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Written by /Abeer Almadawy

Because I love Japan , I decided to write about its history.
One of the things I cannot pass quickly is; “geisha”girl
But I hope to write my opinion before I write about her historical story,and this because I feel how much she suffers from the unfair treatment...
Geisha through the history is the respectful young lady who is able to give you everything with elegance and respect.Neither she is a prostitution nor a wife ,but she is the one who can host you gratefully and introduces a show of dancing,singing and does everything to amuse you.
In our country Egypt she looks like our beautiful dancer ,she can dances,sings,entertains you and other times can be half wife only ,wife for bed.
Here’s the problem !
The men can live with her partly,love her but can’t marry her?

In the old times people struggle to understand Geisha,loved her the most but could not forget that she is a lady for amusement only. The society looked with respect to her role that Geisha plays though that they condemned her and made from her a toy With no feeling and may they had done the worst they kidnapped her future !?

By the way nothing is changed though the time did ,just this job took more freedom but with its old view.

In another aspect to the subject,and away of talking about Geisha,let concern more with the life the woman now....Actually she is the same copy of Geisha,She is the one too who must do everything in life more than the amusement that geisha gave.

Current Woman works day by night to save money, raise up her kids, educate them and do the rest of works as a wife.

The woman accepts to be half man and half female ,running all the time to cover her responsibilities,maybe at the end her man can satisfy on her one day.
Woman still live the life such as a guilty person,but she doesn't know what is exactly her sins....More than that ,she could not save for herself at least some of love with respect from her husband or the community she lives with !
She failed to be lucky as the Geisha lady !the modern woman isn't lucky too because her destiny doesn't support,though all the huge discoveries and the high technology but in the third world and their societies still have the same low look to the woman ,they think she is " a kind of creatures ,who is created to make everything for the man, give him the support , the amusement and the money ".

If you don't believe me, please check the cases of working woman in Africa,Asia,south America ,you will find millions of sad stories with true crisis !The United Nations with all its efforts,failed to help them or end the catastrophes circumstances which these poor working women live in.

In the Middle East, there millions of women who work instead of their men,and all their money go to their husbands and kids...maybe she can't find the price of the morning breakfast.

The husbands of these women are living mostly under the influence of drugs and they are not responsible persons who work or grow up the children too .

Number of women who faced violence by her husband and kids reached to one million and half during the last five years in a country like Egypt, it is also not a correct number because most of the the cases ,women fear to inform the police or complaining.

Crisises go to the worst with the rise up of prices in everything and the workers find themselves in a need to another job besides the other...what lets the woman sleeps about four hours only daily .It effected on her health and huge number of them are sick.

laws,decisions, words of sympathy,or even raising their salaries cannot help them...So number of suiciding among them reached to the top.

Returning to Geisha who is our inspiration in this article , She was a lady can take a rest and live in high level besides the richest persons ...while the modern woman today makes the same things but lives in the underground and in a very poor circumstances.

Even her luck of marriage is bad ,no one likes to marry a working girl, she is poor and can't be suitable.
Though all these harshness believe or not,these women are the most successful,significant and supporting to their states!
And here there's another huge difference between JAPAN and the third world countries.
In Japan ,as a respected and advanced country, the society keeps on Geisha as a historical tradition they must save her and it is not accepted to be forgetten.So they courage the modern lady to Geisha but with all the rights that must have.

While in the third world, their countries do all their best just to keep the poor working women silent and never ask with a right!

Although that both nations share in refusing to reply on this important question;
Why do men give themselves the right to have 2 women in his life at the same time? One for his amusement and the other for the respected image !

This converted duplication photo can kill any sense of beauty to the art of virtue, as well as the art of giving and taking.

At the end our societies need more clearness with their vision of things and they must determine whether they want to advance with their humanity or not!
Whether they want to find true happiness or not.
Societies must stand beside the poor labor ,and never consider them as slaves with no rights!
Societies must understand that Fake attitude comes from lair visions that they believe in and that's the reason behind all our painful stories!
By Abeer Almadawy
The last circle
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Written by| Abeer Almadawy

Iraq first

With this wonderful and inspirational slogan of all the peoples who live in terror and sectarian wars, the Iraqis launched with their celebration with the great victory over terrorism.

