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By Dr / Ahmed Sallam Through its Media trumpets, the Qatari regime assumes the role of the defender of democracy and directs criticisms and advice to all the peoples of earth except the miserable people of Qatar. The Qatari people are ruled by one of the worst despotic regimes,
By /Abeer Almadawy The devils ever never say ; “let’s go all for Peace”... Every day will create new conflict so they can sell their weapons and be Masters of World... This terrorist country Turkey who destroyed Syria and supported its brutal terrorist Daesh now moved them under the
China is launching The second Shanghai forum for belt and road initiative with the attendees of major officials of main institutions leads the Chinese economic and well heads of Science social institution who study the influential effective on countries who share the belt and the road initiative. the forum
Dr. Abeer almadawy, owner of castle journal British group for journalism and media represent Egypt in Chinese Seminar on Informatization and Urban Development for Developing Countries which lunched on 10th of September,2019 and continue up to 30th of September 2019
 Written By /Ike pius Money is the Root of all Evil. This article examines how the Love of Money is killing off our last hope of Free Speech, Free Expression, and Free Association- The Internet. Human Beings have an inherent need to communicate. This encompasses the need to share
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