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Friday, 14 July 2017 01:36

Electric Shock

 Written by|Michael Blair


      Reading recent news of the European vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, wanting to phase out internal combustion engines in the next twenty years or so, got me thinking. 

Volvo, which is now Chinese owned, which gives them a huge advantage over their competitors. China is light years ahead of any other country as far as renewable energy. They have the potential to become self sufficient in clean energy within a few years. 
This would also make the multinational energy corporations very nervous. Because if China can do without oil for vehicle propulsion, where does this put the interests of the rest of the world? 
Will this make the USA stop the ridiculous notion that coal is somehow going to be important in the future? 
It is obvious to anyone with even a tiny amount of intelligence, that the planet has to change the way it creates energy. 
Oil will not last forever. Coal is obsolete. 
Nuclear power isn't the answer due to the danger of meltdown and the storage of radio active waste. 
Now is the time for using the amazing technology we all have, to make renewable energy more efficient and effective. 
China has made a bold statement. They know how badly damaged their environment has become by using fossil fuels, and are urgently changing to the very latest technology in renewable energy sources. 
Will the big oil companies in the UK, Europe and the US change tack and go heavily into green energy? 
I believe they have to go in that direction, or face diminishing profits and power. 
Russia's economy relies almost solely on oil and gas, so if the price falls as it much as it is bound to when renewable energy really begins to be available to all markets, Russia is going to be in serious trouble. 
Will the big players in oil and gas attempt to sabotage the advancements in green technology, to save their profits? And if they do, how would they achieve that goal? 
They will not be comfortable with China leading the way forward. This is not the way things are meant to happen. They have always led the way and reaped the benefits, regardless of the environmental impact. It will be interesting to see what transpires. 
All transport has to become cleaner and cheaper, and this means massive change for all of us. 
All countries will have to grasp the nettle and move away from their usual resources and invest in the future. There will be no option. 
Are the puppet masters losing control of world energy? If this is so, expect opposition on a large and underhand scale. 
Of course, they could just switch and take control of the renewable energy markets. The last thing they want is low cost energy being available to the masses. 
Dirty tricks will abound, so be careful and check who is behind "friendly"low cost energy companies. 
Whatever happens, we will have to fight if we want to keep control of our futures. 
Be vigilant and aware! 
Sunday, 02 July 2017 18:59

The price of Peace

By Michael Blair 

Can we put a price on peace?
I don't know what that price should be, but it will be a price worth paying.

Giving people who have no morals, the power over the lives of people who cannot fight back, is not the way to promote the cause of a peaceful world.

The vast amounts of money spent on the destruction of people and places could be used to feed and house millions of people who have no choice in how they live.

But that wouldn't be making the multinational companies and individuals with billions of pounds/dollars, even more money.
These people only do anything if there are fat profits to be made.

This is what any kind of peace movement is up against.

We have to become smarter and play these people at their own game.

Peace movements have to unite worldwide and become an alternative globalism.
A huge coordinated movement without ulterior motives and only wanting a world where killing your neighbours because someone has decided it would be advantageous and profitable, is regarded as unimaginable.

Of course, getting agreement on a global peace movement wouldn't be easy, as human beings usually screw up anything which could be good for themselves.
But I believe it can be achieved if there is the will to change from killing and hate, to a peaceful coexistence.

Why should a relatively few obviously insane but ridiculously wealthy individuals decide whether a country should be tearing itself apart, or having a few years of peace?

We already know that war equals profit for many people. What has to change is the mindset of the people who are told they have to fight.

Difficult to do, when children are indoctrinated with the hatred of the child in the next street because of religious different religious beliefs.
But if children can be taught peace instead of hatred, and then have the courage to say no to the warmongers, change will happen.

Many people are blinded by hatred, and probably have no idea why they hate.
They are told that centuries ago, something terrible befell their ancestors, and it is up to them to avenge this atrocity.

What needs to be taught is that we, living in the 21st century, are not responsible for anything which happened hundreds of years previously. The premise is utterly ludicrous.

What keeps these insane vendettas going on without end?
Is there no way of keeping these things in the past where they belong?

I honestly believe people would get along better without political interference and without huge corporations exploiting the differences for their own unrelenting greed.

We all know there is enough money floating around the world to make sure everyone is looked after, fed properly and have access to clean drinking water. This isn't some outrageous claim, this is just a plain fact.

The puppet masters can't have that happen. They need people to be at each other's throats and also starving if possible. If the bullets and bombs don't get them, starvation will.
This way, the population is decimated and won't use up resources which these people believe to belong to them.

The immorality of the multinational corporations is beyond comprehension. The last thing they want is a peaceful world.
This is where we have to step up to the plate and say "enough is enough!"

A global peace movement, unified against the manipulators and profit hungry corporations and unscrupulous governments, would make a huge difference to their thinking.

