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by/ Abeer Almadawy A serious surprise is released recently speaks about the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who and his country look forward to possess a nuclear weapons bomb. Though The tensions of the world over the threatening of huge war between the United States and North Korea that
Ambassador |Mohamed Noman Galal The initiative of the “The Belt and the Road” launched by president Xi Jinping has multiple dimensions: economic, social, cultural, political, and civilizational. All these dimensions will respond to the needs of modern China in the twenty- first century and its guiding concepts in international
Reported by / Abeer Almadawy Since four years and through Castle Journal we opened this important file till the other newspapers took the subject and explored it again but nothing changed.Today we are going to open again and add new information may this important file can be taken seriously
By ERASMUS- The economist Ireland is a country who famous with its conservative rule and the most one who maintained with its organised a sudden shock for the world's followers to the news of Ireland government hit them recently said that... a new a young, openly gay, half-Indian
Written by: Muhssin Al-hillo Translated by: Ali Tekmaji A little angel embraces her sleeping brother after ISIS militants murdered her parents. She is sitting in the middle of the rubble, covered in dust, smelling the odor of gunpowder, while listening to explosions and gunfire shot from all sides. Using
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