On the response of the interview of president Abdul Fattah Alsisi with CBS TV, that was leaked recently,Dr. Essam Khalil, head of the Free Egyptians Party,commented ;"

We believe in the freedom of media as the essence of the freedom of opinion, but we deeply regret the failure of the American CBS channel for its serious professional errors during the mention and/or broadcast of the interview with Mr. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi with the program 60 minutes broadcasted today,

Khalil said that by analyzing the content & the performance of the channel in its promo presentation and broadcast of the interview, we can say that there is a smell of lies and falsehoods to this channel

First: The date of the interview with Mr. President was last September, more than 3 months ago, a precedent that has not previously been in the postponement of dialogue with a high figure as President of the Republic of Egypt,

Second: The channel did not abide by the professional standards of television interviews where the sources hosted by the channel expressed one view and are known to belong to extremist and terrorist groups and then lacked the interview of the diversity of sources, which is marked by the interview of the host

Third: During the promo period, which was a quarter of an hour, all the questions addressed to the President was linked to one subject, although the guest head of state represents the largest countries in the Middle East, which entailed a variety covering several axes, which did not happen

Fourth: The adoption of the announcer on the report of the Human Watch organization as a guide and the source of his question about Rab3a , Is a clear lack of professionalism and fraud to the viewer's, as the Human watch itself apologized for the inaccuracy of information and falsification of an eyewitness in her report

Fifthly: The announcer described the extremist groups as political opponents of the president. This is a pure lie, because the terrorist group and its supporters are opponents of the Egyptian people who have spoken out loudly and still suffer from their terrorist acts until two days ago, when an Egyptian officer was killed while trying to protect an Egyptian church

Sixth, the program relied on the use of rhetoric and accusations against the Egyptian state by including his questions that congressional deputies say to the US to say that his accusation is serious. There is no evidence of torture or murder in Egyptian prisons. Or Thousands are arrested which is also claimed to be a non-professional announcer as all this data lack hard materialized evidence 

Seventh,The channel intended to give the sources it hosted importance by cutting off the dialogue of the president and to show those sources in the interview, which interferes with equal opportunities in the dialogue and turned the interview to what is similar to a normal television investigation

Eighth,The channel used screenings in a way that distracts the followers' minds and is a deliberate attempt that proves total unprofessionalism from the Channel.

Ninth,The channel used the nearby Camera Close-On with low light in an attempt to catch any expression of the features of the president's face for use by the channel in an attempt to embarrass the president, but failed in that as failed throughout the interview as it failed for the past two days in her desperate ways to market against the Egyptian President & Citizens.

Tenth,The deliberate reduction of the voice of President Sisi and deliberate misrepresentation of his speech by translating inaccurate was the last failed attempts to harm the President, but also an attempt to get back on track and where it failed last. Dr. Khalil concluded his remarks by stating that President al-Sisi, is proving that he is an Egyptian citizen with the rank of president who knows the value of his country and how he expresses his people firmly and efficiently in all occasions in all times Khalil added that the president and Egyptian People have won and increased the loss of the channel and its famous program....


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