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Wednesday, 28 October 2020 15:38

The Trump campaign website is being hacked

The election campaign headquarters of US President Donald Trump has reported that the campaign website has been attacked by a hacker

"Earlier this evening, the Trump campaign website was suspended, and we are working with law enforcement agencies to investigate and determine the source of the attack," Tim Murtaugh, Trump's campaign communications director, said in a tweet.

He pointed out that the attackers were unable to access any classified information.

Morto confirmed that the malfunction has been eliminated and the site is back to work normally.

Source: Interfax

By:Nadeemy Haded


French football defender Adil Ramy, Boavista, stated that his compatriot Kylian Mbappe, the French Paris Saint-Germain star, has completed his transfer to Real Madrid.

Adel Rami spoke to the "RMC Sport" program, saying: "I think that Mbabe's transfer deal for Real Madrid has been concluded, especially since negotiations over his inclusion have stopped talking about it."

The French defender added: "You have the impression that talking about his transfer to Real Madrid is bothering him, he feels embarrassed, his future has been decided definitively, which is sad for the Parisians, even for the French League, I love this player very much."

The name of Kylian Mbappe was associated with a move to play for Real Madrid, as Florentino Perez, the president of the "Merengue", is the biggest dream of joining him.

The same French player hinted on more than one occasion about his strong desire to move to Real Madrid, and the Spanish newspapers confirmed that the royal team will work to sign him in the summer of next year.

It is noteworthy that the contract of Kylian Mbappe (21 years) will expire with his team Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2022.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


Authorities said a container ship flying the Portuguese flag collided with a minesweeper of the Greek fleet off the port of Piraeus early Tuesday morning.

Television footage showed the Greek fleet ship leaning to its side and sinking. A tugboat approached her and was expected to tow her ashore.

A coast guard official said that two were slightly injured, and added that the Greek ship's 27-member crew had been taken to a safe place.

The official added that the container ship Maersk Launceston was not damaged.

He added that it was not immediately clear how the collision occurred, but an investigation would be carried out.

Source: Reuters

By:Nadeemy Haded


Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are the Tottenham duo, currently the strongest attacking partnership led by Jose Mourinho, but the Portuguese coach believes that some of this success is thanks to his predecessor, Mauricio Pochettino.

"It is understood that this has been happening since the time of Mauricio (the former Tottenham coach)," Mourinho told reporters after Tottenham won 1-0 at Burnley on Monday at the end of the sixth stage of the Premier League. Mauricio. "

"I am very pleased that this duo is technically wonderful and enjoys a strong friendship at the same time. There is no jealousy between them and they both play for the team," added the coach, nicknamed the shrewd.

Son scored his eighth goal of the season in a 1-0 win at Burnley on Monday, after he escaped censorship to meet Kane's pass after a corner kick by Eric Lamela and gifted Tottenham with their third win in six games this season.

This was the ninth goal that combined the two Tottenham Hotspur players, as Kean made seven of eight goals scored by Son, while the South Korean international made two of five goals scored by the English striker.

The duo contributed 29 goals in their Premier League career, finishing second after former Chelsea duo Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba (36 goals).

Tottenham is currently ranked fifth in the Premier League standings, two points behind leaders Everton, but is top of the league list in the number of goals with 16 goals.

Source: Reuters

By:Nadeemy Haded


The fight that brought together the Russians, Vyacheslav Russovitz and Vyacheslav Petitsyn, in the "Modern Fighting Pankration 223" martial arts course in Vladivostok, ended strangely.

The two fighters appeared at the start of the first round, exchanging punches, before Tetsin gave a strong punch with his left side to his opponent Russellovets on the level of the face, then directed another punch to him with his right, Russellovets lost consciousness, but remained on his feet in a strange and rare scene in the martial arts fights .

The interesting thing is that Petitsyn thought that his opponent was still able to complete the fight, so he tried to strike another blow, but the referee intervened and removed Tetsin, before he quietly grabbed Ralphitz and put him on the ring floor.

Immediately afterward, the referee declared the end of the match, which lasted only 55 seconds, with Tetsin winning by knockout.


By:Nadeemy Haded


The Deputy of the State Duma (Russian Parliament) and a member of the Committee for Health Protection, Alexei Koreny, announced that the State Duma is not studying the issue of mass vaccination of Russia's population against "Covid-19".

This cannot be achieved, according to the parliamentarian, unless the virus threatens the lives of a large number of people.

This came in his own words in an interview he made today on the Russian "Sputnik" radio.

The parliamentarian recalled that "Covid-19" does not pose such a threat to people's lives. Therefore, the State Duma does not consider the possibility of mass vaccination, as a severe emergency step affecting human rights and freedom of decision-making.

He pointed out that in civilized countries, they had not used to take such measures before. It can only be applied if the lives of a large number of people are exposed to serious risks. The parliamentarian said that vaccination is a decision that everyone makes voluntarily.

He added that compulsory vaccination is impossible from an organizational, social and medical point of view.

It is reported that the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, who has now switched to the self-isolation system for the infection of a loved one with the coronavirus, announced earlier that the process of vaccinating Russia's population against the Corona virus will be voluntary.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

By:Nadeemy Haded


The press office of the National Security Authority in Armenia said today, Tuesday, that Brigadier General Hovhannes Karumyan, head of the intelligence department of the authority, was removed from his post.

The authority did not provide information on the reason for the dismissal of Karumyan.

This step comes a day after President Armen Sarkissian decided to dismiss the commander of the National Border Guard forces, Vagnak Sarkissian, from his post.

This was preceded by the dismissal of the Director of the National Security Agency, Argishti Karamyan, on 8 October.

The recent dismissals coincide with the call of the former Armenian Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Vazgen Manukyan to the country's government to submit its resignation and transfer power to the army in view of the conditions in the Karabakh region in light of the month-long fighting against the Azerbaijani forces.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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