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The relations between Egypt and Chad are extended, distinct, and they have several fields for cooperation.
Since president of Egypt took the authority and he is keen to establish a new link with the African countries special Chad that has deep historical root with Egypt since thousands of years.And may it returns to the ancient Times of Egyptian.
But this deep roots of relations got a new push up to go forward for more tied relations during the ruling of president Alsisi who sees Chad as an important country for The Egyptian national security too. From its side Chad welcomes this relation and it appears by the official visits of the president IDriss Debby to Cairo.
Ibrahim Hussein Taha, Chadian Foreign Minister confirmed in a press release in March 2017, that a top-level coordination exists between Cairo and N Djamena on all regional and international issues, noting that the strong relations between the two Presidents Abdel Fattah Al sisi  and Idriss Deby consolidate this coordination and confirm it in all Forums, which serves the interests of both countries. He affirmed in this regard that Egypt's support for Chad's candidate for the post of the African Commission president had a positive impact.

According to the report issued by the foreign information sector with the OGI, relations between Egypt and Chad are strong enough to be have united countries.
There are many factors helped to create this special relationship between the two countries , as long they share each other in the same international and regional organizations including the African Union, the Community of Sahel-Saharan States, the Organization of Islamic cooperation and NEPAD, as well as the multiplicity of areas of cooperation on many issues, including the neighborhood and the participation of borders with "Libya" and other cooperation for sustainable development.

According to these data, the visit of President Sisi to Chad within his African tour that he paid Last week ,is very important in order to have more consultations on major regional issues of common interest and to accelerate the pace of bilateral cooperation Between the two countries.

The report by the foreign information sector also noted an intensity of meetings between officials of the two countries at all levels, particularly during the previous period.

The last visits of President of the Republic of Chad, Idriss Deby, to Egypt on 14/12/2014, where he met President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi,could to strengthen the relationship and find more chances for cooperation In the African issues of both interest common.

Libya crisis wasn't away from the discussions and exchanges of visions about it,which paved the way before both Egypt and Chad to agree on the importance of preserving the unity of Libyan territory and the maintenance and support the capacities of the Libyan legitimate institutions, in particular the Libyan Parliament and The National Army.

Means to strengthen bilateral relations in all areas were also discussed, particularly in the areas of health and agriculture, as both the Egyptian Prime Minister and the President of Chad signed a protocol later on medical cooperation.

In addition the cooperation in the field of groundwater and the study of the establishment of an Egyptian model farm in southeastern Chad, within the framework of agricultural cooperation, for livestock development and Cultivation of certain types of wind and improved seed crops.

President Abdul Fattal Alsisi confirmed that Egypt is concerned to continue its training programs for the capacities of Chadian cadres in various fields, according to priorities on the Chadian side, whether by Al-Azhar or through Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development.
Idriss Deby, President of the Republic of Chad, also commended the role played by Egypt over the years in teaching Arabic for Chadian students, praising the positive role of Egyptian teachers and professors Sent to Chad in the hope of increasing their numbers in all levels of education

President Deby also stressed the role of Chadian graduates in enriching the various aspects of the professional life of Egyptian universities and Chadian institutions that helped the Egyptian in their project at West of Owaynat at the western south of the Egyptian country.

The report of the foreign information sector indicated that several cooperation agreements between the two countries have been signed since 1984, culminating in the creation of the Joint High Committee, held several times. These and subsequent agreements represent the basis of the strategic relationship, including the agreements between Cairo and N'djamena in various areas, concentrated in particular in the fields of economy, development, culture and media.  

Though the tied relationship but still  The  trade exchange
 Don't meet the ambitious of both countries.The rate of trade between Egypt and Chad still very low , which opens the door to new efforts to facilitate trade and to resolve the obstacles encountered, in particular in the field of trade. Transport of goods due to the geographical location of Chad as a country without beaches.
Egyptian exports to Chad vary between food, engineering, medical, real estate, agricultural, clothing, textile and leather goods, while Egypt can imports from Chad a variety of food and cotton. A direct line from EgyptAir between Cairo and N'djamena was launched on 2 August 2014. The launch of this line comes within the framework of Egypt's concern to strengthen cooperation between the two countries and represents a service to students Foreigners from Chad to study at Al-Azhar, or to obtain medical care in Egypt.

At the end this long report we share now,its importance is in the new strategy of Egypt towards its African neighbors that is build up on respect and never to interfere in the other issues while it supports on the peace and stability with the work on true development that can advance from these countries and realize their rights in life as partners of modern civilization.

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