By Abeer Almadawy

Macron and Paris pay a price for what?

Parisian streets live in a state of chaos under peaceful and non-peaceful demonstrations and serious demands for the resignation of the President Emmanuel Macron and the formation of a new government and the resignation of Parliament and the announcement of parliamentary elections for another new choice and the formation of the Sixth Republic ,all that are the demands of the revolutionaries today in all parts of France and not in Paris Only ... where the government of Macaron met them with a violent response , until 139 were injured and 434 people were arrested while the French Attorney General announced the death of one of the demonstrators on Friday during violent confrontations.

The French Ministry of the Interior said that Paris witnessed the worst security breach which hadn't a resemble, where some demonstrators attacked shops on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées and stole and burned dozens of cars and trees in a completely non-peaceful style, which will prompt the French president to declare a state of emergency to address the evils in the streets and protect citizens .


The first lines of events:

The events began for the demonstrations about two weeks ago and was characterized by holders of yellow jackets to express on the truck drivers ,who will suffer from the raise of gasoline prices for them and the rest of the citizens ... The demonstrations were peaceful and appeared as there is no one behind it from any political party or the movement of any organizations, but spontaneous demonstrations broke out from the general public expressed their displeasure from the decision of French President Emmanuel Macron, who was called to protect the climate by reducing fuel consumption and this was only if the price of gasoline was raised ... The beginning of the demonstrations were very limited demands concerning the refusal to raise the price of gasoline and hence the reason for the name of the demonstrations with the yellow jackets ...

But there have been calls for both right and left parties to take part in the demonstrations, and it seems that there are those who exploit the events for political reasons, despite the denial of this much ... Demonstrations are usually new but violent in the last three days during the absence of Macaron and his country's participation in the G20 summit in Argentina
The demonstrations, which broke out on Friday, have spread chaos through fires, killings, injuries and thefts. The chaos in all French cities is similar to the revolution of Egypt January 25, 2011 with the same escalation, demands and peaceful and non-peaceful manifestations. The strange scene of France since the events of the 1960s reminds us of the back-to-back hands that are playing to harm the security and stability of countries ...

What did Macron do to punish him?

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has a hard-line right-wing background, faces the toughest test ever and his government, which has not met the people's ambitions after former President Sarkozy who
the economic problem of the middle and poor classes has escalated in his reign ... "The French people called Macaron with the tyrant because he does not feel of people and the tyrannical class that expressed itself during the demonstrations ... The Frenches assert that there is no semi-conspiracy or intervention to provoke people to revolution, but their movements for stopping the bleeding of France for its wealth and its great power and the arrest of the liar, who has always used the soft language, but his stances with  people never express his respect for them or their feelings and feelings." a protest said

The other side of the case:

If the internal situation is confused and refers to  real reasons for the overthrow of Macron, there are other reasons should not be ignored, It is Macron's situations itself in the international affairs, which bothered the big brother and his provocative statements ,so these reasons can't be denied as they are as the following:

France's President Emmanuel Macron called on to respect the Paris Climate Convention, which the United States withdrew from, and President Donald Trump said that his country is not committed to it and would not expose its economy to extinction for hidden schemes, Its objectives are undeclared. and he described the case of climate change with " The situation is safe".

2 - Macron called to establish an European army according to the European Union, which upset the United States of America and commented by the US President negatively.

3- Macron's statement on the Khashoggi case, which is the big conspiracy that claimed the lives of a Saudi journalist and writer while at the same time endangering the security of Saudi Arabia and even empowering Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman from a position that has become the subject of discussion. Which does not have any recordings provided to the CIA and that what is happening is a kind of political blackmail on the Saudis, which was answered by Turkey and described by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with despicable .

4. The position of France, who rejects the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

5 - France's approval to supply some Arab countries with weapons and to conclude major deals with them and with African countries This thorny issue caused great anger to the big  brother

6 - France's neutral position with Iran and Russia, as well as it avoids  to go in the shadow of the decisions of the United States of America

All these previous positions can push the big brother who leads the world secretly and publicly to push the angry masses of the economic reality in France in a crisis to oust President Macaron
This makes us remember the revolutions of the Arab Spring and where it arrived and what the goals were behind it ...

The reference to the big brother does not mean targeting the United States of America, but it is the largest part of the implementation of all the plans that are referred to, but behind much of what is happening in the countries of the world.


Are there shades of other Arab Spring revolutions after the Paris demonstrations?


The witness of the events says that the Euro-Mediterranean region will witness in the coming period many conflicts and  new revolutions will follow in the footsteps of France, especially if all the frenches succeeded in overthrowing Macron.

Therefore we see less interest by some Arab media, fearing of renew the old scenes in their countries again,our words about the stable countries ... While the most candidate countries for the revolutions and demonstrations in the middle east likely to be  the Kingdom of Jordan and the Kingdom of Morocco.Other African and Asian countries are also candidates for this in light of the economic and political conditions and manipulation of peoples under the modern colonial scheme.... As for Egypt, it is safe and will not be subjected to bouts of protest and this returns to reasons,firstly Egypt lives stabile  situation,secondly because it learned from previous lessons ...

However all the previous notes , the coming hours will probably be the hardest on the French nation. The atmosphere is hot in the city of the angels, especially after the death of one of the demonstrators and the measures that will be issued from the Elysee Palace by the president, who refuses to the protest in the streets ... and between the truth of the plot and the other lies , The demands of the people  will remain with us in the exclusive scenes of one of the new countries who joined a new era of conflict in the frosty revolutions to the European continent.


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