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The "Snapchat" application unveiled a new feature that competes with "Instagram" and "Tik Tok", for users of iOS devices.

The application stated in an online blog that "Snapchat" users on iOS devices will be able to add music clips to the clips that they shoot and publish.

The application did not reveal when this feature would be provided to users of devices running the "Android" operating system, according to the "The Verge" website, which specializes in technical news.

The feature was available to users in New Zealand and Australia, and the company said in August that it would bring music to more countries this fall.

And if someone receives a video with audio, they can scroll to view the album art, song title and artist name.

He can also click on the "Play Song" link to listen to the full song on other broadcast platforms, including "Spotify", "Apple Music" and "Sound Cloud".

The app's licensing deals cover songs from the "Warner Music Group", "Universal Music", "Warner Chapel Music", "BMG Music" and others.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


The US Department of Justice said it had set December 8 to implement the first death sentence issued by a federal court in nearly 70 years.

The ministry said in a statement, that Lisa Montgomery, convicted of strangling a pregnant woman in Missouri in 2004, will be executed by lethal injection at the Terrehot Correctional Facility in Indiana.

The Death Penalty Information Center says the last woman executed by federal court decision was Bonnie Heidi, who was placed in a Missouri gas chamber in 1953.

Meanwhile, the 10th of December is set for the execution of Brandon Bernard, who killed two ministers in 1999.

And after the implementation of the two federal judgments, they will be the eighth and ninth executions within a full twenty years, according to "Reuters".

The administration of President Donald Trump re-applied the federal death penalty after a 17-year hiatus, and the appeal was made after allowing the implementation by lethal injection, while it was previously dependent on a three-component substance.

The United States has not abolished the death penalty to date, and the verdict is carried out when it comes in federal courts.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

Saturday, 17 October 2020 18:43

Armenia: Two Azerbaijani drones shot down


Armenia announced, on Saturday, that it had shot down two Azerbaijani drones after entering its airspace.

On Saturday, Azerbaijan and Armenia exchanged accusations of violating a truce brokered by Russia, with the continuation of the heaviest fighting in the South Caucasus since the 1990s.

Baku said that 13 civilians were killed and more than 40 wounded in the city of Ganja after an Armenian missile attack, while Yerevan accused Azerbaijan of continuing the bombing.

This is the heaviest fighting in the region since Azerbaijan and Armenian forces fought the war in the 1990s due to the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which is located in Azerbaijan but is inhabited by Armenians.

Experts and diplomats say the conflict threatens a humanitarian catastrophe, especially if Russia and Turkey intervene.

The attorney general's office in Azerbaijan stated that a residential area in Ganja, which is located miles from Nagorny Karabakh and is the second largest city in the country, was subjected to missile strikes and that about 20 residential buildings were affected, according to "Reuters".

The Prosecutor's Office said that Armenia also fired missiles at the city of Minsk, but that the Azerbaijani air defense system shot them down.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense denied the accusations of bombing cities in Azerbaijan, and accused Baku of continuing to bomb populated areas inside Nagorny Karabakh, including the city of Khankendi, the largest city in the region.

According to the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, three civilians were wounded as a result of Azerbaijani fire, adding that a number of Azerbaijani drones flew over residential communities in Armenia, attacked military installations, and caused damage to the infrastructure.

The conflict has claimed hundreds of lives since September 27, and new indications emerged on Saturday of the near complete breakdown of the ceasefire agreed a week ago to allow the parties to exchange prisoners and dead bodies.

Source: Routers

By:Nadeemy Haded


Some hospitals resort to blood plasma extracted from recoverers of the emerging corona virus, in order to treat patients suffering from complications of "Covid 19", but this technique is not without its challenges.

The blood of people recovering from the epidemic contains antibodies that move against the virus, and "plasma" techniques have shown great benefit in treating Corona patients.

Doctors say that using blood plasma will reduce the time that the patient stays in the hospital due to complications from Corona.

And this week, the newspaper "MBO" of the American Society of Microbiology revealed that the level of antibodies in the blood of the recovered is declining rapidly.

The researchers added that the level of these antibodies to the virus decreases dramatically, within weeks, after the bodies get rid of the virus and the symptoms disappear.

Scientists believe that what is required is the extraction of this plasma during the short period that follows their recovery, because it will not be useful if it is delayed, according to the "News Medical" website.

Meanwhile, recovered Corona patients cannot donate blood until 14 days have passed since the symptoms disappeared, so that the body has enough time to get rid of the remaining virus particles.

Andres Fenzi, a researcher at the Canadian University of Montreal, said: "We do not want to transmit the virus, but rather the antibodies, but what our work has revealed is that the ability of the plasma to neutralize viral particles is retreating during the first weeks."

