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Albert Mimi, a French writer and sociologist of Tunisian origin, who is best known for his human novels including "La Stato de Cel" and his works on "Judaism", colonialism and racism, died in Paris at the age of 99, according to what one of his close associates told AFP
Good Morning My Love By Poet: Craig Moon Good morning, Good morning my LoveI know I just woke up,But I want to tell you something,as I drink my morning cup.I really love YOUI do? I do? I do! And As I dream of day your with me,I don’t know
I Promise unknown poet I promise to always raise you up,Whenever you are down,I promise to wipe away your tears,When you need them to flow out,I promise to keep you smiling,To show the world your light,I promise to be your strength,Whenever you need somewhere to lean,I promise I will
the Sydney Morning Herald.- Sydney Literary agent Selwa Anthony has lost a high-profile lawsuit against bestselling Australian author Kate Morton, instead having to fork out more than $500,000 for the Shifting Fog writer. Ms Anthony began NSW Supreme Court proceedings over an alleged breach of contract after Ms Morton
Dedications by Luis Jorge Boone translated by George Henson The dedication was short and impersonal, followed by the unlikely signature: Lauro H. Batallón. Santiago held the copy in his open hand. He seemed to weigh the words of every page, confirming the grammage of the sentences to detect the
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