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Egypt succeeds in its new step for submitting The constitutional amendment, which began last Saturday for three days, and ended on Monday

The scene in most of the electoral committees in all the cities and villages of the governorates of the country ,witnessed a large sharing by voters, mostly of they support  the constitutional amendment.

Castle Journal had a stop on the last day where the founder and CEO  Abeer Almadawy of Castle Journal ,the British Group for  Journalism and Media Group went to vote and witnesses the proceedings of the voting as a watcher and foreign media reporter.

She said on her official page that the cultural scene that she saw witnessed a great  transformation in the culture of Egyptian society, who became involved in the political process and determine its fate  , considering themselves the owners of the decisions,they are very different rather than before in the days of president Mubarak  who were opposed to participate in any elections at his era.

Almadawy stressed as a watcher to the election that the conduct of the electoral process and voting, which is running smoothly without fatigue for voters and good treatment were a major reason for the success of the referendum.

On the other hand, the National Electoral Commission announced that the voting abroad has ended and gone to Egypt for its part and by the end of the vote on Monday the committee will take other five days to announce the final result.

The chairman of the committee said that any complaints would receive great attention and that the committee is not responsible for any results announced informally.

It is noteworthy that Egypt has the third entitlement ,it was the Constitution in 2014 and was among the articles of the term of the presidency , it granted to the President four years only in every period, while the Constitution gave the House of Representatives five years for every period!

During this time the politics and and men of law had confused and the Constitution is at a loss ,Why ? 

Because Egypt doesn't know to whom it belongs; It will be a parliamentary or presidential state?

So that the new constitutional amendment will repair this issue and Accordingly, the new article concerning the term of the president has been amended to be 6 years instead of 4. The president has the right to stand for only two times. The constitution gives the president the right to implement the term of the new presidency, which is 6 years. And can be candidates for Only one other time forward.

So by being the period of the president 6 years ,it will overcome the mass of the political issues with the House of Representatives who still 5 years. What means that the ruling in Egypt will be parliamentary and presidentially.

The Constitution also added to the functions of the armed forces ,the protection of Civil country Constitutional , and was amended the role of the President in the inauguration of the Council of State and the addition of a new item allowing the post of Vice-Chairmen

The woman  in the constitution amendment has  a great interest , as she will represent in the parliament with 25% of the total seats.

Also the constitution approved for establishing the council of eldest.

it worthy to mention that the Egyptian information service assembly affirmed that there's no complaints were witnessed during the last three days and process of the election succeeded without a single broken.


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Novelist Abeer Almadawy ,chose as The best personality  in 2018 by the Egyptian British Academy


Muhannad Mustafa

In the light of the media and press efforts in various fields of science and culture and the dissemination of the message of peace and tolerance in the world, the Egyptian British Academy led by Professor Amal Hussein, Chairman of the Board of Directors chose and honored  the novelist and writer Abeer Almadawy, the founder and chairman of Castle Journal,the British group for Journalism and Media and the chief  editor of all its newspapers and magazines.

Abeer Almadawy welcomed the honoring as the best personality of 2018 by the Egyptian British Academy, which is distinguished by its extensive experience and excellence in academic and educational work.

"Honoring and choosing me is  a medal of honor I wish I would be worthy"

Dr. Amal Hussain, President of the Academy, congratulated Dr. Abeer Almadawy  on the selection and honor . She said ;

" This honor is for your role and your great efforts in providing distinguished media, high culture and efforts aimed at promoting science and culture and advancing peoples with a message of peace and world Tolerance.

It is noteworthy that this is the third honors in 2018 for the novelist and writer Abeer Almadawy , who was received the honor of the Organization of Alsaida Development and World Peace, and the Association of Supervision and Nakhwa of Iraq. 

