Some people suffer from dry nose, what are its causes and how can it be faced?

To answer these questions, the German Association of Otolaryngologists explained that dry nose means dryness of the mucous membranes lining the nose, which prevents the membranes from performing their functions of preparing breathing air and fighting germs.

The association added that a dry nose has many causes among which are infections such as influenza, allergies, frequent nasal cleaning, cigarette smoke, or dry air, for example, due to air conditioning or a heater.

The symptoms of nasal dryness are a stuffy nose, itching, burning, impaired sense of smell, sneezing and nosebleeds.

Nasal dryness can be countered by the use of “decongestant nasal drops” and “sprays”, as they work to moisturize the mucous membranes. For the same purpose, a person should also drink enough water; at least two liters per day.

In the event that troubles persist, then a doctor should be consulted to determine the true underlying cause of a dry nose.

Source: Al ain news

Translated by: Maiada Mossad See Less

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