Written by: Michael Blair 


Suddenly, everything becomes clear!

Have you ever just suddenly realised that everything you ever believed is completely wrong?
A revelation that makes you feel utterly liberated and can see the world through newly cleaned spectacles? 
I think this has happened to me this morning.
 Tweeting about punishment and justice. A tweet from a police officer. A tweet about George Soros. A tweet on deserved legal punishment and one on why legal revenge is wrong.
 One on the attitude of people who knowingly or unknowingly look down on anyone who is unfortunate enough to be tangled up in the benefit system. 
The people who are in this position have been demonised along the lines of drink drivers and smokers. 
This isn't something which has grown organically. These attitudes have been infiltrated into the public subconscious over a long period of time. 
Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to the manipulation of public attitudes. 
I have been saying for some time that society is being undermined and we are having to accept as normal, things that not so many years ago didn't even exist. 
We have all seen our old views derided and called reactionary, and thought, hmmmm, maybe we are out of touch? But when we look more closely, we have to question the need for the changes to our own personal beliefs. 
Have you ever wondered why we, I mean society or government, have allowed funding for something as crucial as police services to drop off a cliff? 
I mean, in any civilised society the police are intrinsic to public order and must have the confidence of the public, to be effective. 
There appears to be no limit to the spending of government on really useless vanity projects, but always a limit for policing. Surely in dangerous times, we need a well funded and properly staffed police service? 
But no, there's always another excuse for not having the money. 
This has been getting worse since the mid 90's. One would almost think that this was a deliberate attempt to weaken the defence of the public. 
We have also seen the police turned into something of a joke. Trying to make the fluffy and friendly and unthreatening. The respect people used to have for the police has evaporated. 
Once the police have been turned into a parody of themselves, the game is over. 
Let's step back and look at recent events in Scotland. Where I believe a social experiment has been in place for the last ten years at least. 
The Natalie McGarry case has raised questions on crime and punishment. She embezzled tens of thousands of pounds from charities of which she was treasurer, and apparently after she became an MP. She was charged with embezzlement and after a prolonged legal process, mainly due to her changing legal teams several times and eventually deciding to represent herself and pled guilty, she was imprisoned for 18 months. 
This has obviously divided public opinion massively. In an already divided Scotland, between the people who voted to stay in the UK and those who voted for independence, this begun to split the Unionist camp.
 Some see it as a cause of celebration because Ms McGarry was a very unpleasant person during her campaign to become a Member of Parliament, who deserves her sentence, and others see her as someone to be pitied, and should not have been sentenced to jail, but should have been given a community order. 
This is only one case. In normal circumstances, this would have been a five minute sensation and quickly forgotten, but it has been elevated far beyond its real importance. The question is, why? 
The answer is because in order to have real social chaos, the divided must be divided again. It has already started in the SNP support. 
This has been achieved by the Alex Salmond sexual harassment case. He has more than ten charges against him, ranging from sexual harassment to attempted rape. 
As a former leader of the SNP and a ex First Minister, this has created huge publicity and split between Salmond's core support and the Cult of Mother Sturgeon. 
So, here we have a small country being divided and divided again with none of it being done for the benefit of the population. Plus the use of immigration as another destabilising factor, just in case the created division needs to be backed up with racism and islamaphobia. 
The police forces in Scotland, which was turned into Police Scotland, by political motivation, is being starved of cash by the SNP administration, while vast amounts of money has vanished from the Scottish government, and apparently no one has a clue where it has gone missing. 
I'm not saying that anything illegal has taken place, but unless the bulk of the money, which came from the UK treasury, reappears, one cannot rule out some kind of skullduggery having taken place.
 But meanwhile police vehicles are literally falling apart due to having been in service for up to ten years. This is worse than unacceptable and a national scandal. I believe this is being done quite deliberately to lower police morale and effectiveness. The officers I have talked to are at their wits end and are taking more and more time off with stress related illness. 
So we have a demoralised police service throughout the UK. Used as political pawns and not fit, literally, for purpose. 
Another example of no coincidence. 
The UK is being divided by people who want to see the norm replaced with chaos and uncertainty. The current political mess due to the Brexit farce is another non coincidence. Replacing a feeling of certainty with unease and worry about the future. 
Nothing is off the agenda when it comes to destabilising a country and its people. Whether it's a frightening weather forecast or a manipulation of financial markets, the fear factor is never far away. 
Newspapers feed the uncertainty, with more and more lurid headlines. Television news media pumps out stories which don't stand up to real scrutiny, but as most people don't look beyond their enormous flat screen televisions, they lap up the diet of panic and doom. 
Who can we believe these days? Is there any genuine news? I'm at a loss. I hear people saying, "we don't believe television news. It's all fake. We only get our news from the internet". 
Really? Just how stupid are these people?
 Anything which tells you that you're reading the truth, is very obviously bollocks. The internet news is written with an agenda regardless of the subject. 
Just because it says it's independent, where is the evidence? 
We are all being manipulated and divided. Exactly what is needed to have a society which is completely alien to everyone. 
I believe it is now too late to row back the changes. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we have been wrong all along.
 And there is no coming back. 


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