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by| Hiede Julz

Cairo- 11 December 2017

The International Conference on Media and Culture, organized by the Castle Journal Group for Journalism and Media, was recently launched. The conference was moderated by Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, owner and chairman of the group,

who introduced The lecture on the role of media and culture in the face of global and societal crises .The lecture highlighted on the role of the media in tackling issues and facing crises. To be the main culprit in the crises experienced by the countries of the world and thus the message has become reversed

Like that, the intellectual role that surprised everyone who is  misleading the citizens, gained the wrong culture that led the community to commit crimes and thus the deterioration of the cultural and customary situation

This is the text of the lecture, which lasted 27 minutes, presented to Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, President of the First Annual International Conference on Media and Culture;


In the name of of Allah the Merciful

At first, allow me to welcome distinguished guests, participants and colleagues

 And media and cultural figures who honored us with their attendance.

First, I welcome our distinguished guest, Dr. Sakhr Shi, Chinese Cultural Counselor

And thank his presence and confidence

As well as the Honorable Professors Dr. Ahmed Salam,assistance -chief of Information and Media authority in Egypt.

And Dr. Mohamed Fathi Al-Madawy, representing the cultural sector, libraries and information systems

And Professor Hussein Ismail, Chief Editor- of China Today magazine.

And Maj. Gen. Tayyar Mohammed Abu Baker Hamed, General Counsel of Castle Journal group

Also our Distinguished scholars and intellectuals who honored us by their attending the first annual International Conference on Media and Culture (which begins this year under the title Role of Media

And culture in consolidating inter-communal bonds among peoples and confronting global crises

In the light of developments on the global scene

I stop here in front of the role of intellectual and the thinker in our Arab countries, and even Eastern and Western countries and his duties to face global crises such as;

1- The Spread of Terrorist Ideas and Religious Extremism Here is not the focus on Muslim extremists only, but all religious extremists on all sects

2-  the spread of cybercrime and trafficking in human beings and members

3- the changes that have led the societies split from their national character and moved away from thier identity

4- And finally the idea of ​​peaceful coexistence and the convergence of civilizations that we are working to consolidate, but this idea also faces serious problems in the absence of awareness of the main meaning the idea.

I think that these items, which we are focusing on today at the conference, we hope to come out with recommendations that we present to the world with public opinion, may be it can be useful !

So let me talk about the role of the intellectual and  thinker and his  impact of the media in the current crises and will focus on models of concern at all levels of culture, intellectual and scientific and its real meaning and its direct impact on societies

And its repercussions on all political and economic fields

I will put here a great headline and it is not an accusation, but very important notes, perhaps those who did not realize the seriousness of what is happening, from here learn and begin to change

I refer to the role of culture and information in the countries of the world, all who share the rules of logic contrary to the laws of conscience in the work of professional to deal with crises where they become the real crisis makers

Here is the talk is not a circular to everyone but unfortunately I see and may be you agree with me that the media and the culture imposed by us in recent times contributed to the dissemination of ideas stray

And caused many crises for countries

We all know the value of the media and the value of education, but if the misused ,it will cause an opposite result and endanger the security of citizens and their countries

The most troubles we face today in the world of media is the idea of ​​the break up press, not the correct news. This has allowed all the merit of the fourth and fifth wars to succeed and the use of the media as a good way to destabilize the security and has become an important source in the electronic crimes of information

This presents the national security of peoples to serious crises

On the other hand, the role of media as well as shed light on the negative models only without the positive and when the media improves its position, it comes only in images contrary to reality, the picture emerges weak impact and this is also encouraging the crises and lost its role in curing the problems.

Also, do not forget that the media impose on the citizen a particular culture and provide a monolithic model from his point of view ,this presents the recipient of a kind of deliberate flatness and ignorance

Such as to impose to the viewer a single song, a frequent guest or a recurring idea

This dwarves the role of the media, which has to sail and expand in what is presented because it is its entrusted role.

If I started to talk about the media and its role in the face of crises, I emphasize that media practices today have become part of the crisis that  experienced by all countries of the world.

