Great Britain, bastion of democracy worldwide. A proud history of fighting for the freedom of the people of Europe in two world wars. A judicial system copied by many countries across the world.

Our police forces unarmed, and amiable to visitors from countries far and wide, turned into brutal paramilitary units, attacking their own citizens because they protest against our liberties being removed.

This politicising of the police to carry out the will of the government is an abhorrent stain on the reputation of the bravery of police officers of the past.

At the recent protests in Trafalgar Square in London, against the draconian measures being used by the government to stop people going about their lawful business, the police officers who stormed the protest violently, were completely out of control.

This was obviously a political decision, as the demonstration was entirely peaceful and there was no threat of violence whatsoever. From what I have heard from people who attended the peaceful protest, the police they interacted with in the beginning were relaxed and unconcerned.

The riot police or possibly paramilitary forces who charged into the demonstrators, were wild eyed and chanting. Obviously looking for trouble and had been told to be as violent as they wanted. This behaviour had been sanctioned at the highest level.

The coronavirus has been used by people who do not have the public's best interests at heart, to force the population of many countries into submitting to having a vaccine which will not prevent illness, but actually make people unwell.

Control of the global population is part of the ultimate aim of what we will call, the puppet masters. The private bankers who know the only way to keep control of their power is to be able to cut the population of the world, change the economy and create slave labour from the people who are left after depopulation.

 The UK, America, Canada, the state of Victoria in Australia, and New Zealand are some of the hardest hit economies due to the coronavirus restrictions. The governments in these countries have deliberately created confusion and made the public turn against each other.

They, like the UK have similar police forces which are no better than paramilitary units who are ruthless, and violently put down any resistance to the ruling elite.

This is just more of the division which has been manufactured inside countries over the last few years. People have been embedded into the social structure of every country in the world, with the possible exceptions of North Korea and China, to bring about division in every sphere of life.

This makes the eventual break up of countries much easier.

We are looking at an attempt to turn the world into a communist dictatorship, ruled by a "government" we won't see, but will control every country, using puppet politicians.

 Democracy will be gone for ever if we allow these plans to come to fruition. It may be too late already, but the people who are free at the moment, have to unite to thwart the globalist ambition.

Otherwise we are doomed to be some kind of subhuman slaves to anonymous power crazed trillionaires, who regard the human race as no better than ants scurrying around in the dust.

Michael Blair

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