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The Deputy of the State Duma (Russian Parliament) and a member of the Committee for Health Protection, Alexei Koreny, announced that the State Duma is not studying the issue of mass vaccination of Russia's population against "Covid-19". This cannot be achieved, according to the parliamentarian, unless the virus threatens
Otolaryngologist, how can the sense of smell be restored after recovery from "Covid-19" disease. For this, the specialist advises that air must reach the nerve endings scattered inside the nose. He says, "You must use medicinal preparations (drops) that narrow the blood vessels in the nose, spray the nasal
Health experts said that the controversy over the safety of the emerging coronavirus vaccines will continue to exist, even after the end of clinical trials, and this matter may affect people's confidence in the vaccine and its preventive benefits. According to the "New York Times" newspaper, millions of people
The American "Johns Hopkins" University reported that the United States recorded an unprecedented increase of more than 80,000 cases for the second day in a row in the outcome of new infections with the emerging coronavirus. The university, which bases its statistics on the data of federal and local
A senior French scientist warned that the second wave of the spread of the Corona virus will be faster than the first, amid an increasing escalation in the number of infections across Europe. "The virus is spreading more quickly ... and indications of this started in August," according to
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