The invasion of the Internet world and the spread of social media sites, which compete with the media fierce rival, exacerbated the crisis, especially when the media failed to create conscious horizons to face these sites and prove the facts and keep themselves from the risk of loss

let's  point out that one of the elements of the fourth generation wars that made the simple citizen a source of news equivalent to the journalist and then made from the journalism a market for sale and here  the exclusive news appeared and break up news.

And both do not rely on providing accurate news and the media arena has turned into a land of battles between competitors in which the issues between the different are resolved

What I mean specifically part of the Fourth Generation wars was the marginalization of the role of the press and the media

This brings us to the role of intellectual or the thinker who is the most dangerous because he /she  is the source of information

Such as the emergence of one of the thinkers or novelists who provides to the public with misinformation based on the basis of the theory of retail .

As well as circumvent the constants by imposing the opposite margins and then consider this margin is a fixed base

This is very dangerous and causes not only cultural shocks, but the total destruction of human confidence in the assets of knowledge and thus hit any ideas that may be derived during his education and shake his confidence in the upbringing by destroying the intellectual images and the typical information that is through the friction and direct dealing With his family and the memory of his parents and grandparents. This is followed by a strong shake in the belief of the origin of his identity and then becomes exposed to any ideas that would destroy his belonging, his homeland and his community until we reach the destruction of himself.

And we have shown many negative models that confirm our words today through the writers who aimed to provide wrong and false information about certain historical personalities or events... he change the truth and introuses fake facts,in the same context , this writer doesn't give another good model to reader...so what happened here that this reader will lost any truthful information he got oneday in his life and will be able to believe any false information.

 And intellectuals from the Arab world and the world , their task today has become ,to make a  simplification and fragmentation and the generalization of the marginalized part of the information on the fixed

In the sense that the writer cuts part of the text or evokes an idea from the margin of the text and then circulated to the entire text, so this part of the text will outperform the entire text .. And that logical theory inverted used by the ancient intelligence bodies to question the original rules and to destroy the evidence of the informational documented .

For example, this inverted theory was adopted by the men of the Church of the Devil to strike Christianity in Europe and then tried to present the alternative of the many philosophies who have been intimately aware of. Intellectual in the recipient and is lost amidst the hustle of ideas or ignorance leads to the end of the man to reject any religious thought and philosophy and lose his trust in god at the end.

Thus the philosophies did not succeed in making up for the religion and the same inverse theory also used the satanic Muslim groups to strike Islam and cause huge destruction in it.

 Through the transmission of the thought of contradictions and margins of argument and imposed as a fixed theory.

And used in our countries today, the thinkers and the search for identity and religion and here the purpose of questioning and this by the imposition of contradictory information, such as to come in a historical figure has its weight

And its historical heritage of sympathy and love for them and break him by claiming false information and change their reality and therefore this thinker break the barrier typical picture model that you love and did not help you to earn another one.

In general if we look at what the psychology does for recovering a patient with illusion, it first let him believe in his illusion and beside give him the correct view, till the patient himself  reach to the truth by himself.


But here in what writers or thinkers do with the readers are true crime as they take a correct mind and try to infect it with their virus .... in our case, the thinkers or writers are turning the correct information into a lie and so on

Taking the margins and circulating them to the text is a serious and special issue. If it comes from an experienced specialist who works with thought and culture in the light of a mature darkness of ignorance among the sons of the Arabs, especially the Egyptians who do not get a good education and wrong culture , it will cause a huge crisis.I think we start to witness now.


So here, It is recommended that the people of specialization meet at the international level by establishing binding laws and monitoring bodies to watch and the perform of  media in accordance with the laws of the international press and respect to the right of the journalist but maintain the ethics of the profession and what is provided to the peoples

I also recommend an intellectual review of all the information was transmitted by un-specialists.

The security of information is an important issue that calls for the attention of all countries and the security institutions to create innovative new ways to address cybercrime. 

