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by/Yasmin thabet

The rise of killer robots is now unstoppable and a new digital Geneva Convention is essential to protect the world from the growing threat they pose, according to the President of the world’s biggest technology company.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said the use of 'lethal autonomous weapon systems' poses a host of new ethical questions which need to be considered by governments as a matter of urgency.

He said the rapidly advancing technology, in which flying, swimming or walking drones can be equipped with lethal weapons systems – missiles, bombs or guns – which could be programmed to operate entirely or partially autonomously, "ultimately will spread… to

many countries".

The US, China, Israel, South Korea, Russia and the UK are all developing weapon systems with a significant degree of autonomy in the critical functions of selecting and attacking targets.

The technology is a growing focus for many militaries because replacing troops with machines can make the decision to go to war easier.

But it remains unclear who is responsible for deaths or injuries caused by a machine – the developer, manufacturer, commander or the device


source/ the telegraph


by/Yasmin Thabet

The remains of Adas Israel Synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota Police do not believe the burning of a nearly 120-year-old synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota, was a hate crime.

Investigators have no indication that the suspect arrested, Matthew Amiot, was motivated by hate or bias, Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said news conference.

He did not provide an alternative motive but said the investigation remains ongoing.

"This may change as the investigation progresses," Tusken said. "But at this date and time, that is the determination that we have, that I have."

The ATF was called in to assist with the investigation, Duluth Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj said -- a standard move for fires involving places of worship.

Authorities determined the point of the fire's origin was outside the building, Krizaj said. There was no indication that an accelerant was used, he said. "That's usually an indication of people's intent. If they want to start a fire, accelerants are usually a common theme

that we would find."

It's unclear whether Amiot is represented by an attorney.

'We're not out for vengeance,' rabbi says

Amiot, 36, was on investigators' radar , Tusken said. He was arrested , interviewed, and booked in the St. Louis County jail for first-degree arson, he said.

Amiot has not been formally charged. He is scheduled to appear in court.

Police have had "multiple contacts" and "there have been some arrests," Tusken said, but nothing as significant as an alleged arson.

Amiot was "completely unknown" to the congregation, Rabbi Phillip Sher told reporters.

"I will not speculate as to the man's motives," Sher said. "And as a matter of fact, I would warn everybody that you're innocent until proven guilty, and that's America as it should be."

"We're not out for vengeance," he added. "All I can find out of this event is sadness for everyone."

Sher praised the efforts of firefighters and police, calling their actions "heroic." Firefighters went back into the building, which was still on fire, Sher said, to save religious artifacts important to the congregation.

One firefighter was injured fighting the blaze, the fire chief said. He is recovering at home with symptoms of a concussion.

 By sameh talaat

German, Bombardier Transportation, and local partner Arab Contractors, Orascom Construction has signed an agreement with the National Authority for Tunnels to build and design two new monorail lines connecting East Cairo with the

New Administrative Capital – stretching 54 km – and 6th October with Giza – stretching 42 km. The Consortium will also be responsible for Operation and Maintenance for 30 years upon the completion of the construction phase. With the

urban integration, iconic aesthetics, attractive infrastructure, and operating speeds up to 80 km/h of the new monorail system, the two lines will be able to transport around 45,000 passengers per hour in each direction when reaching

maximum capacity.

This collaboration “highlights our strength in the transportation sector and emphasizes our position as the partner of choice for international contractors in Egypt particularly on challenging projects” says Osama Bishai, Chief Executive

Officer of Orascom Construction.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 14:50

Ryanair wins court bid to block Irish strike


Pharaoh's Baths are a natural sauna in Ras Sidr,

It is located 40 km from the city of Ras Sidr

It consists of a group of 15 springs, from which hot water flows from a cave in the mountains near the shore in the form of a pool of 3000 cubic meters per day. It stretches on the beach 100 meters long and is adjacent to the sea water.

And the temperature flowing from the eye up to 92 degrees Celsius, the hottest hot water between the eyes and springs and hot wells in Egypt, the number of 1450 eyes and springs and wells.

