Written by: Muhssin Al-hillo
Translated by: Ali Tekmaji

A little angel embraces her sleeping brother after ISIS militants murdered her parents. She is sitting in the middle of the rubble, covered in dust, smelling the odor of gunpowder, while listening to explosions and gunfire shot from all sides. Using only the rocks beside her, she protects her brother and is concerned about their lives. Her hand is placed in front of her face as she utters with pure innocence, “Don’t kill me, uncle.” After feeling secure, the little girl says, “Uncle, my brother is hungry.” Indeed, this is what the girl said to her rescuer, but it is also in the same accent that some time ago she spoke the words, “Uncle, don’t kill my mommy and my daddy.”
This is not a fiction or a narration to stir up feelings but an actual story of an Iraqi toddler found escaping from the battlefield with her little brother. No human being is able to control his/her emotions or tears while reading it. This story was published by an official in the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force on Sumariya News. It has neither been modified nor altered in any manner and it was narrated as is by Asad al-Asadi:

She was embracing her little brother… despite her young age
Trying to caress him with both of her hands…
Whenever we approached her, she threwrocks and whatever was beside her at us…
She was tired and her face was covered in dust….she was a young girl that is not to be left alone or unattended…
We were thinking to ourselves where her parents were and what had happened to them? And what had brought her here?
We surrounded her from all sides, as if she was an angel who descended from the heavens, trying to receive blessings from it!
We gave her some time to settle down… but again whenever we stepped forward in her direction, she threw a rock….while the little one was asleep in her lap…
We were confused of what to do…obviously, the rock thrown at us by this little girl would not hurt but I felt that if we got close to her, she might feel like she has lost everything; she would feel helpless.
We waited until there were not any more rocks around her…you are at war and all you are carrying with you is a rifle and an odor of gunpowder! You do not carry any toy or anything that can calm the terror of this little one…there are soldiers who shed tears on this story that I will never forget…
I tiptoed towards her, saying nice words in Iraqi “Come here sweetie, don’t be scared”
I noticed the closer I got to her, the tighter she caressed her brother….the distance was very near…she placed her hand in front of her face and said, “Uncle, don’t kill me.”
My eyes started tearing and I replied, “I will not kill you, I am here to take you home.” I kneeled down in front of her and everyone around was waiting for what would happen. This incident would only occur once in life…
I said to her, “Where is your family? Where is your mommyand daddy?”…
She replied, “ISIS murdered them.”
I pictured her walking amidst all this rubble with her brother…I sketched a toy in the pile of dirt next to us with my fingers. She looked at the sketch and I asked her, “Do you the toy?”
She nodded smiling and said, “Yes, uncle.”
I told her, “Come so I can give you a toy for yourself and for the little one with you…she looked at me perplexed with thousands of questions running through her mind. I awaited her decision. Now some might consider it implausible that the same Asad al-Asadi who bravely fought ISIS is waiting for a toddler’s decision… Yes everyone! I patiently waited for her decision because what she hasbeen throughcannot be said.
She stood up and held her brother’s hand after cleaning the dust off her shirt…
She took me by the hand and started walking…
Then she said, “Uncle, my brother’s hungry.”
I replied, “Don’t worry”, as I carried them both.
I thought to myself, what is happening in my country?
End of story…

And I say to my dear brother Asad that this story has had and will have significant impact in the heart of every sincere person, so don’t overthink in the cause of all of this. Our country was assailedby a handful of monsters and savages who do not possess an iota of the most basic human values, using governments’ money and villainy to divide not only our great Iraq but also any countrywith an alive history, civilization and people.
And I say to them, is this child and her brother Shias? Sunnis? Kurds? Arabs? Turkmens? Christians? Yazidis? Chebeks?
O you so-called ISIS terrorists, O enemies of humanity, O enemies of life and childhood. Do you not possess a heart? Do you not possess emotions? Were you born the same way humans were born from a man and a woman? Were you actually children before growing up? Do you eat and drink like us? Do you rejoice and grieve, and laugh and weep, like us? Are there any tears in your eyes? Do you know of anything called love and compassion?
Indeed, you are dispossessed from all those, for you do not deserve to be called humans!
So do you want to convince us that you believe in the religion brought by the Prophet of Mercy?
For what state are you establishing, O you criminals?
Andin what way will you meet your Lord, that is if you believe in His existence.
Are not you ashamed of yourselveswhen you relish the tragedies of our children?
Condemnation be upon you and those who created you and sowedyour first seed.
And condemnation be upon who supported you with his hand, heart or tongue.
We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.
“And those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.” (26:227)

Written by: Muhssin Al-hillo
Translated by: Ali Tekmaji

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