People have to be educated to resist the call to war, and turn away from ancient feuds with their close neighbours.
Once they have the confidence to tell their own governments, war is not the answer, then things might change.

Peace is not an impossible dream. It can become a reality if we can unite instead of divide.



Thursday, 25 May 2017 01:26

Revolution, going round in circles?

Written By|Michael Blair

    There are times when we all think, wouldn’t a revolution be the answer to our government’s incompetence, corruption and naked greed?

I mean any government in any country, not just the useless shower of yes men and career boot lickers, we have to suffer.

The idea that a popular revolution will solve anything in this day and age is optimistic in the extreme.
Plus, anyone who joins a revolutionary movement, wants to lead the revolution. That is a recipe for disaster. There can only be one leader.

There are too many vested interests involved.
At the first sign of unrest, any major country pouring in money and aid, will quickly and covertly make sure this is nipped in the bud.

Most recent revolutionary attempts have been in countries where democracy hasn’t ever been established. Any past attempts have been miserable failures, because the people who have been controlled by a dictatorship, want bloody revenge on the supporters of the toppled dictator.

In these countries, democracy is never going to happen in any kind of recognisable western form.
Elections have been tried, but if corruption is rife and your polling station is likely to be blown up, people are going to be put off.

A good revolution should result in a good democracy.

Going back a few hundred years, revolution did actually achieve a democratic society.
The American War of independence from the British Empire, was a success up to a point in time. That time being around 1960. Thereafter it became open to abuse and vote rigging.
Although I’m sure there had been plenty of chicanery prior to that!

The reason for its success is simple. The founders were all educated men, who understood how a free society should work.
Subdue the natives. Take their land. Push them into enclaves. And keep them away from a ballot box.

This left an entire continent to be governed by the people for the people. Except the aforementioned natives.

The French Revolution was different in many ways, but a real and lasting democracy was the result.
Well, as long as the people colonised by the rapacious French behaved themselves and stayed put in their own countries.
Any sign of revolution amongst them was to be brutally suppressed.

Yes, democracy is hard.
No one is ever entirely happy with whoever is currently in charge of political policy at any given time.
But as far as I can see, the leadership of most revolutions are as bad as the people they replace.

The Russian Revolution was the “people” rising up against the Tsarist royal family. But as horrific as the Tsars rule was, the replacement with a “communist” regime was equally vile and disgusting. The mass murders continued, with the poor suffering much as before.

The following seventy years or so, saw a variety of despotic leaders take the proud Russian nation on an ever downward spiral of poverty and war.
Of course the leadership didn’t suffer any hard times. Not for them was a diet of potatoes and Turnip, laced with homemade vodka, with a dash of antifreeze to sweeten the dish.

Many Russian people died of hypothermia and malnutrition.
But not the leaders.
Oh no. The Politbureau had fancy cars, big Dachas in the wooded outskirts of Moscow and heat.
The revolution for the people, as usual, ended up with the people actually no better off than they were before, and in many cases, worse!

The late Fidel Castro, was another example of a revolutionary leader completely divorced from the reality of the lives of his people.
He loved to give the impression of being one of the people, but his life was one of wealth acquisition and luxury.

In order to keep the country from overthrowing him and his band of thugs, he tortured and murdered thousands of people he saw as a threat.
He imprisoned and tortured anyone he thought was gay.
He was just another odious paranoid control freak dictator.

Right wing dictators are hated by the left and vice versa. But the reality is, that they are one and the same.
General Pinochet in Chile, was the mirror image of Castro.
Left or Right? No difference. They all kill to stay in charge!

Leaders of what are euphemistically called “popular revolutions” are just power hungry murderers.

They have no desire to care for their nation’s people. They love the idea of everyone bowing down before them.
They want money, and will happily rob their own country of any wealth it ever had, and leave a destitute population.

On the African continent, there have probably been more revolutions than on the rest of the planet.
Very few, if any have lasted long, before some other faction comes along and takes over the country.

Because of the vast mineral wealth of many African countries, revolution is usually about money and less about democracy. And this is the reason for a continuous trail of upheaval and violence blighting this wonderful continent.

Some countries have had successful revolutions, and became democratic, but not without huge amounts of death and destruction.

Other countries can never be truly democratic, as we have see in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, to name just three.
In these cases, especially Iraq and Libya, it was the despotic leader who held the country together, because of an authoritarian rule.
Once Saddam and Gaddafi had been overthrown, the different factions took revenge on the people who had been their oppressors, and the result is anarchy!

So, sometimes a dictatorship is the only way to have “peace.”
But this can only work under certain circumstances.
If you feel tempted to join a revolution, make sure you are the leader.
Otherwise you might as well leave things as they are.
This democracy we have, isn’t perfect, but for the moment, if we’re aware of its shortcomings and flaws, it is better than the alternative.

