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What does the Black Continent want from a Chinese friend?

A question that was put forward strongly before and during the forum, and included opinions for many of the poorest African countries in the world and those suffering from poor infrastructure and education is not recovering as an economy, and hence, African countries have interests to attract them to this cooperation and If each country has its own file with China, and the host country has also taken care of it, it has not failed to conclude wholesale agreements with each country and to hold conferences and papers of understanding with this country on its own, but the African countries collectively look forward to the following;

1 - Cooperation with China will open the investment horizons in their thirsty for the flow of funds, and the recovery of their financial level

2. Cooperation with China will open the door to improve infrastructure projects, open markets to Chinese products, exchange local products for each country, enhance trade side, revive old Sino-African relations and promote the development of the trade balance of each country.

3. Cooperation with China will allow those countries to regain some control over their huge wealth. China does not show hope for the wealth of Africa but provides cooperation and work to discover and exploit these resources for the benefit of the African countries themselves, while strengthening their presence on African soil. The most important gain for China and acceptable to Africans

4. Cooperation with China will allow the transfer of Chinese science and experience in various kinds of technology and industry to that country

5. Cooperation with China has significant political interest as a rising force of considerable value and can be relied upon as a competitive alternative to Western powers in some countries.

How do the two sides see the future of their relations after adopting the proposals of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum?
Perhaps the question also shows the answer. China's generous offers of honor to the African people are irreplaceable and need only be adopted and approved directly.

What has China offered to the African countries?

The opening of China has welcomed the economic and trade cooperation with African countries, opening up huge investment opportunities and expanding hopes for the establishment of many mega projects needed by many African countries, as the start of investment cooperation for the African continent 60 billion dollars to pay for infrastructure projects and oil and the establishment of free markets .

China has also stated that it does not intend to intervene in the affairs of any African country or to impose its views on political and other internal affairs. It does not aim to dominate and dominate other Western countries, but its cooperation to promote economic, commercial, social and cultural cooperation opens up. Prospects for peace and international cooperation. This offer has made all African countries welcome this Chinese cooperation and open hopes for a better future for their country. This partnership will achieve the development of their dream country and push their countries forward without a stumbling block: domination and domination. Intervention in the Internal affairs by the other Western collaborating countries, which allows them to exploit their wealth and sense of freedom and escape from the power of the continuing disguised servitude of the day.

The other important thing for both sides is that allowing Chinese military bases on the territory of that country will change the face of the African continent in the absolute domination of the United States of America and Europe and this would constitute a new sovereign pattern on the continent, regardless of the seriousness of these rules and what can To produce a future in the event of a war between China and America, for example, these rules will re-divide the old world according to the difference of control and hegemony that can be imposed by China in this case.

The end of the report was attended by the leaders of 53 African countries, including leaders, leaders, presidents and representatives. Some 600 companies from African countries and a group of prominent businessmen, government officials and others interested in trade and investment relations with China participated. .

China's Xinhua news agency reported that some 4,000 participants from Africa and China attended the forum. A number of African leaders signed a number of cooperation and investment contracts, led by Egypt. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signed a number of cooperation contracts to complement Egypt-China cooperation, During his speech that Egypt welcomes African-Chinese cooperation and gives its full support to African and Chinese brothers, giving them support from the Suez Canal, which strengthens the Silk Road and opens the horizons for economic and trade exchange.

Source: Chinese and African Media agencies 


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