 Mosul finally liberated after all this suffering and misery from the displacement of about half a million Iraqis, the elimination of entire Christian families, the attacks on Shi'a, Sunni and Kurdish citizens, and public massacres that are unbelievable. Finally, the liberation of Mosul was announced by the brave Iraqi army that spent On the Islamic state group  in one of the most important stronghold has dominated for them years ago in Iraq.

The true Victory has achieved which caused the joy for the Iraqis in all their spectrum ,that it achieved the principles of their united that precedes sectarianism in the war of liberation.


But soon after 2 days only on the historical victory on terrorism, the images of the heinous controversial scenes coming up to Media and with it new fears  coming up to Mosul, Iraq, these images spread through social networking sites pushed  the human rights watch (HRW) strongly to condemn the intervention of the popular crowd against the citizens of Mosul belonging to the Sunni sect and assault them and Recruiting media to promote the wrong things and counter any attempt to save these people under the pretense that they belong to a ISIL or there is doubt about them.

The issue has not ended, but escalated in the last hours of genuine fears first of the validity of these allegations and that there is a kind of dominance of the popular crowd instinct and therefore the Iranian hegemony over Mosul as promoted and there are other concerns that the sectarian conflict could rise again under the displacement To citizens who live in camps and hope to return, as well as safety and security of their lives.

The sad scene shows that the Sunni community, which has not mercilessly had a sympathetic hand in the terrorism group of Daash, now has to suffer from the popular crowd.

We do not say that the popular crowd is a terrorist, like Daash, but its intervention raises fears, especially with the aggression of its soldiers against Sunni citizens, according to human rights organizations

This is a danger to the victory that has been achieved. Mosul is a big city, its citizens are Sunnis, Shiites and others. It is not the fault of the Sunnis to pay a bill twice because of the terrorism, but the culprit and those who committed terrorist crimes against his country must be punished and tried fairly. We do not allow anger and revenge to abuse of innocent people or see human massacres as the terrorist group have done before.

The question here which we share , why did the Iraqi authorities allow the intervention of the popular armed crowd?

And why did not the Iraqi army prevent the advance and aggression of the crowd against these unarmed citizens?

Finally, where is the state of law from Mosul, which governs the humanitarian situation and preserves the rights of people and prevents the emergence of terrorist operations against the Sunni and Shiite communities together

If Mosul is a successful model of liberation, can the other Iraqi cities be liberated easily, but after these brutal aggression by the popular crowd,it could to undermine the resolve of the Iraqi citizen who does not know who is their enemy or who is their brother?

And finally if these allegations were untrue, Why aren't seen a clear position from the popular crowd with their Sunni brothers and their solidarity with Mosul to defuse any allegations that harm the Iraqi army and the most dangerous ,it can take the country again into civil wars instead their war against terrorism .


Actually,The officials must  respond strongly to every claim and interfere  to achieve security for the Iraqi citizen, who deserves safe life!


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Lines in the reading of world's future


The Last Circle


Written by|Abeer Almadawy


Donald Trump has won and now he heads the United States, New policy of the American strategy will be accepted by the white house according to the  view of the new man of the house…According to him ,Donald Trump "nothing  ever can stop us " and never say never".

A man who thinks different, he will be so as a president, in everything such as his methods of running the life of politics.

From here  it is the secret of our interest in talking about Donald Trump…Let's look at him as being a  book and we must read it from the first to the end "from cover to cover !

Actually and before I start my message ,couldn't read about the man separately from the New World System…Both rivers meet with each other and will complete with what is expected from the world's events…

What I say that "World of Politics is always fluctuating … And it will introduce a new color of the future's face which we are going towards. And it may affect our lives.


Generally, the world is going to a new line of Politics' methods. Life will be totally different. And you" dear reader" prepare yourself to Expect, what isn't expected".

During the following lines that I call you to read carefully, please don't think I am a witch who can read the future but I try with you to reach to the reality that will effect our future life…this reality is creating now, but political men, those who I tried to read about, gave me the cards to understand what is happening now and what can be happened in future.