And concluded that the strategy of Castle Journal adopts since its first day to take care of the cultures of the world by focusing in the world customs, traditions ,the history , literature and dissemination and circulation among communities in a creative way, calls for consolidation of the message of peace and brotherhood that we adopt in the context of our cultural work and the press through our various newspapers.

our message respect the right of every people and society,that aims to maintain its security, identity and future, and to provide it with the right means of cooperation through the development of the good international public news and to stimulate the growth in international relations and improves the system of information exchange and resulting in strong interdependence on all The levels

Our strategy of launching our group is human interdependence and the publication of the charters of peace and love between us by our differences

And this is what I will put in your hands and conclude with that

Life is only worthy of people who honor human beings in peace and open doors of tolerance to others

Only with love and respect will we raise our humanity

And move forward in our homeland and reap the desired happiness on our land

Thank you so much


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By|Hue Gey

     Castle Journal Group "CJG" leads a modern cultural media epic whose its purpose, is the enlightenment, the development and the preservation of authenticity
These goals were recently crowned by the newspapers' editorial chapter. Each newspaper is geared to speakers of its own language, except for the main English-language newspaper. It is directed to the whole world and its mission is to publish all the world and political news worldwide.

Hence,As the Castle Journal grew up, it requires the inclusion of a group of the most experienced advisers at all levels leading the group development movement and nurturing their objectives through their experiences and knowledge
To be next to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the owner of the CJG  Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy.

And it is important to announce the names of the new advisers of Castle Journal Group;

- General Counsel of Castle Journal Group Major General Mohammad Abu Bakr Hamid Mohsen

- General Scientific Advisor, Head of the Department of Science and Research for Castle Journal Group Dr. Essam Zaki

- The scientific advisor to the Castle Journal group from Australia, Professor Clara Anderson
- The Economic Advisor for Finance, Business and Economics for the Castle Journal Group, Prof. Mustafa Radwan

- Legal Advisor to the Castle Journal Group ,Mohamed Alsisi

- Astronomer Advisor of the Castle Journal group , Dr. Ahmed Shaheen

- International Media Consultant and Media Agent from Egypt to Castle Journal Group Dr. Ayman Wahdan (Concord International)

- General Cultural Counselor and Head of the Cultural Section of the Castle Journal Group of Iraqi poet and writer ,Adel Yasiri

- Media Advisor and Head of Heritage and History Department of the Castle Journal Group, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Dahash from Iraq

- Scientific Cultural Advisor, Head of Documentation and Library Department, Castle Journal Group, Prf.Mohamed Fathy Almadawy

- British media consultant f and director of the British CJG , writer and Journalist Michael Blair

Honorary Scientific Advisor Prof. Dr. Abul Fotouh Abdallah 

Honorary Scientific Advisor ,Prof. Mohamed Ezzo 

- Director General of the correspondents of the Castle Journal group from Iraq, Mohsen Alhelw



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Written by /Abeer Almadawy

Because I love Japan , I decided to write about its history.
One of the things I cannot pass quickly is; “geisha”girl
But I hope to write my opinion before I write about her historical story,and this because I feel how much she suffers from the unfair treatment...
Geisha through the history is the respectful young lady who is able to give you everything with elegance and respect.Neither she is a prostitution nor a wife ,but she is the one who can host you gratefully and introduces a show of dancing,singing and does everything to amuse you.
In our country Egypt she looks like our beautiful dancer ,she can dances,sings,entertains you and other times can be half wife only ,wife for bed.
Here’s the problem !
The men can live with her partly,love her but can’t marry her?

In the old times people struggle to understand Geisha,loved her the most but could not forget that she is a lady for amusement only. The society looked with respect to her role that Geisha plays though that they condemned her and made from her a toy With no feeling and may they had done the worst they kidnapped her future !?

By the way nothing is changed though the time did ,just this job took more freedom but with its old view.

