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Cairo- 11 December 2017

The International Conference on Media and Culture, organized by the Castle Journal Group for Journalism and Media, was recently launched. The conference was moderated by Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, owner and chairman of the group,

who introduced The lecture on the role of media and culture in the face of global and societal crises .The lecture highlighted on the role of the media in tackling issues and facing crises. To be the main culprit in the crises experienced by the countries of the world and thus the message has become reversed

Like that, the intellectual role that surprised everyone who is  misleading the citizens, gained the wrong culture that led the community to commit crimes and thus the deterioration of the cultural and customary situation

This is the text of the lecture, which lasted 27 minutes, presented to Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, President of the First Annual International Conference on Media and Culture;


In the name of of Allah the Merciful

At first, allow me to welcome distinguished guests, participants and colleagues

 And media and cultural figures who honored us with their attendance.

First, I welcome our distinguished guest, Dr. Sakhr Shi, Chinese Cultural Counselor

And thank his presence and confidence

As well as the Honorable Professors Dr. Ahmed Salam,assistance -chief of Information and Media authority in Egypt.

And Dr. Mohamed Fathi Al-Madawy, representing the cultural sector, libraries and information systems

And Professor Hussein Ismail, Chief Editor- of China Today magazine.

And Maj. Gen. Tayyar Mohammed Abu Baker Hamed, General Counsel of Castle Journal group

Also our Distinguished scholars and intellectuals who honored us by their attending the first annual International Conference on Media and Culture (which begins this year under the title Role of Media

And culture in consolidating inter-communal bonds among peoples and confronting global crises

In the light of developments on the global scene

I stop here in front of the role of intellectual and the thinker in our Arab countries, and even Eastern and Western countries and his duties to face global crises such as;

1- The Spread of Terrorist Ideas and Religious Extremism Here is not the focus on Muslim extremists only, but all religious extremists on all sects

2-  the spread of cybercrime and trafficking in human beings and members

3- the changes that have led the societies split from their national character and moved away from thier identity

4- And finally the idea of ​​peaceful coexistence and the convergence of civilizations that we are working to consolidate, but this idea also faces serious problems in the absence of awareness of the main meaning the idea.

I think that these items, which we are focusing on today at the conference, we hope to come out with recommendations that we present to the world with public opinion, may be it can be useful !

So let me talk about the role of the intellectual and  thinker and his  impact of the media in the current crises and will focus on models of concern at all levels of culture, intellectual and scientific and its real meaning and its direct impact on societies

And its repercussions on all political and economic fields

I will put here a great headline and it is not an accusation, but very important notes, perhaps those who did not realize the seriousness of what is happening, from here learn and begin to change

I refer to the role of culture and information in the countries of the world, all who share the rules of logic contrary to the laws of conscience in the work of professional to deal with crises where they become the real crisis makers

Here is the talk is not a circular to everyone but unfortunately I see and may be you agree with me that the media and the culture imposed by us in recent times contributed to the dissemination of ideas stray

And caused many crises for countries

We all know the value of the media and the value of education, but if the misused ,it will cause an opposite result and endanger the security of citizens and their countries

The most troubles we face today in the world of media is the idea of ​​the break up press, not the correct news. This has allowed all the merit of the fourth and fifth wars to succeed and the use of the media as a good way to destabilize the security and has become an important source in the electronic crimes of information

This presents the national security of peoples to serious crises

On the other hand, the role of media as well as shed light on the negative models only without the positive and when the media improves its position, it comes only in images contrary to reality, the picture emerges weak impact and this is also encouraging the crises and lost its role in curing the problems.

Also, do not forget that the media impose on the citizen a particular culture and provide a monolithic model from his point of view ,this presents the recipient of a kind of deliberate flatness and ignorance

Such as to impose to the viewer a single song, a frequent guest or a recurring idea

This dwarves the role of the media, which has to sail and expand in what is presented because it is its entrusted role.

If I started to talk about the media and its role in the face of crises, I emphasize that media practices today have become part of the crisis that  experienced by all countries of the world.

The invasion of the Internet world and the spread of social media sites, which compete with the media fierce rival, exacerbated the crisis, especially when the media failed to create conscious horizons to face these sites and prove the facts and keep themselves from the risk of loss

let's  point out that one of the elements of the fourth generation wars that made the simple citizen a source of news equivalent to the journalist and then made from the journalism a market for sale and here  the exclusive news appeared and break up news.