Venzi, along with other researchers, studied samples from 31 people who had recovered from the emerging corona virus, and the level of antibodies was compared after a full month.

After that, the researchers measured the ability of the antibodies to respond to the virus protein, and the results showed that it decreased after a period of 6 to 10 weeks from the onset of symptoms of the disease.

And Finzi pointed out that these extracts are very useful, because they explain to scientists the way the antibodies interact with the virus, and that vaccine developers will also benefit because the study gives them an idea of ​​the duration of immunity.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


A French judicial source said, on Saturday, that the perpetrator of the Paris suburb attack was of Chechen origin and was born in Moscow, and was 18 years old.

And according to what "France Press" quoted from the source, five other people were arrested on Friday night, Saturday, after a teacher was killed by beheading near an institute in the western suburbs of Paris, which raises the total number of people arrested in the framework of this attack to nine people.

The source pointed out that among the last five detainees, the parents of a student at Conflans Saint Honorine School, where the teacher was working, and people in the non-family environment of the attacker.

The Public Prosecutor for Combating Terrorism in France announced Friday that it had opened an investigation following the beheading of a history professor at Conflans Saint-Honorine.

The Public Prosecution said that the investigation into the events that took place around 5 pm near a school was opened on charges of committing a "crime linked to a terrorist act" and a "terrorist criminal group."

Police officers in the criminal department in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, 50 kilometers northwest of Paris, received a call to pursue a suspect wandering around an educational institution, according to the prosecution.

At the scene, the police found the victim, two hundred meters away, in the locality of Iranians, and tried to stop a man carrying a white weapon and threatening them, then they shot and killed him.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


It seems that the Barcelona disaster during last season was not only football, but also spread to the coffers of the Spanish club, whose resources have been greatly eroded, which may be reflected in wages.

Barcelona has begun its efforts to implement a serious plan to reduce the salaries of all club employees, including players, by 30 percent, according to local media reports.

Radio station "Cadena Ser" said that the club is seeking this step to ease the financial pressures it is facing recently, after it was exacerbated by the emerging corona virus crisis.

The source said that the club will enter into negotiations with players and workers between now and November 5 to convince them of his plan.

But "Cadena Ser" revealed that some of the team's stars have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the plan, and it will not be easy to convince them to implement it, without mentioning their names.

The radio said that some of the players threatened to terminate their contracts next year, if their wages were deducted.

The Catalan club is already going through a financial crisis, as its debt has more than doubled in the last two years, from 217 million euros in June 2019 to 488 million in the same month of this year.

The team bid farewell to the 2019-2020 season empty-handed for the first time since 2007, and left the Champions League with a humiliating defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, with a score of 2-8 that required changing the technical staff and dispensing with some players.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


For Belgium, the face of the man sitting on the opposite bench was a familiar face during Wednesday's 2-1 victory over Iceland in the European Nations League, on Wednesday.

Former Iceland player Arnard Fedarsson lives in Belgium, as he previously played and trained there, in addition to being married to a Belgian, and now he works as a TV analyst and his proficiency in the Flemish language impressed.

Fedarsson also works as a technical director for the Icelandic Football Association, coaching the U-21 national team, and splits his time between Belgium and Iceland in a hectic lifestyle he admitted he could not continue with indefinitely.

The matter increased when the entire Icelandic team, in addition to its Swedish coach Eric Hammern, was forced to isolate themselves after discovering that one of the crew members was infected with the Corona virus.

Iceland was forced to search for a coach who would sit urgently on the bench in the match Wednesday, and did not find the most suitable coach for the federation, especially given his knowledge of Belgian football.

However, Fedarson was in Luxembourg with the 21-year-old squad.

He said: "After the match (which he was playing with the 21-year-old national team) I heard the news of the health isolation of the technical staff of the first team, and the desire of the Union to return to Iceland as soon as possible to lead the team."

And he drove 250 kilometers from Luxembourg to Lucerne in Belgium, to leave his car and request a taxi to cross the English Channel to catch a plane from England to Reykjavik.

"Fortunately I had a good taxi driver who drove me to Luton airport. I could sleep a little in the car. Then I took the plane to Iceland in the morning. It was an adventure," Fedarson added.

Then Fedarson, 42, who has played 52 games for Iceland and nearly 400 matches in the Belgian League with Lockern and Circle Brugge, sat on the bench.

He said, "It depended on the fact that there had to be a coach on the bench who had the appropriate license, and a coach who could provide psychological support."

"We won an important match against Romania last week, and this was our priority. It was a great experience and an opportunity to compete against the best in the world," he added, referring to the team’s success in the European Championship 2020 qualification.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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