The systematic deviation in the world and the management style that agitated it, is exactly what William Shakespeare had created in the events of his novels. He used to give the role of real heroes... to the one who is hidden in the role of clown. You always take from him the wisdom!

Why he was doing this? In fact I see William Shakespeare not as a perfect writer only, but also as a great creator of our political modernity.

His vision and realism often controls on our politics and the world today.

And Here I will stop in front of one of his ideas,

Said by a clown from the modern leader:

 "The new mechanism in the establishment of New World System depends on the trick.

This Shakespearean's vision, which continues to advance in our system ruling the modern world, will make a very strange future that the whole world will witness.

On the other hand, there will be a disturbing and amazing things ,will let most of us  suffer, cry and regret on what have ever been ... especially with the countries who took wrong choices that have caused wars, genocide , hatred and racism, which will  spread around the world nervously and mindless …

Hence, I invite you to read the next map of events, that are knocking our doors already;

 The beginning of the events will start from the Pacific Ocean, where is the Far East and will progress toward the Middle East very quickly and will stop briefly in this region before returning to Asia again, and the political deviation, will move the new leadership of the world from Asia to Africa.

And at this time, predicted the fall of the European Union, if its countries continued their intransigence.

For the Arab nation who will determine their fate is Egypt. This is the only country capable by its policy on the survival and supporting its sisters of the Arab countries and to remain on their unity…

Here, let us send a warning ... Certainly to Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia ... I wish to take care of these alerts!

What is coming alarmingly and will happen only because of the unparalleled mindless decision are taken by these Arabic countries.

The solution is known and is not something new, but the decision is important ... unfortunately I do not see with the current governors of the Arab countries who is aware with the dangerous plot against them, as they help it strongly!

The only who I can claim is an exception man, is the President Abdel Fattah Sisi.... And this is not hypocritical to him ... I'm the one who criticize his economic policies but I confident in his scheme and how he can handle the future policy .So that

 President of Sisi is the only Arab leader who holds the key.

I will move quickly to the world's countries;

The next policy of the biggest countries will change completely and will be very different.

In other words, Turn the page and read it from the bottom to up and from east to west.

These countries who are seeking to progress and create kind of moderation in their policy will be Iran, India, China and Russia.

So don't expect any confrontation between them and USA.

In the opposite in the next years, world will witness more cooperation and international treatments among them, which will vanish any troubles.

As Africa;

They are almost survived, but some countries will face serious revolutions and coups and what I care about is Egypt, who must challenge more to keep its historical relations with the African…Especially after the running the Dam.

As for South America;

They have a significant problem, But with caution they will not be harmed by this new strategic systemic, so that it asks from them something of flexibility in dealing with the new heroes.

As for Europe;

I suggest they must re-read the work of William Shakespeare again to differentiate in between who is

The clown character and who is hero?!

The collapse of the European Union and the Euro currency within years, is something very expected…By the reading of the future political view in

France and Germany, it raises to my head one sentence "they will ask the exit of EU soon!

 Maybe my ideas are true, if certain leaders of right parties, chosen to be the next leaders.

 Especially who ask to exit from the EU under national slogans of the right to their country?

If Germany and France left EU others will follow...

 Then countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy would have an economic crisis raging and Greece will witness disputes with Turkey again about Cyprus...

Russia will unite with more of the eastern countries; there is a hypothesis back to an entity similar to the old Soviet Union!

There will be also a joined unit between US, UK and by some European countries.

At the end must return back to my country "Egypt"

Actually to save 92 millions people, is an extremely difficult task.

Directing all the state's efforts and concern in protecting security internally or externally in order to protect the state and the government and the system only, is already an important step, but Egypt is in need in future to something else, which is very important.

 So my question to the Egyptians and their president Abdel Fattah Al-sisi ;

Who is the most important now, Egypt or anything else?

With my question, let me end here by saying that the evil and the good are both sides of every human being and there is no ideal in politics.

The conscience of mankind only can make the difference.

Finally my word, don't fear of the future but prepare for it.






