is never far away. 
Newspapers feed the uncertainty, with more and more lurid headlines. Television news media pumps out stories which don't stand up to real scrutiny, but as most people don't look beyond their enormous flat screen televisions, they lap up the diet of panic and doom. 
Who can we believe these days? Is there any genuine news? I'm at a loss. I hear people saying, "we don't believe television news. It's all fake. We only get our news from the internet". 
Really? Just how stupid are these people?
 Anything which tells you that you're reading the truth, is very obviously bollocks. The internet news is written with an agenda regardless of the subject. 
Just because it says it's independent, where is the evidence? 
We are all being manipulated and divided. Exactly what is needed to have a society which is completely alien to everyone. 
I believe it is now too late to row back the changes. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we have been wrong all along.
 And there is no coming back. 


London - Cairo

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Michael Blair is a journalist and writer who is interested in the political affairs in his country, the UK and Scotland. His journalistic duties have led him to address many issues of interest and rights to citizens and face corruption. He has hundreds of articles on several newspapers and his weekly article "the talk with michael blair" with Castle Journal. Despite the problems facing him, but his sense of the journalist and his renewed creativity ,pushes him every time to beyond the obstacles and achieve great successes

He is a journalist who is interested in spreading world peace and is not preoccupied with the outlines of the case,  rather than the details. One of his most famous words is "Tell me the details of the case,tell you the solutions"

Michael Blair was born in 1955 in Kirk Michael, Berkshire, Scotland

He is descended from an ancient  known family for its politics interest, so he deserves to gain this title "the global creative journalist"

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Thursday, 29 November 2018 03:12

Brexit: Does Anyone Know What's Going On?

Perthshire, Scotland

Now the dust is settling on the “final” Brexit document, the landscape is really no clearer than it was before.

Apparently the only person in the UK who thinks it’s the best outcome, is Theresa May. This doesn’t bode well for the vote which will take place in the House of Commons in a couple of weeks.

At this moment, Mrs May is touring round the country talking up her final draft. I suppose she’s trying to get her message over personally to the constituencies of her own MPs, and hope they can pressure them to back her plan. I suppose anything is worth a try at this point.

This is the plan which the EU is saying is the best and only one which the UK is going to get. The very fact that the EU is happy with the outcome of the negotiations, tells its own story.

Let’s look at the opposing forces who aren’t happy with the deal.

Corbyn’s Labour hate the EU and are happy to leave, but they can see the possibility of gaining an early general election by opposing the details of May’s plan. This is obviously chance-taking of the highest order. But it will be interesting to see how this strategy plays out.

Personally, I don’t think, despite the fact that Theresa May and the Conservative party are in turmoil, that a Labour Party led by Corbyn could actually win.

The majority of the public aren’t going to be happy voting for someone who is “friends with terrorists”.

The Liberal Democrats will never accept any kind of leaving the EU, so we can ignore them, just like everyone else does. I can’t even remember who is leading them this week.

May’s own party are remarkably united on the subject. That is, united against her plan, as it’s not nearly radical enough, and really isn’t Brexit. These are the hard line leavers, wanting borders closed, and immigration stopped.

The Prime Minister obviously has her loyal supporters but neither of them were around to be interviewed.

My thinking on the Conservative MPs who don’t agree with the final decision, is that it’s possible a lot of the noise they’re making, is for the benefit of their own constituency, and come the time of the vote in Parliament, they will vote, reluctantly, for the Prime Minister’s decision.

There will be some who never back Mrs May, regardless of what she negotiated, but that’s just the reality.

The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) Northern Ireland, has been propping up the now minority Conservative Party on crucial votes in Parliament since the last general election, but they aren’t happy with May’s EU exit deal either.

I’m not sure if they can be “bribed” to support the government in the coming vote. But stranger things happen in politics.

Finally, I will come to the SNP.

Although they, also a minority administration, along with support of the Scottish Green Party, govern Scotland, they also have a presence in the UK Parliament.

Their MPs do not do very much at Westminster, other than embarrass Scotland with their juvenile antics and general stupidity.

Led by the corpulent and flatulent Ian Blackford, they show zero respect and we would all be better off if they sat outside and waved flags.

Their main objective is and always has been, independence for Scotland. So it’s no surprise to find them at this time, agitating for a say in the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

They claim, erroneously, that Scotland voted to stay in the EU. Unfortunately for them, the EU referendum was a UK wide vote. The decision was made in a democratic way and no amount of jumping up and down and whining is going to change the result.

They obviously know this, but because they can see a glimmer of hope that they will somehow wangle another independence referendum out of the chaos of Brexit.

This is wishful thinking on their part.

There is a campaign to have another vote on the EU referendum, called “the people’s vote”. This is quite ridiculous, as I’m fairly certain that “people” did the voting in the original referendum. Not that this piece of common sense makes any difference to them.

They are part of a generation who believe that democracy means that if the result of a vote goes against their beliefs, they can keep rerunning it until they get the decision they want.

The SNP has leapt onto this particular bandwagon with enthusiasm. They don’t really care about a second vote, but they think if they can align with Corbyn’s Labour, and there’s another general election which Labour might win, they might be allowed to hold another independence referendum.