And at all times, think independently!

Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:42

The education of peace and tolerance

Written by: Michael Blair

Whether these are neighbours living next door, or in the next street, town, city or country, we have to learn how to deal with issues which arise, without resorting to violence.

Under our skins, we are all the same. Just ordinary people wanting what is best for our families and neighbourhoods. When some people see discord and unrest, they step in with answers which sound reasonable, but in reality they are preparing to turn communities towards hatred and violence against men, women and children who have lived side by side for generations.

These people are not the friends of the community. They are enemies of democracy and peace. All they want to do is divide and preach hate. This is happening across the whole world. It isn’t just in any particular region. This is something which, if it isn’t faced and dealt with, will cause the end of the civilisation that we know.

In almost every country in the world, there are terrorists who claim to be acting for the oppressed and poor. But in reality, they only want the power to replace the oppressors with a different and more brutal regime. Sadly, some people see these rebels as the answer to poverty and starvation, but they want the wealth of the people they overthrow.


Syrian is the latest source of these poor people, driven from their homes by conflict in the name of freedom. All sides in this war are equally to blame for the deaths of innocent civilians, caught up in something they don’t understand. Wide eyed children, covered in dust and blood, look on as their families are killed in front of them. There is no freedom for them.

Any country which seems to be at peace and having a secular society, is being targeted, to destabilise and divide the population by violent means. Egypt has been hit recently by the bombing of innocent people in a Christian church. This is something which has to be stopped before it gets worse. The entire country has to show that this will not be tolerated in a civilised society.

If the whole country stands as one and tells the men of violence, they are not welcome in their peaceful lives, it will show that a united front can and will stop the spread of terror, once and for all.

Education against war and for peace and tolerance, has to begin with children. They cannot be allowed to be radicalised by extremists of any kind. This education has to be on a worldwide basis. All schools should have classes to teach peace. All schools need to show children that war is only used as a means of gaining power over others. War is also used by a tiny minority of unscrupulous businessmen to make billions of dollars from millions of deaths.

Peace is not something difficult to understand. Peace is achievable in any country which has enough brave people to stand up to the violent, and show them there is a better way to live. As long as humans are greedy and want what other people have, there will be trouble. We have to show that to have enough does not mean you need everything.

This will not happen overnight, but with the correct teaching, it can and will be possible one day.


Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to CJ, and he can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

Written by|Michael Blair

I have been told by many people that peace across the world is impossible. That is an opinion shared by the vast majority of the population of the planet, but not by me or other activists who share a vision of peaceful co-operation among-st the people of different countries and cultures.

At First ,I'm not talking about governments being co-operative, because they have little or no interest in living in a harmonious way with their neighbors. They would rather be in constant disagreement than be happy.

But I see ,If these governments actually cared about their own citizens, they would be making serious attempts to bring ideas for peace to the many troubled regions of the world. But It is going to have to be the people who decide to be envoys for peace and tolerance toward each other.

From here, Excuse me for this expanding my vision, We will have to go far beyond politicians and political interference, to have the freedom to decide what kind of world we will have in mind future. Peace on earth is not going to be possible unless we can marginalize the political establishment and make them irrelevant to the peace process.

This will not be done without a degree of ill will from the powers that be, but they will begin to realize that they are not going to be in a position to dictate our future. The people who want to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors will have the ability to just that. Religious differences will be tolerated by all. Disputes over large and small matters, will be solved, because we will want to solve problems, not accentuate them.

There will always be people who will have a hidden agenda, but with time these people will become fewer. All will see that the way ahead is not war, with all the misery, violence and slaughter which we all see and deplore on a daily basis. This may sound like some utopian dream, but if we do not dream, how can anything change for the better?

I hear people say, there is nothing we can do about war and the casualties of war, but why not? Why should it always be the warmongers who make the decisions? It is time for these vile soulless profit hungry corporations, to be the ones looking in, instead of the people of peace.

Peaceful people should be able to make decisions, as they are the ones who are caught up innocently in the horrors of war. The majority of people worldwide do not want war. This is obvious. Would any of you want columns of tanks and armored vehicles rumbling through your peaceful little villages and quiet streets, in the name of some warped version of freedom?

War means huge amounts of money to a very few people. This does not help you or your neighbors, unless you live in Knights bridge or Beverly Hills or some other hugely expensive area of the planet! War doesn't touch these parasites in any negative way. They do not care if entire cities are razed to the ground. As long as the profits roll in, they are immune to pain, hunger and losing limbs.

There is now a casual disregard by politicians of all kinds, to human suffering. They carry out the orders of their masters and will ignore the very people who voted them into the positions they now hold. Something has gone very wrong with the system in the last seventy years. It has been corrupted to the extent of allowing a complete lunatic become President of the United States of America. Think back to proper statesman and women, who had integrity and honor, and look at the boot licking leeches we have in power today. There is no comparison between Roosevelt and Trump!