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Written By|Abeer Almadawy



Actually , there is an investment finances  the terrorism ,as well as there is an investment in terrorism…but in between them ,founded the good investment from the innocent view of its  creators who  built solid structure of the corruption on the earth by their merely brutal vision of Capitalism ,which doesn’t help the human to live… But it gives number of excuses to the terrorists to do their crimes ,therefore they  claim that the vision of Capitalism is behind the violence in the world’s countries… 

To start from this faint point of view ,may you  notice that there are three images of three patterns about the vague relation between the investment and the terrorism.

These three patterns can’t say who is the maker of wars by using terrorism, what is the reason of corruption in investment, or Who is the accuser from both of them “the terrorism or the investment?”

Through the following lines, will explain how this drama which had been preparing since 200 years and how are the three images of the three  patterns , can  influence on the life of peoples and communities, till it interfered on their beliefs and ideas….

The beginning was from the second half of the twentieth century, there has seen an increase in the frequency of events of international terrorism and unprecedented evolution of its means in human history, which posed a challenge for the international community as a whole . The globalization has been played as the entanglement tool which put all the world in a critical international issues through its means of visual communication that have been managed to promote its ideas, giving them an easy movement to the people and goods across the world. And so after the Cold War, world could notice the movement of the terrorism which turned to be  an international phenomenon such as the explosion in Nairobi for the American embassy, in Saudi Arabia the explosion of the housing compound and extra…at that time Al-Qaida organization has built up its solid base in most of the countries that can be later a stage for the events. so here suddenly the world woke up on a fear of the terrorism which is not limited to individual actions or limited areas , but  it became a global disease that has synaptic parties and multi-effect internationally.


The terrorism by its role ,advanced more, its players became more stronger and could to own weapon and money as well it could to create a new job for the persons who have troubles with their countries or suffer from the depression  of life ...terrorism could to save for them a shelter , money, wife and a chance for revenge and from here it succeeded to gave them the title of a terrorist.

 So terrorism  became a job for any  criminal gang, who trained cleverly to use the religion as a method to control on the people and use it as a reason to commit their crimes while they claim their legal right by the license of God's word if the people refused their illogic religious ideas. 

With the rise up of terrorism, another phenomenon has been appeared too ,recently, the  phenomenon of polar returned back to the surface but within a new form of world powers… In the past, it was between the US and Russia, but now  it became the US and its allies from one side and the international terrorism and its organizations from the other side …

And here for the first time in the history, world could to see one of each polar who is a part in the conflict , he is an organization or a group rather than to be a state..


The terrorism make for itself a particular form , which is characterized by a difficulty in controlling it and this is because it has a maximum degree of offensive flexibility… who works through individuality in its attacks. So every group has its own method of evil behaviors to do with  its crimes, without a reference to the central leadership.

This terrorism  has been supported by expanding the use of the growing information and communication systems of high-tech,  provided to  the terrorists by all the means of technology  which by the way they are safe and easy and more it  won’t cost them anything.

Even these means of High - tech can help  the active terrorists ,and give them the power to cover all the world map…thus they can commit their  plot easily without being limited to his place.

for example ;

these criminal acts Egypt recently lived in number of terrorist attacks and Lebanon , if you remember the murder of the Lebanon prime minister Rafeq Alharere. who was exploded his car by unknown  and far away from the incident place. 


No doubt that the Terrorism is smart enough to imitate the successful experiences .It appears in its systematically technique, by conveying the theory of Capitalism world which used to mix between the unimportant things with valuable matters in life to promote himself, here the terrorism used the same technique and  mixed between the false and fake  religious ideas with the correct of religions to incite on the violence actions.


And by using the  growing information and communication systems of high-tech , they could to export fallacy principles about religions, life and public affairs to the people’s ideas and this is through the channels, newspapers and the systematically propaganda

Thus they could to change the correct of religious values and replaced it with fake information and ideas that rise from the degree of violence and hatred among peoples ,and it became the reason behind the new wars and sectarian conflict across the world. 

And now the situation became  difficult to eradicate terrorism by conventional weapons, if you watched how the war by the International Coalition on terrorist organization of Daash in Syria and Iraq since 2014,failed in eliminating the terrorists, You will be sure that Daash can’t be fight by traditional old ways…as it uses the tools of globalization , at the same time they use the weapons which they seized from Iraq or have being sent to them by regional powers. 

