Written by:Michael Blair

Today I was having a wander through twitter and found an article from a national newspaper, concerning the new bridge crossing the Firth of Forth, in place of the older Forth Bridge.

This bridge, known as the Queensferry Crossing, was opened to the public to a huge fanfare and massive publicity, by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. She was seen crossing the bridge on foot, as we have since discovered that that was the safest way to cross,

surrounded by many of her supporters in their full Brigadoon regalia.

Horribly embarrassing for Scotland.

What was found out subsequently, was that the bridge wasn't finished or in fact safe for vehicles at this point. The only reason it was opened, was for Sturgeon to be able to say it had been completed on time and on budget. Such is the need for her to show how

wonderful and efficient her government is, and how wonderful she is also.

Immediately, it was found that it couldn't be crossed by vehicle at more than 30 miles per hour. Huge queues formed due to this speed limit and the poor road layout on the Fife side of the bridge.

Today, all this time later, we find out that the danger of motorists being injured or killed by falling icicles in winter, still hasn't been resolved. One would think that this possibility would have been thought through prior to the bridge being built.

But no. In the haste to get the project started and finished by the deadline set by the SNP administration, things like falling icicles should have come under consideration, but didn't.

In response to this revelation one might think the opposition parties at Hollyrood would be fuming about what is obviously a serious mistake in the construction and indicative of the SNP need to have the bridge completed quickly, but there is hardly any outrage

from them.

Senior Conservative politician, Murdo Fraser, commented mildly about poor management, instead of really taking the fight to the SNP administration. He should have lambasted them for the shambles this project has become. The damn bridge still isn't finished yet,

and no one seems to know when it will be fully and finally complete.

But this response to the latest news of the state of this huge project, is typical of the pathetic quality of the opposition to the SNP in the Scottish Parliament.

There is a catalogue of financial disaster running through this party of political midgets and utter incompetence at all levels of all departments. So many things could be grasped and used against this tiresome and tired administration, but the opposition politicians

either lack the will to take the SNP on, or lack the competence and political skills to do so.

We have huge hospitals built which aren't fit for purpose, once again pushed to open at a time which suits Sturgeon, and at a cost which has allowed corners to be cut in the construction process, which now endanger the lives of patients. Children have died from

being infected by pigeon droppings getting into the water supply of critical care wards.

 This hospital is the biggest in Glasgow and isn't working properly.

Over in Edinburgh, there is an another hospital scandal going on. A specialist children's hospital is lying empty because of design flaws in the drainage and ventilation systems.

This empty building is costing the Scottish government one and a half million pounds per week to sit empty.

There are some staff there, but they are being paid to do nothing. Helipad staff on site being paid and the helicopter system of working, landing and taking off, haven't been tested.

This is an utter disgrace and one would assume that the opposition parties would be hammering the SNP on these matters on an hourly basis, but nothing more than a few squeaks from them when they get the chance to question Sturgeon.

 These people have no business being in politics if they don't form an effective opposition to the governing party.

In my opinion, the Scottish Parliament isn't anymore fit for purpose than the bridge which doesn't work properly, or the hospitals which either cannot be opened or are lethal to vulnerable children.

Close it down and allow the politicians to do proper jobs with normal wages.

They certainly have no idea how to do simple things like ask questions and get angry with the way their country is run.

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