As I close this article, take a look around you. Try to think of the last time a politician did something which actually benefited you or your family. I have done this many times and have come up empty every time.

Time up. Did you find anything? No, I didn't think so. Politicians are idiots who have no minds of their own and no opinions except for those they are told to have, by the multinational corporations.

Please think about what I have written. It is not a fantasy. It is a possibility which we have to grasp and spread its message far and wide. Do not be afraid of thinking. It is freedom to choose what to think which is the goal. "



written by| Michael Blair


       Amid all the hoo hah of the recent US presidential election, I’ve noticed a worrying increase in the powers

given to the authorities by parliament, in order to keep tabs on every citizen in the UK who has the ability to

either use a smart phone, tablet, or computer.


These new laws allow the police, local authorities, and the security services to spy on the social media of any

person they regard as a threat to national security, or in local authorities’ cases, what we put in our ever increasing array of refuse bins.

These powers do not need to be judicially approved except in the instances of journalism, where there will be a

hearing in front of a judge, to ascertain whether the authorities have enough evidence against said journalist to

undertake surveillance of that person and to go through their computers or other electronic devices.

This might just be OK, but the problem is that the journalist who is the target of this intrusion won’t know it’s

happening, because they will not be at the court hearing which is held in secret. Their computer and devices will be searched remotely!

This is extremely troubling and is another step in the huge amount of personal spying of innocent people by unaccountable civil servants and gung-ho police leaders.

At this very moment I or anyone with an opinion which isn’t in tune with government thinking, will be under some type of surveillance.

There has hardly been a word of objection from anyone, because relatively few people know these draconian powers exist. As usual, the public is blindly ignorant of the reality of anti-terrorism legislation.

In this, what we jokingly call a democratic country, there are more CCTV cameras per head of population than in ANY other country on the planet. Not a single person is safe from the intrusive non-blinking lens of the spy camera!

If you think you are nice and safe and secure in your home, think again.

You are still being watched or monitored in one way or another.

Why do you think we are constantly being told we must have high speed internet access? Why are we being told that life isn’t complete unless we have the latest smartphone?

These devices are used to make sure where we are at all times. Who we are communicating with and what we are communicating about. If “hackers” can infect our computers and smartphones without us knowing, then it follows that the government is doing exactly the same thing!

We are urged to get anti-virus protection, but how do we know that it isn’t just another way to get information on which websites we visit and what type of goods we are buying online?

Apparently all these extra powers are to make us safe against the threat of terrorism.

Of course, this is utter bollocks! It’s to make sure you or I aren’t planning to attempt to overthrow the government of the day, or trying to get to talk to a human being at a power company.

The police and the security services are already over-equipped with powers to get information on the rest of the population, without the need for secret courts to curb press freedom or free speech. They do not need more. As we know, the more power given, the more power is abused.

We are monitored so much we take it for granted. Well, we shouldn’t.

This horror has been creeping up on us since the Twin Towers’ atrocities, even though the risk from terrorism is relatively slight.

Even during the darkest days of IRA terrorism, there wasn’t the same insanity surrounding security. This strikes me as very wrong and very suspicious. Does the government want to look after us or just look at us?

We have to be aware, that from the moment we wake up and look at our smartphone, and until we finally close our eyes and sleep, we are being watched. And if I know anything about these people, even our snoring will be recorded! Every message received during the night will be checked for suspicious activity.

But when a leading politician is found to be cavorting naked with two young men he had paid for, nothing is done and, in fact, he is effectively forgiven by spouse and party and given a promotion! He would have been open to blackmail and extortion, but he shrugged it off as if it was an everyday event. Of course knowing him, it probably was!

You couldn’t make this kind of thing up if you tried!

I don’t have an answer to any of this without suggesting we revert to the stone age, and starting from scratch. We had freedom, real freedom for a few fleeting decades, until technology allowed the state to treat all of us as potential criminals and terrorists.

We have to fight this despicable descent into dictatorship and let these poisonous morons know, that we know, that they know, we know what they’re doing!

For too long we have allowed people, who are public servants, paid for by taxes, to dictate who we can talk to, who we can meet, and who talks to us.

Open your eyes and take a look around, in a city centre, or virtually anywhere, and see for yourself just how many cameras are pointing down upon the people as they go about their daily lives.

We are all pictured dozens of times a day and probably thousands of times each year. It’s too much. It’s unnecessary. It’s a disgusting intrusion into mainly innocent lives. We are told it will ensure our safely and our freedom, but that was lost a long time ago.

At this time of year, we remember the sacrifice of the millions of people who gave their lives for democracy and freedom from tyranny. I don’t want to believe their sacrifice was in vain.

Think independently. Think freedom.

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