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By Abeer R. Almadawy Belief of Peace is a religious idea for every worshiper to The peace Lord. Maybe you are different with others in your religion but you can share with them the belief of Peace Create the good peace,urs blessings,God’s mercifulness,be friend with Peace and let it
Cairo| Al-Azhar has stressed full solidarity with all state institutions in the fight against terrorism, following the death of a police officer while examining a bomb in Nasr City of Cairo on Saturday 5/1//2019. In a statement, Al-Azhar asserted that such acts are forbidden by all religions. It strongly
Vatican The Roman Congregation of the Congregation has classified removal of the uterus to prevent pregnancy under certain conditions as morally permissible. If the uterus is irreversibly in a state in which reproduction is no longer possible, and if there is one pregnancy, from a medical point of view
(ANSA) - Vatican City, January 3 - Clerical sex abuse of minors and cover-ups have seriously undermined the credibility of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said in a letter to US bishops on Thursday. "The credibility of the Church has been strongly called into question and debilitated by these
Vienna; The Krntner diocese Gurk is almost 1000 years old, due to the estate and real estate, the diocese is one of the richest in Austria. Until July, Bishop Alois Schwarz was in office there for 17 years, before moving to St. Plten as successor to Klaus Kng. There
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