In another aspect to the subject,and away of talking about Geisha,let concern more with the life the woman now....Actually she is the same copy of Geisha,She is the one too who must do everything in life more than the amusement that geisha gave.

Current Woman works day by night to save money, raise up her kids, educate them and do the rest of works as a wife.

The woman accepts to be half man and half female ,running all the time to cover her responsibilities,maybe at the end her man can satisfy on her one day.
Woman still live the life such as a guilty person,but she doesn't know what is exactly her sins....More than that ,she could not save for herself at least some of love with respect from her husband or the community she lives with !
She failed to be lucky as the Geisha lady !the modern woman isn't lucky too because her destiny doesn't support,though all the huge discoveries and the high technology but in the third world and their societies still have the same low look to the woman ,they think she is " a kind of creatures ,who is created to make everything for the man, give him the support , the amusement and the money ".

If you don't believe me, please check the cases of working woman in Africa,Asia,south America ,you will find millions of sad stories with true crisis !The United Nations with all its efforts,failed to help them or end the catastrophes circumstances which these poor working women live in.

In the Middle East, there millions of women who work instead of their men,and all their money go to their husbands and kids...maybe she can't find the price of the morning breakfast.

The husbands of these women are living mostly under the influence of drugs and they are not responsible persons who work or grow up the children too .

Number of women who faced violence by her husband and kids reached to one million and half during the last five years in a country like Egypt, it is also not a correct number because most of the the cases ,women fear to inform the police or complaining.

Crisises go to the worst with the rise up of prices in everything and the workers find themselves in a need to another job besides the other...what lets the woman sleeps about four hours only daily .It effected on her health and huge number of them are sick.

laws,decisions, words of sympathy,or even raising their salaries cannot help them...So number of suiciding among them reached to the top.

Returning to Geisha who is our inspiration in this article , She was a lady can take a rest and live in high level besides the richest persons ...while the modern woman today makes the same things but lives in the underground and in a very poor circumstances.

Even her luck of marriage is bad ,no one likes to marry a working girl, she is poor and can't be suitable.
Though all these harshness believe or not,these women are the most successful,significant and supporting to their states!
And here there's another huge difference between JAPAN and the third world countries.
In Japan ,as a respected and advanced country, the society keeps on Geisha as a historical tradition they must save her and it is not accepted to be forgetten.So they courage the modern lady to Geisha but with all the rights that must have.

While in the third world, their countries do all their best just to keep the poor working women silent and never ask with a right!

Although that both nations share in refusing to reply on this important question;
Why do men give themselves the right to have 2 women in his life at the same time? One for his amusement and the other for the respected image !

This converted duplication photo can kill any sense of beauty to the art of virtue, as well as the art of giving and taking.

At the end our societies need more clearness with their vision of things and they must determine whether they want to advance with their humanity or not!
Whether they want to find true happiness or not.
Societies must stand beside the poor labor ,and never consider them as slaves with no rights!
Societies must understand that Fake attitude comes from lair visions that they believe in and that's the reason behind all our painful stories!
By Abeer Almadawy
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Friday, 28 July 2017 22:21

The Mask,short story by Abeer Almadawy

 Author|Abeer Almadawy

  The mask, short story belong to the collection of the stories " During Our Voyeurism" now in Amazon kindle


  There is no more than a few moments to get out of the theater, every night, he comes here to provide his interesting display following him wearing his different colored masks ... and I'm behind the scenes, as workers of my likes are not entitled to sit between spectators and follow-up work of art that offers ... but happy I am happy to follow up it from afar. So, many years passed in presenting his play successfully, and I'm eager to follow it. It is no longer to me in my life than to finish my work before the end of the show, and then get out quickly and stand at the adjacent sidewalk to see him up close when he comes out and salutes his fans.

