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By|Hue Gey

     Castle Journal Group "CJG" leads a modern cultural media epic whose its purpose, is the enlightenment, the development and the preservation of authenticity
These goals were recently crowned by the newspapers' editorial chapter. Each newspaper is geared to speakers of its own language, except for the main English-language newspaper. It is directed to the whole world and its mission is to publish all the world and political news worldwide.

Hence,As the Castle Journal grew up, it requires the inclusion of a group of the most experienced advisers at all levels leading the group development movement and nurturing their objectives through their experiences and knowledge
To be next to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the owner of the CJG  Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy.

And it is important to announce the names of the new advisers of Castle Journal Group;

- General Counsel of Castle Journal Group Major General Mohammad Abu Bakr Hamid Mohsen

- General Scientific Advisor, Head of the Department of Science and Research for Castle Journal Group Dr. Essam Zaki

- The scientific advisor to the Castle Journal group from Australia, Professor Clara Anderson
- The Economic Advisor for Finance, Business and Economics for the Castle Journal Group, Prof. Mustafa Radwan

- Legal Advisor to the Castle Journal Group ,Mohamed Alsisi

- Astronomer Advisor of the Castle Journal group , Dr. Ahmed Shaheen

- International Media Consultant and Media Agent from Egypt to Castle Journal Group Dr. Ayman Wahdan (Concord International)

- General Cultural Counselor and Head of the Cultural Section of the Castle Journal Group of Iraqi poet and writer ,Adel Yasiri

- Media Advisor and Head of Heritage and History Department of the Castle Journal Group, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Dahash from Iraq

- Scientific Cultural Advisor, Head of Documentation and Library Department, Castle Journal Group, Prf.Mohamed Fathy Almadawy

- British media consultant f and director of the British CJG , writer and Journalist Michael Blair

Honorary Scientific Advisor Prof. Dr. Abul Fotouh Abdallah 

Honorary Scientific Advisor ,Prof. Mohamed Ezzo 

- Director General of the correspondents of the Castle Journal group from Iraq, Mohsen Alhelw



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 Castle Journal is an international newspaper with daily electronic edition, received the international license by the United Kingdom number 10675, and accredited by the Egyptian Embassy in London, owned by Abeer Almadawy

Castle Journal expresses on the free and human voice specialized in the diplomatic, cultural and scientific media, it is eager to create a close relationship with the readers, who is our priority and considers them a true partner.

Castle Journal holds all the permits for practicing its duties of journalism in all countries of the world and the international organizations