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Al-Azhar has stressed full solidarity with all state institutions in the fight against terrorism, following the death of a police officer while examining a bomb in Nasr City of Cairo on Saturday 5/1//2019.

In a statement, Al-Azhar asserted that such acts are forbidden by all religions.

It strongly condemned the explosion, offering condolences to the family of the deceased.

from other side ,Awqaf Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa has hailed the bravery of a police officer who was killed while examining a bag containing a bomb in Nasr City district of Cairo.

In a statement on Saturday 5/1/2019, Gomaa praised a mosque worshiper who informed police about a suspicious object in Ezbeit El-Haganna.

The minister asserted that the bomb blast will never conquer Egypt's will to uproot terrorism

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The Supreme Council of Scholars and the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, under the chairmanship of the Grand Imam of the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, will organize a world conference on "Renewal of Islamic Thought and Science" at the end of next April with the participation of a large number of Islamic Jurisprudence, In order to formulate a comprehensive scientific strategy that addresses the various dimensions and issues related to the issue of renewal, thus contributing to the advancement of the nations and its progress, preserving its identity and promoting its established values ​​and cultural forces.

The conference discusses several main axes, such as :

The issues of renewal in the various Islamic sciences, the rules of renewal and its mechanisms, the dismantling of the principles of Takfiri thought and its methods, the role of religious institutions in organizing and developing the prophetic discourse, the foundations and requirements of the contemporary preacher, And doctrines.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Ulama will start receiving the research and proposals for the conference from December 15 to February 28, 2019. The report will be submitted to the Scientific Committee of the Conference to ensure that the largest number of The intellectual and intellectual visions and trends of the various countries of the Islamic world, which will enrich the sessions and discussions of the Conference.

The conference is part of a series of events and initiatives launched by Al-Azhar in recent years to consolidate and spread the culture of innovation in Islamic thought and sciences. It also completes the preparatory seminar held by Al-Azhar on April 2015, Including a series of seminars on the relationship between transportation and reason, heritage between innovation and waste, religious discourse between reality and hope, and the definition of concepts and their role in the renewal of religious discourse.

The conference is also based on the founding of the "Al Azhar Documents", which have been issued since 2011, a cornerstone of the renovation efforts. The "Egypt Document", issued in June 2011, affirmed the support of the new democratic national constitutional state, The basic freedoms system in January 2012 focused on the legal, philosophical and constitutional consolidation of freedom of religion, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of scientific research, as well as freedom of literary and artistic creativity.

The historical document issued by Al-Azhar in March 2017 under the title of "Citizenship and Coexistence" emphasized the rejection of the term "minorities" and the full bias of the term "citizenship" as an original term in Islam and that it included equality between Muslims and Christians in homelands, rights and duties, Muslims have their religion, and Christians have their religion. " The "Jerusalem Document", issued in November 2011, stressed the historical position of Al-Azhar in supporting Palestine and its people, but based on a vision of renewal that combined the legal, national, historical, legal and ethical dimensions within a single reference text.

The conference also aims to build on the efforts and initiatives launched by the Grand Imam of the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, both in the development of the educational system in Al-Azhar, and linking it to the latest mechanisms and educational curricula or electronic dealing in monitoring and counter extremist ideas published by extremist groups Through the Al-Azhar World Monitoring and Electronic Fatwa Center, or through the events of Sheikh Al-Azhar's foreign tournaments, emphasizing the values ​​of moderate Islam, refusing to accuse terrorism of Islam and Muslims, and calling on Muslims in non-Muslim countries to integrate positively and engage strongly in societies M, as well as multi-eminence initiatives to open channels of dialogue and cooperation with various religious institutions in the world, and its emphasis on the need for the leaders of religions is a practical model for dialogue, brotherhood and cooperation among them

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By|Mohammed Mukhtar

    A delegation of the Al-Azhar Charitable Society in Bangladesh on Thursday continued to distribute aid to the Rohingya Muslims in Cox-Bazar, near the border with Burma.

The delegation divided into three teams, each with a view to reaching the largest number of refugees, in coordination with the Bangladeshi authorities, which distribute food aid according to the rationing system, to ensure fair and sustainable support for most refugees.

The Grand Mufti of the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, gave instructions to the members of the delegation to distribute the aid themselves to the refugees and to stay in the camps. He stressed that psychological support, humanitarian communication and humanitarian brotherhood are equally important. In kind.

 The greatness of Imam Al-Akbar also ensured the participation of Al-Azhar girls within the delegation to emphasize the integration of the humanitarian message of the sons of the largest Islamic institution in the world to their brothers from the Rohingyas.

 The distribution of aid continues for five days, followed by the distribution of humanitarian and medical aid provided by the Council of Muslim Elders under the guidance of the Grand Imam of the Council.




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