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By|Hue Gey Castle Journal Group "CJG" leads a modern cultural media epic whose its purpose, is the enlightenment, the development and the preservation of authenticityThese goals were recently crowned by the newspapers' editorial chapter. Each newspaper is geared to speakers of its own language, except for the main English-language
By / Hue Gey Mooji Baba ,famous face in YouTube,he present series of his own recognizance of human development....every day he accompanied his fans to a new trip of wisdom , today he continues his journey in advising people, about how to face the mind attack and how to
By / castle Journal With the coming of the new Hijri year , Castle Journal with all its members leaded by the founder and CEO Abeer Almadawy congratulate the Islamic and Arabic nation with the new Islamic year1439. Hoping peace comes soon and all the countries of the world
By|Ahmad Shraqy In the framework of efforts to promote the Sino-Egyptian relations, cultural and civilization exchange between the two big countries Egypt and China… Castle Foundation for global cultures , Media and Development, represented by Castle Journal newspaper has signed a protocol for fruitful cooperation with the (Chinese Cultural

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 Castle Journal is an international newspaper with daily electronic edition, received the international license by the United Kingdom number 10675, and accredited by the Egyptian Embassy in London, owned by Abeer Almadawy

Castle Journal expresses on the free and human voice specialized in the diplomatic, cultural and scientific media, it is eager to create a close relationship with the readers, who is our priority and considers them a true partner.

Castle Journal holds all the permits for practicing its duties of journalism in all countries of the world and the international organizations