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A serious surprise is released recently speaks about the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who and his country look forward  to possess a nuclear weapons bomb.

Though The tensions of the world over the threatening of huge war  between the United States and North Korea that may be extended to join Iran too as both countries own nuclear weapons and caused panic to their neighbors and other nations , new news uninformed from Turkey confirms that Turkish government  is trying to build its nuclear weapons , using its relationship with Europe that go to ups and downs .

In an alarming claim,Express U.K. Newspaper said that an expert has warned world that Turkey is the next country who looks  to expand its arsenal to include atomic bombs.

Turkey who is accused of being held and support the terrorism by funding the terrorist organization and keeping them on its lands that use it as a base to attack others under fake claims while the aim is to spread the terror till it re-establish its Othman empire ( Khilafa).

Abdullah Bozkurt, a Turkish journalist who is critical of the government, has largely uncovered what he called "secret plans" for Ankara to eventually acquire arms.

Despite the presence of Turkey, NATO's second-largest army, with over 40,000 troops, Bozkurt said that the ambitions of president Erdoghan is much greater. He said there were plans Ankara has a secret plan to acquire weapons of mass destruction, including an atomic bomb to deter."

Bouzkert said ;" influential advisers close to the president and a group of officials in the government's inner circle had discussed a bomb."
And the talks focused on building two nuclear power plants in Turkey, raising his doubts.

His fears seem to be bolstered by Turkish expert Aikan Erdemir, of the American think tank The Defense of Democracies.

"Erdogan has a strong desire to turn Turkey into a nuclear power, but it does not have the capability," said Erdemir, a former member of parliament.
He referred to the recent meetings with Russia and Japan, signaling a departure from NATO.
But he pointed to the obstacles that meets Mr. Erdogan's plans.

Mr. Erdemir said;

 " that just over a year after a failed coup that saw hundreds of deaths and sparked a crackdown on public sector workers, Turkey's ability to get the project out of the ground had been compromised.

and added "Turkey lacks the financial resources and personnel for such a high-tech project.

"The government-friendly media often exaggerate the army's strength to increase morale in Turkey," Mr.Erdemir said.

The Turkish president is Continuing to clean up the armed forces that began after the coup, Erdogan has fired 160 of the 323 generals of the Turkish army in the past few months. He also released  thousands of soldiers from senior positions.

Mr. Erdemir believes that president Erdogan is eliminating any dissidents and anyone who will not support his nuclear dream.

The disturbing allegations coming from Turkey are that Ankara finds itself involved in a political arena with the European Union, particularly Berlin. The bitter row has been steadily declining. Mr. Erdogan said in April that the EU was "a continent that rotates in every way."

Berlin has recently issued new travel warnings for tourists visiting the country. Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said he was no longer able to secure investment in Turkey following accusations by Erdogan. The president accused German companies of complicity with the man he considers his political enemy - suspected of being behind last year's failed coup - Fathullah Gulen.

In a painful move to Ankara, Mr Gabriel added that he would discuss with other EU leaders the possibility of reviewing pre-accession funds.

Despite the problems of teething, popular demand has determined that the country should be a nuclear weapon.

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