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I have been told by many people that peace across the world is impossible. That is an opinion shared by the vast majority of the population of the planet, but not by me or other activists who share a vision of peaceful co-operation among-st the people of different countries and cultures.

At First ,I'm not talking about governments being co-operative, because they have little or no interest in living in a harmonious way with their neighbors. They would rather be in constant disagreement than be happy.

But I see ,If these governments actually cared about their own citizens, they would be making serious attempts to bring ideas for peace to the many troubled regions of the world. But It is going to have to be the people who decide to be envoys for peace and tolerance toward each other.

From here, Excuse me for this expanding my vision, We will have to go far beyond politicians and political interference, to have the freedom to decide what kind of world we will have in mind future. Peace on earth is not going to be possible unless we can marginalize the political establishment and make them irrelevant to the peace process.

This will not be done without a degree of ill will from the powers that be, but they will begin to realize that they are not going to be in a position to dictate our future. The people who want to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors will have the ability to just that. Religious differences will be tolerated by all. Disputes over large and small matters, will be solved, because we will want to solve problems, not accentuate them.

There will always be people who will have a hidden agenda, but with time these people will become fewer. All will see that the way ahead is not war, with all the misery, violence and slaughter which we all see and deplore on a daily basis. This may sound like some utopian dream, but if we do not dream, how can anything change for the better?

I hear people say, there is nothing we can do about war and the casualties of war, but why not? Why should it always be the warmongers who make the decisions? It is time for these vile soulless profit hungry corporations, to be the ones looking in, instead of the people of peace.

Peaceful people should be able to make decisions, as they are the ones who are caught up innocently in the horrors of war. The majority of people worldwide do not want war. This is obvious. Would any of you want columns of tanks and armored vehicles rumbling through your peaceful little villages and quiet streets, in the name of some warped version of freedom?

War means huge amounts of money to a very few people. This does not help you or your neighbors, unless you live in Knights bridge or Beverly Hills or some other hugely expensive area of the planet! War doesn't touch these parasites in any negative way. They do not care if entire cities are razed to the ground. As long as the profits roll in, they are immune to pain, hunger and losing limbs.

There is now a casual disregard by politicians of all kinds, to human suffering. They carry out the orders of their masters and will ignore the very people who voted them into the positions they now hold. Something has gone very wrong with the system in the last seventy years. It has been corrupted to the extent of allowing a complete lunatic become President of the United States of America. Think back to proper statesman and women, who had integrity and honor, and look at the boot licking leeches we have in power today. There is no comparison between Roosevelt and Trump!

As I close this article, take a look around you. Try to think of the last time a politician did something which actually benefited you or your family. I have done this many times and have come up empty every time.

Time up. Did you find anything? No, I didn't think so. Politicians are idiots who have no minds of their own and no opinions except for those they are told to have, by the multinational corporations.

Please think about what I have written. It is not a fantasy. It is a possibility which we have to grasp and spread its message far and wide. Do not be afraid of thinking. It is freedom to choose what to think which is the goal. "



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