If we mentioned about the weapons that the terrorists used in their war against the states of the world as in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt…we must ask from where they can get this money? How they can buy the weapons?

 The questions must lead us to the second the final important point which is "investment"

Let's think more…Who does support the terrorists in their beginning?…here we can say that countries who suffered recently from terrorist attacks such as;

 France, Belgium and others, have found new information revealed  that there are certain banks are working in  Money laundering which can be used through investment to process money in the dirty works such as terrorism …if you don’t know what is the money laundering ,you have to be sure that it is the process of transforming the  money which is connected with  crime, corruption into a  legitimate proceeds of money or other assets for example such as goods or weapon! 

However, in a number of legal and regulatory systems, the term money laundering has become conflated with other forms of financial crime, and sometimes used more generally to include misuse of the financial system (involving things such as securities, digital currencies, credit cards, and traditional currency), including terrorism financing and evasion of international sanctions. 

Most anti-money laundering laws openly conflate money laundering (which is concerned with source of funds) with terrorism financing (which is concerned with destination of funds) when regulating the financial system.

Actually The rise of global financial markets makes money laundering easier than ever , countries with bank secrecy laws, are directly connected to countries with bank reporting laws, making it possible to anonymously deposit “dirty” money in one country and then it have transferred to any other country for use. 

Money laundering happens in almost every country in the world, and a single scheme typically involves transferring money through several countries in order to obscure its origins. 

Suddenly it is discovered that as the money laundering became an easy operation…Terrorism from other side  became easy to get the money…And the connected circle between them is ” the innocent investment” that’s used by people or countries while it is a trap for the countries of the world  and sometimes ,there are countries do this dirty game..


And maybe the scandal of Panama files which has been revealed about it months ago , it talked about hundred of thousands files belong to famous figures who used the off-shore companies and the main reason is to cover on their relationship with the money laundry and to hide itself from taxes…Also it is discovered references on the vague relation between the investment in certain countries as in the middle east who has witnesses a conflict, with the rise of the terrorist organization attacks.


Before Paris terrorist attacks which killed more than 150 people  and also in Broxel and Berlin,UN Security Council  passed on November 20, 2015 a Resolution No. 2249, which called on countries to do all its best to face the terrorism and they must maximize and coordinate their efforts to prevent and thwart any terrorist acts.

From other side they must observe if there is  money laundry transferring to the bodies, companies or persons…specially to those who had committed crimes and belong to the organizations of ” Daash” and ‘Gabhat Alnasara”. 

The decision urged to prevent the flow of terrorists, foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria and to prevent the terrorist financing… 

Although that, the  Security Council doesn’t take a  decision yet, perhaps because of the difficulty of defining the international terrorism, there is no so far a sententious definition of terrorism ,though there’s a convergence of its definition…

Other reason behind the silence of the Security Council ,maybe they know the relation between U.S. and terrorism ,money laundry, trade of weapon and free investment…let’s say if there is a country in the world who is accused, it will be the U.S. because of its war on Iraq for fake reasons, also its support to what’s called “the Arabic spring” and we could see now how countries fall in the hands of terrorism and no one can solve the problem or stop the sea of blood!

However it appears clearly the tied relations between the terrorism and the investment …But still the hidden room in the biggest frightening citadel , no one can reach to it ,and who tries…may find the devil waits to eat him ! 

From the other side, it seemed there are leaders who are the protectors of the hidden missing room …" for unknown reason" are playing the tarot that its cards are “the investment , the terrorism and the religion ”

The protectors  are the makers of wars ,who are no longer in need to use this statement ;

“the investment vs terrorism” to revive a life !

But they use another  saying;

” investment in terrorism”

This is for the sake of money laundry, weapon trade, controlling on the world’s countries, to seize the new powerful countries and stop them, to spread the panic in the world from religions and to vanish on the rest of faithful men, to create a different world for different peoples …

May be at the end the real war maker "the false lord" will agree to descend on earth and realizes the dream of  his followers by faithful devils’ who are waiting him.



However it is not our concern ,but I suggest that you “dear reader “must  be a wise twice, at first don’t forget to zoom the camera of your eyes, may be you can discover the hidden parts of the whole image …secondly, may you know who and how they are creating wars for one reason is " more money", investing in terrorism for "more money", pretending to be the protectors of the world for" more money".!

