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      Reading recent news of the European vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, wanting to phase out internal combustion engines in the next twenty years or so, got me thinking. 

Volvo, which is now Chinese owned, which gives them a huge advantage over their competitors. China is light years ahead of any other country as far as renewable energy. They have the potential to become self sufficient in clean energy within a few years. 
This would also make the multinational energy corporations very nervous. Because if China can do without oil for vehicle propulsion, where does this put the interests of the rest of the world? 
Will this make the USA stop the ridiculous notion that coal is somehow going to be important in the future? 
It is obvious to anyone with even a tiny amount of intelligence, that the planet has to change the way it creates energy. 
Oil will not last forever. Coal is obsolete. 
Nuclear power isn't the answer due to the danger of meltdown and the storage of radio active waste. 
Now is the time for using the amazing technology we all have, to make renewable energy more efficient and effective. 
China has made a bold statement. They know how badly damaged their environment has become by using fossil fuels, and are urgently changing to the very latest technology in renewable energy sources. 
Will the big oil companies in the UK, Europe and the US change tack and go heavily into green energy? 
I believe they have to go in that direction, or face diminishing profits and power. 
Russia's economy relies almost solely on oil and gas, so if the price falls as it much as it is bound to when renewable energy really begins to be available to all markets, Russia is going to be in serious trouble. 
Will the big players in oil and gas attempt to sabotage the advancements in green technology, to save their profits? And if they do, how would they achieve that goal? 
They will not be comfortable with China leading the way forward. This is not the way things are meant to happen. They have always led the way and reaped the benefits, regardless of the environmental impact. It will be interesting to see what transpires. 
All transport has to become cleaner and cheaper, and this means massive change for all of us. 
All countries will have to grasp the nettle and move away from their usual resources and invest in the future. There will be no option. 
Are the puppet masters losing control of world energy? If this is so, expect opposition on a large and underhand scale. 
Of course, they could just switch and take control of the renewable energy markets. The last thing they want is low cost energy being available to the masses. 
Dirty tricks will abound, so be careful and check who is behind "friendly"low cost energy companies. 
Whatever happens, we will have to fight if we want to keep control of our futures. 
Be vigilant and aware! 
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