The analysis of the water flowing from these eyes chemically and bacteriology and proved the results of the validity and effectiveness of the effectiveness of the treatment in many diseases such as rheumatoid, rheumatism of all kinds,

diseases of the digestive system, kidney disease, lung sensitivity, liver disease, skin diseases, in addition to the benefits used for the purposes Cosmetic. Chemical analysis also showed that water contains higher concentrations of sulfur than

its mineral counterparts in the world.

The top of Pharaoh's eyes is a rock-cut cave carved by the mountain, used by visitors and tourists as a natural sauna bath due to the emission of heat from hot sulfur water from the bottom of the cave to above

Sunday, 04 August 2019 15:04

Before You Hit the Bucket!

By Nashwa Shafei

In a life coaching session, we were chatting about places we should visit before we hit the bucket. Although Taj Mahal in India, Stonehenge in U.K, Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA and Venice in Italy were among the list but The Pyramids was on top of the list.

Egypt came on top of the list as it got the culture, ancient monument, fantastic sceneries and landscape as well as the famous Nile Cruise. Few members expressed their worries though about safety and security in Egypt.

To be honest there is no simple answer to that question, if you’re wondering, whether it’s safe to travel to Egypt in 2019, the answer is yes and no. Egypt is quite a risky country, however, there are areas there are safe and there are, of course, places that aren’t safe.

If you’re planning to go to Cairo, it should be more or less fine. UK Government used to advise everyone against all but essential travel to Cairo. However, that has been lifted a while ago and now Cairo is safe. I had a couple of friends who visited Cairo in the last 6 months and none has any problems.

However, it is advisable and safer to book a package if you are travelling to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. Although generally travelling to the North Coast by The Mediterranean, or the Red Sea Resorts are safe now, but everyone is aware of the 2017 incident in the hotel in Hurghada. The news was quite disturbing and terrifying as the killer swam to this beach from a public beach in Hurghada and carried a knife in his outfit!

However, no further incidents were reported, and all years before that Hurghada was absolutely safe and sound. Furthermore, there arn’t any significant accidents, so Hurghada should be safe for travelling in 2019.

A holiday in The Nile Cruise, Luxor and Aswan is a trophy and a top memory. It will be a chance to immerse yourself in a veritable open-air museum, with temples, tombs and monuments dotting the region. The city itself is buzzing with activity, allowing a Luxor holiday to fuse both old and new with magical results. Tour the Valley of Queens on the West bank, visit the tomb of Tutankhamun and soak up the magic on a memorable sunset cruise along the mighty Nile. When evening rolls around, catch the sound and light show at Karnak and have your camera ready to capture the Luxor temple all lit up, before indulging in a delicious meal by the waterfront.

All in all, it is SAFE … So Come to Egypt and reconnect with your long lost spirituality

Sunday, 28 July 2019 18:44

Does the Blue Light Cause Blindness?


Does the Blue Light Cause Blindness?

By: Nashwa Shafei

Despite what you might read in the headlines about the blue light of modern devices could cause cancer, researchers from the University of Toledo (UT) revealed how our eyes can be gradually damaged over the time as a result of being exposed to the blue light of modern electronic devices: ‘We are being exposed to blue light continuously, and the eye’s cornea and lens cannot block or reflect it,” wrote Ajith Karunarathne, assistant professor in the UT Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

This type of light is emitted from the sun to regulate Man’s sleep cycle, by helping us wake up during the daytime and sleep through the night; but excess exposure from artificial sources during night time can have a negative impact on the eyes. This blue light has become more omnipresent in our lives due to our increasing dependence on technology. While blue light is typically linked to smart phones and computers, we are also exposed to it from, sunlight, fluorescent light, compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED light. We are being exposed to blue light continuously, and neither the cornea of the eye nor the lens can block or reflect it resulting in the death of photoreceptor cells in the retina of our eyes, one of the leading causes of blindness. Therefore, the research team recommended reducing screen time and taking enough breaks from it, in addition to avoiding staring at screen devices in a dark room or using them at high levels of brightness. People are also advised to wear sunglasses to reduce the effect of the blue light emitted from the sun. Moreover, scientists recommend taking vitamin E derivative, known as alpha-tocopherol, which could have a protective effect and stop the death of the cells.

So RELAX! The Blue light might not cause cancer! But it is more likely to blind you before killing you…

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