Egypt succeeds in its new step for submitting The constitutional amendment, which began last Saturday for three days, and ended on Monday

The scene in most of the electoral committees in all the cities and villages of the governorates of the country ,witnessed a large sharing by voters, mostly of they support  the constitutional amendment.

Castle Journal had a stop on the last day where the founder and CEO  Abeer Almadawy of Castle Journal ,the British Group for  Journalism and Media Group went to vote and witnesses the proceedings of the voting as a watcher and foreign media reporter.

She said on her official page that the cultural scene that she saw witnessed a great  transformation in the culture of Egyptian society, who became involved in the political process and determine its fate  , considering themselves the owners of the decisions,they are very different rather than before in the days of president Mubarak  who were opposed to participate in any elections at his era.

Almadawy stressed as a watcher to the election that the conduct of the electoral process and voting, which is running smoothly without fatigue for voters and good treatment were a major reason for the success of the referendum.

On the other hand, the National Electoral Commission announced that the voting abroad has ended and gone to Egypt for its part and by the end of the vote on Monday the committee will take other five days to announce the final result.

The chairman of the committee said that any complaints would receive great attention and that the committee is not responsible for any results announced informally.

It is noteworthy that Egypt has the third entitlement ,it was the Constitution in 2014 and was among the articles of the term of the presidency , it granted to the President four years only in every period, while the Constitution gave the House of Representatives five years for every period!

During this time the politics and and men of law had confused and the Constitution is at a loss ,Why ? 

Because Egypt doesn't know to whom it belongs; It will be a parliamentary or presidential state?

So that the new constitutional amendment will repair this issue and Accordingly, the new article concerning the term of the president has been amended to be 6 years instead of 4. The president has the right to stand for only two times. The constitution gives the president the right to implement the term of the new presidency, which is 6 years. And can be candidates for Only one other time forward.

So by being the period of the president 6 years ,it will overcome the mass of the political issues with the House of Representatives who still 5 years. What means that the ruling in Egypt will be parliamentary and presidentially.

The Constitution also added to the functions of the armed forces ,the protection of Civil country Constitutional , and was amended the role of the President in the inauguration of the Council of State and the addition of a new item allowing the post of Vice-Chairmen

The woman  in the constitution amendment has  a great interest , as she will represent in the parliament with 25% of the total seats.

Also the constitution approved for establishing the council of eldest.

it worthy to mention that the Egyptian information service assembly affirmed that there's no complaints were witnessed during the last three days and process of the election succeeded without a single broken.


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