There’s no end to the duplicity of this extremely shallow political party.

Back to the Labour Party camp, where although they don’t really want to stay in the EU, they will oppose whatever they believe will benefit them in the long term.

This is something the SNP don’t seem to have considered.

What if they vote with Labour on this plan, May loses badly and decides to hold a general election, and loses?

This puts Corbyn in 10 Downing Street and the SNP expect him to grant them the holy grail of the second independence referendum, and he doesn’t?

Where do they go from there?

I expect this will be a hammer blow to Mother Sturgeon and Chubby Blackford.

Their hopes dashed, all they will have left is the rout of the next Scottish election.

Finally, whatever happens in the next two weeks very little will change for the average person.

The poor will still be poor. The rich will probably be richer.

The politicians will be paid regardless of their actions and backstabbing ways.

The Labour Party will still be trying to convince us that we will be better off with communism.

The Liberal Democrats will still be an irrelevance.

The Conservatives will still be trying to convince us that they aren’t really nasty.

And finally, the SNP will still be holding onto every grievance and jumping up and down like spoiled teenagers losing their internet privileges.

Keep smiling because it’s only going to get worse!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 00:25

London ...Talk with Mickael Blair

written by|Michael Blair


      Tomorrow I shall return to Scotland from a few days in London the capital of the UK. Not that this is something I haven't done before, but having read     about and listened to the naysayers and doom mongers, I really shouldn't be anywhere near this hotbed of violence and terrorism.

I tend to go against "popular opinion" in most things I do and have done throughout my life. If someone says danger, I'm already heading off to prove these people wrong.
I'm not saying London doesn't have many problems with crime of all kinds, but from what I've seen at first hand, it appears to be as safe, if not safer to walk around, than many cities and towns in Scotland. Or the People's Republic of Sturgeon, as it seems some people would like it to become.
Unfortunately, there are similarities between, let's say Glasgow and London. The street begging by people who are clearly unwell and young people sleeping rough in shop doorways etcetera are the same. 
But in many ways I can understand this happening in London, just because of the sheer number of people living there.
But for a relatively small city like Glasgow, there are no excuses. 
The homelessness is a disgrace to a country which is being governed by a political party closer to socialism than in any other part of the UK or the EU.
The resources which Scotland has, should be able to home everyone who wants to live with a roof over their heads, rather than the open sky in winter.
I'm sure there are many more lawless parts of London which I haven't been able to visit, but I have to say, I feel less threatened walking around the centre of the city at night, compared to doing the same thing in Glasgow. I also find people to be more open and friendly, especially in shops and restaurants than in many Scottish cities.
The chips on shoulders seem to have been removed, unlike the huge portions perched on forty percent of the population in Scotland. The attitude of grievance and envy runs deep in the psyche.
I love Scotland. I was born and bred here, but I have to say, I wouldn't shed any tears if I'd had to live elsewhere in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.
I have mentioned the resentment in Scotland toward any fellow Scot who has had the temerity to become well known outside the home country. This attitude isn't only confined to the lucky few who have managed to shake off the shackles of envy.
Even when growing up, I found myself having to dumb myself down, just to fit in with school friends. Deliberately failing exams. Acting like a fool, just to try to get people to say, "he's one of us!" 
As a child, I read everything and anything. I knew stuff, but if I was able to answer a question, I was being "a know all". Is it any wonder I dived into a pool of alcohol just to be "the same" as the rest. 
Thank God, other countries have more respect for the success of their compatriots. 
The Scottish attitude of success of one of their own, is "let's bring him/her down a peg or two. Imagine them thinking they are better than us!" 
I don't include all Scots in this category. There are many who are delighted to embrace success, but often they are drowned out by the negative tribes. 
If one instance of this phenomenon has stayed with me, it's my late father's response to my having had a few letters published in a couple of newspapers.
When I told him about the letters, his answer wasn't what I expected. 
"Did you get paid for writing these letters!" was his first response.
I said no, it was just my opinion on a couple of political issues.
"Dinnae waste yer time!" were his last words on the subject.
This pretty much sums up the attitude of the greater majority of Scots to even an attempt to get noticed or break free. 
It's, stay down. Remember your station in life. If by some quirk of fate, one of us gets successful, this might just be tolerated if you stay in Scotland, but if fame or success would take a person outwith the cosy tartan bubble of Scotland, all bets are off.
Traitor is a word often used by Scots to describe another Scot who has found success in another land. I still cannot get my head round this attitude. 
Scots who have moved away, have shaped the world as we see it today. 
Television. Radio. Telephone. Penicillin. Pneumatic tyres. Banking. The Klu Klux Klan.....oops, we should probably ignore that one, but you get my drift. 
These people would not have had the success or support if they had stayed on in some parochial region of the homeland. Huge leaps in technology wouldn't have happened at that time if they hadn't moved elsewhere. 
We as a country, need to embrace our successes, not reject them because they have moved away from Scotland. 
They are the reason why Scots are welcomed the world over. 
They are the reason the rest of the world want to visit Scotland. 
They are the real heroes. Not some here today, gone tomorrow, political lightweight. 
Remember that and you'll no' go far wrang! 

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