It does not matter how many hours he was waiting till he left, and I do not care of the fatigue or discomfort to stand under the rain and frost on my swollen legs owing to the impact of work throughout the day while I am steadfast as Sphinx statue; because the happiest moments is that moments I have the in my life while I am following him hopping to see his face once without masks.. Without makeup or toiletry that hides its features.

He starts dismounting from behind the building, carrying his bag in his hand ... what a modest man ... do yo know that he can make his assistant carried it instead, but he always refuse because he is self-made following his principles: All is one, there is no difference between Prime and subordinate.

But with this, I feel that he has something different this night! Something strange or Negative glory that surrounded him and grants him a sullen cocky face... he seems to be a different man!

O God, my wish has been achieved, as it is the first time I see him without a make-up mask.. Yes, this is true, and it seems this is the cause of his change which I noticed ... but why he changed his view and didn’t wear his mask that accompanied him several years ago; leading critics and people to call him the convincing genius. I feel like he is doing something different ... who is the female that accompany him and link her hand with his hand? Is she one of his colleagues? Maybe! Or for example; she maybe one of his fans,?

No ... she seems not this at all, as she approaching him very close and he wraps his arm around her ... they are behaving together as if they were friends and lovers ... and know each other closely. And walk with him wearing frilled clothes as a crowned queen with the crown of the throne in her first night... walk with proud, pleasure and euphoria; salutes cameras and fans just like him ... May be a new actress that I have not seen before?! No. no, I know all the heroes participanting this play.

Well, she is now heading with him towards his car and ride beside him.
Oh my God ... blood is flowing to his head vigorously and violently ... I can not believe what I see! What? Did he cut his promise with me? As he was always looking at me and says:

"I am yours, my dear ... I will spend all my life for you ... I love you in silence because I'm afraid people around me; although, your love is rising in my heart every day and and sits on its throne"

His looks were true... from his side, I did not hear any relation with other female ... he was always a prisoner of sadness ... of unhappy heart... I was asking myself, What is the cause of his grief?
Now, I became aware of the reason... as today, he is happy uncharacteristically ... he was about to jumps out of his joy ... So, she is the reason of the joy in his heart...

He is dismounting off the car again advanced towards us ... and looked at me ... Look to me? Yes, he does that. I will almost be crazy that he is approaching me while the admirers stand around me.. he is approaching more and more ... he wants me and not the others.. what to say to him, perhaps he will talk, or I start talking.

"Welcome sir, I love your acting so much, I'm ... I'm ... I'm very impressed with you.... please, accept this rose."
He is laughing in my face for the first time, and took my rose. How I dreamed of this moment, was ready to dedicate my whole life to get this big grant... really, he is happy and pleased. Why is he looking at me as if he recognizes me again?

 "Thank you .... Aren’t you Nora, who is working with the cleaning group in the theater?"
He touched me with the sudden question that I could not answer, only through a small head tremor, while my eyes revolve around me.. I'm afraid that people who gather around us may hear and know who I am..... he completed laughing:

"Thank you for this beautiful flower, it carry your perfume ... before returning my foresight to me, I smelled this odor behind the scenes. when I asked about its source, they said that there is a maid called Nora put this fragrance ... I used to it until I couldn’t live or see without it ... "
He paused a little, put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out something and then put it secretly in my hands ..
"Please, accept this amount from me"

He put a huge number of pounds in my hands and left quickly ... did not give me a chance to reply him, or to say something... put the money and ran far like someone who wants to run away ... but I do not want money from him?! I do not want I do not want ... what can I do.. What’s happening with me?!

I will run behind him and return his money to him... O God, his car starts moving quickly and his companion kisses and embraces him strongly ... this money in my hand like a cinder from hell ... people around me look at me and wonder, are they do not understand something like me?! .. one of the elderly ladies dabbed on my shoulder...
"Look, my small, your rose is on the land of the road"

She said with resentment, and then stepped down...
I Turned with surprise ... my eye petrified ... my heart stopped from pulsing.. my veins shivered ... what I see is unbelievable matter... I rushed to it while the bloody eye is a captive of tears ... she dived above the rose.. She was under death and destruction, and was wiped out by his shoes, before her walls can crash the wheels of his car, which went away of her and me ...
 The theater, was closed while all get out, leaving me and the remains of my rose….and the sidewalk.


