By Michael Blair 

Can we put a price on peace?
I don't know what that price should be, but it will be a price worth paying.

Giving people who have no morals, the power over the lives of people who cannot fight back, is not the way to promote the cause of a peaceful world.

The vast amounts of money spent on the destruction of people and places could be used to feed and house millions of people who have no choice in how they live.

But that wouldn't be making the multinational companies and individuals with billions of pounds/dollars, even more money.
These people only do anything if there are fat profits to be made.

This is what any kind of peace movement is up against.

We have to become smarter and play these people at their own game.

Peace movements have to unite worldwide and become an alternative globalism.
A huge coordinated movement without ulterior motives and only wanting a world where killing your neighbours because someone has decided it would be advantageous and profitable, is regarded as unimaginable.

Of course, getting agreement on a global peace movement wouldn't be easy, as human beings usually screw up anything which could be good for themselves.
But I believe it can be achieved if there is the will to change from killing and hate, to a peaceful coexistence.

Why should a relatively few obviously insane but ridiculously wealthy individuals decide whether a country should be tearing itself apart, or having a few years of peace?

We already know that war equals profit for many people. What has to change is the mindset of the people who are told they have to fight.

Difficult to do, when children are indoctrinated with the hatred of the child in the next street because of religious different religious beliefs.
But if children can be taught peace instead of hatred, and then have the courage to say no to the warmongers, change will happen.

Many people are blinded by hatred, and probably have no idea why they hate.
They are told that centuries ago, something terrible befell their ancestors, and it is up to them to avenge this atrocity.

What needs to be taught is that we, living in the 21st century, are not responsible for anything which happened hundreds of years previously. The premise is utterly ludicrous.

What keeps these insane vendettas going on without end?
Is there no way of keeping these things in the past where they belong?

I honestly believe people would get along better without political interference and without huge corporations exploiting the differences for their own unrelenting greed.

We all know there is enough money floating around the world to make sure everyone is looked after, fed properly and have access to clean drinking water. This isn't some outrageous claim, this is just a plain fact.

The puppet masters can't have that happen. They need people to be at each other's throats and also starving if possible. If the bullets and bombs don't get them, starvation will.
This way, the population is decimated and won't use up resources which these people believe to belong to them.

The immorality of the multinational corporations is beyond comprehension. The last thing they want is a peaceful world.
This is where we have to step up to the plate and say "enough is enough!"

A global peace movement, unified against the manipulators and profit hungry corporations and unscrupulous governments, would make a huge difference to their thinking.

People have to be educated to resist the call to war, and turn away from ancient feuds with their close neighbours.
Once they have the confidence to tell their own governments, war is not the answer, then things might change.

Peace is not an impossible dream. It can become a reality if we can unite instead of divide.



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