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Donald Trump appears to be falling apart mentally

It's almost as if the enormity of the job has suddenly hit him, and he cannot cope with the realisation.
This of course was something I expected to happen. When I wrote about him before he became President, I said he wasn't mentally strong enough to deal with the constant pressure of being the President of the United States of America.
 He hugely underestimated the size of the position he was getting into, and he is crumbling before our very eyes. Or is he? 
Some of the strangest decisions he has made, have been because he knew that no one could or would be able to do anything about it.
 To me, he had found out that as President, there was nothing in the constitution to stop him. Once he had tested the water and found he couldn't be stopped, he was a rogue President. 
What has amazed me during this period of chaos, is the fact that the entire government structure of America has no way of removing a President unless he has done something so bad, that he would have to resign the Presidency the way Nixon had done. 
But if Nixon had discovered what Trump has, he probably could have survived and stayed in office. 
It's difficult to know exactly what is going through Trump's mind at any given time. He is so erratic, anything is possible. 
One decision appears to be helping some of the huge corporations to destroy some of the most protected Federal lands. 
He also wants the coal industry to be brought back to life, despite the huge pollution of air, land and water. 
He never appeared to be part of the big boys club who are having more and more influence on how the USA is regulated. Trump doesn't seem to have business ties with them, and some of them are now distancing themselves from the Trump circus. 
It's all a bit of a mystery. Who is Trump actually representing? 
Does he know to whom he is appealing? 
His core support will always be there because he looks like a guy who is putting the establishment's noses out of joint. 
But if he has designs on running for the Presidential nomination in 2020, he needs much more than the middle American vote. 
He has to reconnect with the disgruntled Democrats who switched to the Republican cause in 2016, but that's no longer likely to happen. The midterm elections have shown that the appetite for another extended period of Trumpism is definitely not what they want. 
This will be a fascinating and possibly dangerous 18 months for the USA, leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. 
Will Trump become completely unhinged and have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming? 
Or will he decide to run against whoever comes out of the Republican pack to challenge for the nomination? 
Only time will tell, and we can guess all we want, but I'm pretty sure we won't get much of it correct. 
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