And both do not rely on providing accurate news and the media arena has turned into a land of battles between competitors in which the issues between the different are resolved

What I mean specifically part of the Fourth Generation wars was the marginalization of the role of the press and the media

This brings us to the role of intellectual or the thinker who is the most dangerous because he /she  is the source of information

Such as the emergence of one of the thinkers or novelists who provides to the public with misinformation based on the basis of the theory of retail .

As well as circumvent the constants by imposing the opposite margins and then consider this margin is a fixed base

This is very dangerous and causes not only cultural shocks, but the total destruction of human confidence in the assets of knowledge and thus hit any ideas that may be derived during his education and shake his confidence in the upbringing by destroying the intellectual images and the typical information that is through the friction and direct dealing With his family and the memory of his parents and grandparents. This is followed by a strong shake in the belief of the origin of his identity and then becomes exposed to any ideas that would destroy his belonging, his homeland and his community until we reach the destruction of himself.

And we have shown many negative models that confirm our words today through the writers who aimed to provide wrong and false information about certain historical personalities or events... he change the truth and introuses fake facts,in the same context , this writer doesn't give another good model to what happened here that this reader will lost any truthful information he got oneday in his life and will be able to believe any false information.

 And intellectuals from the Arab world and the world , their task today has become ,to make a  simplification and fragmentation and the generalization of the marginalized part of the information on the fixed

In the sense that the writer cuts part of the text or evokes an idea from the margin of the text and then circulated to the entire text, so this part of the text will outperform the entire text .. And that logical theory inverted used by the ancient intelligence bodies to question the original rules and to destroy the evidence of the informational documented .

For example, this inverted theory was adopted by the men of the Church of the Devil to strike Christianity in Europe and then tried to present the alternative of the many philosophies who have been intimately aware of. Intellectual in the recipient and is lost amidst the hustle of ideas or ignorance leads to the end of the man to reject any religious thought and philosophy and lose his trust in god at the end.

Thus the philosophies did not succeed in making up for the religion and the same inverse theory also used the satanic Muslim groups to strike Islam and cause huge destruction in it.

 Through the transmission of the thought of contradictions and margins of argument and imposed as a fixed theory.

And used in our countries today, the thinkers and the search for identity and religion and here the purpose of questioning and this by the imposition of contradictory information, such as to come in a historical figure has its weight

And its historical heritage of sympathy and love for them and break him by claiming false information and change their reality and therefore this thinker break the barrier typical picture model that you love and did not help you to earn another one.

In general if we look at what the psychology does for recovering a patient with illusion, it first let him believe in his illusion and beside give him the correct view, till the patient himself  reach to the truth by himself.


But here in what writers or thinkers do with the readers are true crime as they take a correct mind and try to infect it with their virus .... in our case, the thinkers or writers are turning the correct information into a lie and so on

Taking the margins and circulating them to the text is a serious and special issue. If it comes from an experienced specialist who works with thought and culture in the light of a mature darkness of ignorance among the sons of the Arabs, especially the Egyptians who do not get a good education and wrong culture , it will cause a huge crisis.I think we start to witness now.


So here, It is recommended that the people of specialization meet at the international level by establishing binding laws and monitoring bodies to watch and the perform of  media in accordance with the laws of the international press and respect to the right of the journalist but maintain the ethics of the profession and what is provided to the peoples

I also recommend an intellectual review of all the information was transmitted by un-specialists.

The security of information is an important issue that calls for the attention of all countries and the security institutions to create innovative new ways to address cybercrime. 

And concluded that the strategy of Castle Journal adopts since its first day to take care of the cultures of the world by focusing in the world customs, traditions ,the history , literature and dissemination and circulation among communities in a creative way, calls for consolidation of the message of peace and brotherhood that we adopt in the context of our cultural work and the press through our various newspapers.

our message respect the right of every people and society,that aims to maintain its security, identity and future, and to provide it with the right means of cooperation through the development of the good international public news and to stimulate the growth in international relations and improves the system of information exchange and resulting in strong interdependence on all The levels

Our strategy of launching our group is human interdependence and the publication of the charters of peace and love between us by our differences

And this is what I will put in your hands and conclude with that

Life is only worthy of people who honor human beings in peace and open doors of tolerance to others

Only with love and respect will we raise our humanity

And move forward in our homeland and reap the desired happiness on our land

Thank you so much


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