At the end It’s money talks rather than a fake lord!…Be careful.


Author |Abeer Almadawy

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 Written by|Abeer Almadawy

           here is no doubt that the African continent is the heart of the earth as well as the kingdom of treasures'  for all the world and this is because; it is rich with the fertile lands, the minerals and the enormous manpower.

Unfortunately, The African continent had lived many adversities through the ages, it was exploited brutally… As the African peoples, had been enslaved, stolen their life, their properties, and worse than that their lands with all its treasures.

 These treasures are being stealing till this time, rather than something changed on ground. But though that all the demonstration of freedom that countries try to show, it disappear with any crisis these African countries can be confronted ! So the true fact here that the colonialism had left the African countries in front of the international laws already, but it is still going on and will play hidden roles in reality and, unfortunately, it is confirmed by numbers and documents from the flagrant interference of Western powers in the policies and economics, and even the lives of African …What calls from global conscience to address the new colonialism and authoritarian political influence on these countries. 

As a result, the new colonialism, which left with his body but leave their mind swims in the creation of the bad guys are playing against their homelands or encroaching on the property of their siblings and cause wars and disputes and seas of blood, besides a map of borders among the countries could to evoke the conflict which is still the cause of all African troubles.


  • President Jamal Abdel Nasser and his vision for Africa


Before tens of years, Egyptian President Jamal Abdel Nasser had put his hand in the hands of African brothers and they walked and fought together in their trip of freedom and  to get out  the occupiers …They succeeded to get their  freedom facially !

From here president Abdel Nasser was worry from the return of occupier again, so he was very wise  and called for the nation-building to stop any greed   to occupy these states again, as he used to say;

" The time came for the victory of our brothers in Africa, those who are the peoples of  dignity and originality and they have the great right to live the life that they choose with respect".


President Nasser never thought that his contribution to the restoration of freedom to African countries, is a kind of a help, but a duty on Egypt.


He had believed that the true strength of Egypt, is in the strength of the African countries …But it depends on their freedom and building their powerful nation ,that can compete  for the real progress and to get out of the neck of the developing world.

Nasser believed that science, culture and faith to respect the diversity of different minorities and the people of Africa, are a fundamental reason for the wealth that they have to maintain over the long term.

But he feared that colonialism remains on the ground, despite its departure and playing again in the destiny of the peoples.

 So President Nasser used to say;

 "It's time for the Human being to apologize to the Africans, and from other side the Africans must share the world  their dignity and pride."

But Egypt has disappeared suddenly for many years, and new players have been allowed to break into the continent and play freely ... The players did not harm Egypt alone, but   also they damaged the African countries who agonist the colonialism long life.. 

These players went to Africa to invest in Africa's treasures and somehow they convinced the people, that they will help them in the path of development, and will invest in them!

But the right development does not come to invest in the people and their treasure, but to invest for the benefit of the people and this is a big difference. 

From here the importance and vitality of the return of the Egyptian role to enlighten the hidden side of the matters ... There's a difference between investment in people or investment for the benefit of the people.

And for as long as Egypt's vision has provided throughout history, real cooperation based on respect for others and build a base of mutual work, which has aimed to provide and protect peoples.


  • The way to Africa after the revolution of June 30


After the revolution of the June 30, 2013 Egypt has been affected , due to the suspension of its African Union membership , which forced Egypt to think again in the whole image ,maybe it understand the new situation.!


Egypt gazed at its mirror and asked itself this important question;

 " How the African Union, which was established by Egypt in 1963 and mostly it is funded from Egypt too , could to suspend its membership , till they aren't sure of the reality of the situation in Egypt, and what actually had happened to the people who revolt against the terrorist group?


The strange situation of  African Union against Egypt in critical time, opened a window to the Egyptians to see the hidden factor which controls the African decision …This is the same invisible factor who is hampering the development in their countries and even  worked to indulge  them in problems , internal conflicts , wars and divisions.

The observer on the African affairs in the last forty years, appeared to him that this hidden factor who played in the continent aims to hamper the development countries

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