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  Since four years and through Castle Journal we opened this important file till the other newspapers took the subject and explored it again but nothing changed.Today we are going to open again and add new information may this important file can be taken seriously as a source of wealth to the Egyptian if they know exactly how to investment in it.

The alligators , is a big creature that live in the Nile water and it is true the Egyptian Nile is empty of it but Lake of Nasser has and its number with thousands. 

As we know ,nothing preventing Egypt to hunt it and use in the industry.but the matter needs a study and true investment to build factories on the lake and other issues.

through the following lines we like to show the subject with more detail,all our hopes to use this wealth that can give Egypt billions of Dollars every year and let it join the world of fashion and leather industry .

There is no doubt that you know the Lake Nasser and you may have previously visited ...Any how ,if you don't know it, in general Lake Nasser is a giant artificial lake formed behind the Aswan High Dam and is located in the city of Aswan, Egypt and with an area totaling about 5250 Square kilometers ,its depth reaches about 180 meters with a storage capacity of 162 billion cubic meters,
To become the largest artificial lake in the world, and the second largest lake in terms of its Space.
It is worth mentioning that this lake keeps on the majestic nature with its pristine waters , rare plants and basaltic mountains, which occupies an important position on both banks during the runway of the lake …So be sure to take your seat and enjoy the calm and serenity nature there. Maybe from here we call for the establishment of the giant resorts, which seeks to attract tourists from around the world, there is no natural place competing this charming region
But this is not the only treasure in this lake and here is the point…
Lake Nasser has also other great treasure if we knew how to deal with it
it possess a great wealth of very good variety of fish which is a true wealth can cover all Egypt's need of fish, as its kinds are the finest.

The lake is a home to a special sort of fish called the moon, and two platoons of tilapia and a number of
Types of catfish, where there is a fish "phono" the giant mythical fish. There are also
about 32 different species of live fish, next to
Crocodile, also Nasser Lake is known as the best place in the world to catch fish
of "Tiger peel" and "white fish". The scientific research said that the lake is currently producing about 26 thousand tons a year from fisheries, and it is expected to increase annual production to 80 thousand tons, in the case of increasing the number of fish hatcheries and the establishment of ports attached to fishing
Penetrate plants, refrigerators, and the work of factories to manufacture and fish canning and as we know that president Abdul Fattah Alsisi who works hardly to establish this major project.

Here we address the important issue is the core of our investigation in this report ... Did I mention here something about Crocodiles?
Actually most of the Egyptian lived more than 60 years believe that the Egyptian Nile from Aswan to Alexandria, has no Crocodile and they are right…as the High Dam prevented it to pass...
But there are crocodiles in Lake Nasser, it comes through the Nile of Sudan but because of the high dam, prevented any crept to the entry of the Nile water through its huge gates ... and so the waters of the lake became a home for the crocodiles and with large numbers.

The presence of crocodiles is considered as an expensive fortune to Egypt if there is a true will from the official institutions and bodies .... because it can be exploited in the leather industry, medical benefits that take from the fat alligator itself..
Exploit this wealth of crocodiles can contribute to the advancement of the Egyptian economy ,if Egypt used modern methods and asked the experience of other countries, who are famous with the presence of crocodiles in their lands.
Thus the establishment of factories for excellent tanning and leather industry can be easy ... The African crocodiles has special features raise the price of its skin because of the finest quality at all
And perhaps launching projects to invest in the production of crocodile skins ,can lead Egypt to join the global competition in this trade.
Let's note that what we call for, is not a new discovery. In the era of both Presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Mohameed Anwar Al-Sadat they had established already small factories for fishing and also for the leather industry, but they disappeared due to neglect and corruption also.

In fact, the interest in fisheries in Lake Nasser and the establishment of ports and factories need to pay attention from the officials bodies to the importance of this lake as it is a real treasure in our country ... which is probably can take with the Egyptian economy to the better.

Before ending ,like to point out that our investigate was not due to the discovery of the treasure but the reason behind finding crocodiles in an Egyptian village and this was a surprise for all the Egyptians .

The biggest surprise which we call a siren from here Castle Journal that some people aware of the value of this amphibious animal that lived in calm and peace in this lake and then brought the crocodile to the waters of Delta to grow up and used it later ...
No soon the crocodile has
Grown up and escaped from its owner , the matter that caused the panic and terror among the people .
This is what we refer to the need for rapid and urgent intervention of the authorities to prevent a repeat of this story because it threatens public security for the people.
We ask the Egyptian authorities may intervene to prevent the transfer of crocodiles from the lake and punish those who do so and rather put the lake, including a wealth of fish under surveillance until tapped properly.

But inevitably must finish by saying the crocodile in the waters of Lake Nasser is not harmful but useful if we could use it as appropriate as possible…I call to open the door for investment in it, especially when our African brothers who know ways to hunt as they have extensive experience in this field and from here creating an Egyptian African cooperation will help this important industry and revive our strong economy.


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