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Great Britain, bastion of democracy worldwide. A proud history of fighting for the freedom of the people of Europe in two world wars. A judicial system copied by many countries across the world. Our police forces unarmed, and amiable to visitors from countries far and wide, turned into brutal
Now that it appears that the Corona virus has been in the UK and probably many ot her places around the world, prior to the initial news that it was affecting China, we have to ask serious questions about who knew what, and when did they know. I was
I read recently of an actress and writer who was disappointed that neither of her children were gay, but felt that the consolation was her son was autistic. Really? Quite mind boggling for the average person. This is one example of kind of world which is evolving around us
I noticed years ago that if we want to be liked by people, it was very easy to do. We just need to agree with their point of view on social and political issues and a bond is made. How easily people can be fooled into believing politicians or
Written by:Michael Blair Today I was having a wander through twitter and found an article from a national newspaper, concerning the new bridge crossing the Firth of Forth, in place of the older Forth Bridge. This bridge, known as the Queensferry Crossing, was opened to the public to a
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