More about Novelist and  Author|Abeer Almadawy:

 She wrote number of novels and collection of stories and published with different versions and languages.

Her name became famous more since her best selling its novel " the Embrace of Thorns" that let most critics around world focus in her writing.

She is also journalist who share her opinion of new world with new view of life by love and peace and respect.

more about Abeer Almadawy through Wikipedia


  The mask, short story belong to the collection of the stories " During Our Voyeurism" now in Amazon kindle

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Written by| Abeer Almadawy

Iraq first

With this wonderful and inspirational slogan of all the peoples who live in terror and sectarian wars, the Iraqis launched with their celebration with the great victory over terrorism.

 Mosul finally liberated after all this suffering and misery from the displacement of about half a million Iraqis, the elimination of entire Christian families, the attacks on Shi'a, Sunni and Kurdish citizens, and public massacres that are unbelievable. Finally, the liberation of Mosul was announced by the brave Iraqi army that spent On the Islamic state group  in one of the most important stronghold has dominated for them years ago in Iraq.

The true Victory has achieved which caused the joy for the Iraqis in all their spectrum ,that it achieved the principles of their united that precedes sectarianism in the war of liberation.


But soon after 2 days only on the historical victory on terrorism, the images of the heinous controversial scenes coming up to Media and with it new fears  coming up to Mosul, Iraq, these images spread through social networking sites pushed  the human rights watch (HRW) strongly to condemn the intervention of the popular crowd against the citizens of Mosul belonging to the Sunni sect and assault them and Recruiting media to promote the wrong things and counter any attempt to save these people under the pretense that they belong to a ISIL or there is doubt about them.

The issue has not ended, but escalated in the last hours of genuine fears first of the validity of these allegations and that there is a kind of dominance of the popular crowd instinct and therefore the Iranian hegemony over Mosul as promoted and there are other concerns that the sectarian conflict could rise again under the displacement To citizens who live in camps and hope to return, as well as safety and security of their lives.

The sad scene shows that the Sunni community, which has not mercilessly had a sympathetic hand in the terrorism group of Daash, now has to suffer from the popular crowd.

We do not say that the popular crowd is a terrorist, like Daash, but its intervention raises fears, especially with the aggression of its soldiers against Sunni citizens, according to human rights organizations

This is a danger to the victory that has been achieved. Mosul is a big city, its citizens are Sunnis, Shiites and others. It is not the fault of the Sunnis to pay a bill twice because of the terrorism, but the culprit and those who committed terrorist crimes against his country must be punished and tried fairly. We do not allow anger and revenge to abuse of innocent people or see human massacres as the terrorist group have done before.

The question here which we share , why did the Iraqi authorities allow the intervention of the popular armed crowd?

And why did not the Iraqi army prevent the advance and aggression of the crowd against these unarmed citizens?

Finally, where is the state of law from Mosul, which governs the humanitarian situation and preserves the rights of people and prevents the emergence of terrorist operations against the Sunni and Shiite communities together

If Mosul is a successful model of liberation, can the other Iraqi cities be liberated easily, but after these brutal aggression by the popular crowd,it could to undermine the resolve of the Iraqi citizen who does not know who is their enemy or who is their brother?

And finally if these allegations were untrue, Why aren't seen a clear position from the popular crowd with their Sunni brothers and their solidarity with Mosul to defuse any allegations that harm the Iraqi army and the most dangerous ,it can take the country again into civil wars instead their war against terrorism .


Actually,The officials must  respond strongly to every claim and interfere  to achieve security for the Iraqi citizen, who deserves safe life!


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