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Most of us buy the softener to add our clothes in the laundry so it can be soft and perfumed.

But no one of us too doesn’t complain of the high prices and to pay to get fresh clean and perfumed clothes…specially if some brands don’t give us good result and cause the damage to the laundry.

here is a simple way you can follow by yourself without paying too much money and you will get gorgeous result, feeling from the first try.

The secret word here replace the softener with  points of rose oil , or any others scent of lavender and add them to  your laundry.

use a little lavender essential oil in your laundry for the best-smelling clothes ever.
Simply add 12 to 15 drops of the stuff to your liquid detergent and mix, before adding to your machine. Here’s more on how to do it. And if you don’t love lavender, feel free to use another essential oil!

Trust in this try, and you will get a very good result;

First , you will notice the beauty smell of your clothes , it will rest for long time may be till the next time you wash it.

Secondly;Also the oil will soften the clothes and give it a very comfortable touch.


It will keep your laundry safe from the chemical that rest on


Save your money, as you don’t need to add 2 spoonfuls or 2 covers of the bottle but just from three to five drops of this oil and a small bottle of oil of lavender or rose will be enough for 20 times using.

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