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Reported by|Abeer Almadawy


The  Italian police  declared a statement on Wednesday, about the arresting of an Egyptian young man belonging to the organization ISIL "Daesh" and accusing him with the international terrorism.

Police said the Egyptian man, 22, who lives in Italy illegally, "a single attacker, ready to fight," according to the agency "Reuters".

Italian Deputy Interior Minister Matteo Salveni said the young man was planning to do attacks in Italy on behalf of the terrorist organization Da'ash.

"Extremists who spread hatred in the name of religion and threaten the security of Italians must be expelled without hesitation," he said on his Twitter page.

The authorities have also ordered the deportation of two other Egyptians involved in the investigation who have shown their support for the propaganda of a terrorist organization.

This comes amid growing efforts to stem the illegal immigration of the Italian government, which has recently issued a decree aimed at reducing the number of asylum seekers and doubling the length of time an illegal migrant can be held.

The arrest of the young man came after a year-long investigation in which the police found a member of a mailing group on the social networking site Wat's-app, who lives in a place between the southern Italian town of Teramo and the city of Milan in the north.

Source Sputnik - Reuters

Published in Europe

By|Abeer Almadawy

   In a press conference for the Russian Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov said:

"We have information gathered by satellite and by other means of surveying says  that the presence of hundreds of trained militants at the Syrian Al-Tanf base, which has a distinct geographical location on the border between Syria, Jordan and Iraq,are trained by washington " said Russian Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov.

Adding that The Russian surveillance and reconnaissance services concluded that Washington is using the Syrian airfield to train terrorists, most of whom are fleeing from Reeqa!

"The Militants- trainees are in general belonging to Daesh terrorist organization, but now they are changing their skin, as they are afraid after our war  against them,So they are working now  under new titles, including the New Syrian Free Army and others. Their main task is to destabilize the situation in Syria," Gerasimov said.

"Al-Tanf base is not the only American base where the  Americans trained the militants but They use the Al-Shadadi camp in Al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria. This is what has been the last Russian center for reconciliation in Syria and recently announced."

"We will not allow foreign militants to leave the fighting alive and won't give them a chance to go to Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

On the level of the Syrian army's ability to repel members of a Syrian  terrorist organization if they came back again to their attacks, Gerasimov commented:

"There is no trace of Daesh in Syria. but in case it happened We have trained the Syrian army, which has regained its strength and is able to confront terrorism and preserve unity. And if necessary, we will immediately support the Syrian army . "

source|Russian agencies


Published in Middle East

Reported by |Mohsen Al-Helw

Iraq- Baghdad

The Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information and the Middle East Commissioner for the International Commission for Human Rights warned of the political and security laxity witnessed by the region because they believe that the dangers of  the Islamic organization"Daesh  are over. The supporters of the organization are working in two directions: opening a new front in Africa.

In an interview with a reporter and director of the Castle Journal in Iraq, Ambassador Haitham Abu Saeed said that the dangers of a "Islamic organization- Daesh" have not yet ended, "as we have pointed out in several press releases and satellite channels about the dangers of the project represented by the organization and its president, The project is linked to the re-tightening of the party and its revival as a result of political and security laxity, which is linked to misleading suggestions by the authors of the draft organization implicitly, "adding that" there appear to be parties that believe that they have ended their risks and began to take less precautionary preparations, It is too early to speak of satisfaction in the overall picture. "

"It is clear that the organization has projects, and today the interest of its supporters is divided into two projects in order to create chaos in the world and in the region in particular. The Egyptian through Libya and the Sinai Front, which is the gateway to the rest of the Arab African countries and up to Morocco and Algeria. "

"The second project is the most dangerous, namely to work to maintain the current situation in the Middle East as it is, between political and military coups with pressure on the European community to intimidate him," Abu Said said. Of the elements fleeing from Syria and Iraq, which will constitute an internal threat to Western society, in order to pressure the European countries in multiple files is a place of attraction and differences with the United States and Israel.

The Secretary General of the European Department of Security and Information, Dr. Haitham Abu Said, referred to the files mentioned above, saying, "On top of these files, the Iranian nuclear file signed by the European countries with the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to the Palestinian file and the latest Judaization of Jerusalem, which includes the new approach with Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies, who are clearly in a state of stagnation and tension at times, especially the financial measures and arrests that have been inflicted on senior princes, businessmen and capitalists. "

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