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In the statement, for the British prime ministers Mrs Theresa said ;

" We have no choice but to reach out across the House of Commons," the prime minister said.
"The referendum was not fought along party lines and people I speak to on the doorstep tell me they expect their politicians to work together when the national interest demands it."
Getting a majority of MPs to back a Brexit deal was the only way for the UK to leave the EU, Mrs May said.
"The longer this takes, the greater the risk of the UK never leaving at all."

May pointed that after doing "everything in my power" to persuade her own party - and their backers in Northern Ireland's DUP - to approve the deal she agreed with the EU last year, she "had to take a new approach".

Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted she had to reach out to Labour in a bid to deliver Brexit or risk letting it "slip through our fingers".
In a her statement on Saturday night, Mrs May explained there was a "stark choice" of either leaving the European Union with a deal or not leaving at all.
Some Conservatives have criticised her for seeking Labour's help after MPs rejected her Brexit plan three times.

Mrs May has written to European Council President Donald Tusk to request an extension to the Brexit process until 30 June but says if MPs agree a deal, the UK should be able to leave before European parliamentary elections are held on 23 May.
She says the UK would prepare to field candidates in May's European Parliament elections if MPs failed to back a deal.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 12 April and, as yet, no withdrawal deal has been approved by the House of Commons.

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Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday warned against parliament's rejection of Britain's EU  agreement known as the "Brexit" and said if parliament rejects her Brexit deal, it could leave Britain in the European Union and bring the opposition Labour Party to power.

The embattled leader's message came with her government fearing a heavy defeat in Tuesday's parliamentary vote on the draft withdrawal agreement she signed with Brussels last month.

Media reports said PM was under pressure from her cabinet to postpone the vote and even go to Brussels to secure further concessions before a planned summit with the 27 EU leaders on Thursday and Friday.

But Berkstoff's secretary, Stephen Barclay, told the BBC: "The voting is going ahead and continues."

PM Theresa May added Britain would "really be in uncharted waters"

if the text agreed after nearly two years of tortuous negotiations is voted down less than four months before the March 29 Brexit date.

"It would mean grave uncertainty for the nation with a very real risk of no Brexit," she told the Mail on Sunday.

She told the newspaper "Mail on Sunday":

 We have an opposition leader who is thinking of nothing but trying to hold a general election ... I think that Jeremy Corbyn  is challenging to hold on to the government and it is a danger we can not afford.


The British prime minister appears to be suffering from fears of failure, Labor's victory and the return of their leader, which means rejecting the idea of ​​a British exit


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British Prime Minister Theresa May commented and described the U.S president Donald Trump concerns about Britain's Brexit agreement that has been approved by all 27 remaining European Union leaders last Sunday, with "the unhelpful".

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Reported by ; Hue Gey

 In the road of Brexit talks , UK still struggling to reach to  the safest level of talk with the European Union.While British Prime Minister Theresa May described the talks on Monday that it is immensely difficult , she added that  there would not be an agreement at any cost.and there were still considerable unresolved issues with the European Union over Brexit as the two sides approached the "endgame" in negotiations for departure from the bloc."


May Added that The negotiations for our departure are now in the endgame;

"May said in a speech at the Guildhall in London's financial district. "We are working extremely hard, through the night, to make progress on the remaining issues in the Withdrawal Agreement, which are significant."

In the British PM Theresa May speech at the Guildhall in London's financial district, she clarified saying;

"We are working extremely hard, through the night, to make progress on the remaining issues in the Withdrawal Agreement, which are significant." Theresa May added

The prime minister told the audience in her annual speech at the Lord Mayor's banquet that she would not shy away from tough decisions.

"Both sides want to reach an agreement. But what we are negotiating is immensely difficult," May said. "This will not be an agreement at any cost."

May's attempt to unblock the talks by considering an extension to a status-quo transition period beyond the current proposed end date of December 2021 has both angered eurosceptics and EU supporters in her party.

Fears that the proposals would mean keeping Britain inside the EU's customs union indefinitely or that Northern Ireland would have to accept different rules and regulations to the rest of the United Kingdom have focused opposition to May's deal.

Negotiations are continuing this week, but officials are warning unless there is dramatic progress by the end of Wednesday there is unlikely to be a summit this month to approve a Brexit deal.

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